Our Arizona Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year all the Rhoton's traveled to Arizona to celebrate! It has probably been over 6 years since Dan and I were last there, so it was definitely time. I was so stressed out just thinking about flying with a toddler, but he did just fine and the experience exceeded my expectations. We had a wonderful time visiting together! The only downfall of the entire trip was I came down with the stomach bug... and everyone else seemed to get it after we left! Oops!

Snoozing on the airplane!

Jetting through the airport! 

Snuggling sweet Henry!

Aunt Ali with the boys!

Driving Miss Daisy!

Hiking the mountains!

Family photo!

Sunset selfie!


My 25lb backpack!

These two sure do love each other!


Golf cart riding!

Kids by the tree!

Digging in the dirt with Dad!

Watch out airport peeps... Mom and I coming through!

My heart!

Enjoying the weather!

This boy and his smile!


After nap walks!

He is too cool for his own good!

San Tan Flats!

My little model!

Good trip with many good memories! So glad we went and were able to enjoy each other!

Swim Lessons!

One of my old co-workers from UIndy contacted me and through the idea out there of getting her son and mine together for swim lessons! What a great idea! We enjoyed 7 weeks of lessons together. The boys learned to back float, paddle around, go underwater, blow bubbles, etc! They had a great time and it was a fun activity to get them out and about during the cold weather months!

Roarke loved the lockers. He fit perfectly in them!

Snacking after lessons!

These two sweet boys!

Keeping warm after getting out of the pool!

Thirsty boy!

Little fish!

Best buds!


They love the water!

I can't get over his old man stance

Just watching the big kids!

It's really nice to have someone my age who also has a little boy. Staying home with Roarke can feel a little isolating at times. These weekly outings were something nice to look forward too for the both of us.

Harvey Wedding!

In October we traveled to Terre Haute to celebrate a friend's daughter's wedding. It was beautiful and we had a wonderful time! Especially the R-man!

Look at my 2 handsome dates!

R-man not sure what to do with this pretty lady!

Congrats Paige!



Ick! Dirty hands!

"Hello! Can someone let me in?"

Old truck!

Out adventuring!

What's over there?

Trying to hide!

Big Congrats to Paige and Matt! Many happy years to come!