A Chronic Issue...

Remington and I had a rough night.  Dan was at class from 5-9 so of course Remington was on his worst behavior... but that wasn't so much the problem... I can deal with that for the most part.  We have a much bigger issue at hand that we have been dealing with since Remington was 6 months old...

If reading about disgusting things is not your thing... then stop right here... this is not appealing!

... that issue being his anal glands.  Most people have not ever heard of anal glands in dogs.  Believe me I never did until we got Remington.  Anyways... these glands are in every animal (cats, dogs, deer, etc).  There purpose is to help animals identify each other.  They can tell an animals age, sex, hormones changes, if the animal is pregnant, etc. just by smelling these... i.e. sniffing each others behinds to put it politely.  Anyways, most animals are able to express these glands on their own when they "do their business"... but some are not so lucky.  If they are not able to express the glands, the liquid in them will build up and can cause infections or even cause the glands to rupture, so it can be extremely dangerous to not take care of the problem if you know it is going on.

Since Remington was 6 months old we have noticed that he has a problem expressing his glands on his own.  Ever since then we have had to take him to the vet every month to have them express the glands for him.  The reason behind why the vet believes he has so much trouble is because his glands are located far inside him, whereas most animals glands are located just on the inside of their skin.  The vet gave us several options to try to help the problem.  So far we have completely changed his food from Eagle Pack to Wellness.  Both are extremely good quality foods ($60 a bag), but the vet thought that Remington might have a food allergy to the Eagle Pack that could be causing the problems. Changing the food did not help.  We have fed him green beans, pumpkin, carrots, etc. with the vet thinking that the increase in fiber would make him have better bowel movements so he would express them on his own.  That has not worked.  We have put a fish oil vitamin in his food every night because we saw that it was a home remedy of helping with this problem.  Did not work.  We have switched him to eating 3 times a day to 2 times a day hoping that that would increase the size of his movements.  That hasn't worked.  NOTHING has worked and it is soooo frustrating.  We have talked about having the glands removed by doing surgery, but when you do that you run the risk of damaging something and then having problems with incontinence issues for the rest of the dogs life!  I dunno... 

Well, last night it hit an all time worse!!!  Last time Dan and I took Remington to have the glands expressed the vet said that they really didn't need it.  So... we thought that this time we could push it and see how long we could go without having them expressed (it's $25 every time we have them done).  This month we probably went 2-3 days longer than we normally do and I'll spare you the nasty details, but Remington was a mess last night!  I knew that I needed them done right away, so I called Sugar Grove (our normal vet) and they couldn't get me in, so then I called Swengel's (our old vet) and they could.  Anyways, I raced over there and had them done.  The vet said that they were extremely full.  UHHHGGG!  I felt so bad because I hadn't had them done earlier and because I know when they get that full they can be painful for a dog.  I am a horrible dog mom I know.

What I learned though was this... 1) we are not going to be able to fix the problem, 2) it is chronic, and 3) no matter what, we will get them expressed every month like clockwork so I don't have to deal with what I went through last night!  WOW!  The things I will do for my dog...

I'm sure he is sleeping peacefully in bed with his Dad right now :)

Could this be Remington one day?

I often think about things well in advance.  Before we got Remington I had been thinking about a dog for probably 2 years prior. I'm one of those people that have to think through all the possible outcomes... all the bad things that could happen and all the good things.  Of course I'm a pessimist, so it's often more bad than good, but you get what I mean, right?

Anyways, now that I have my dog and he is pretty well trained... it's of course time to move on to the next project in life to ponder over... that being children.  I'm not saying that is going to happen any time soon, but it is something I think about often.  I lay awake at night thinking about names, what life would be like, what kind of parents we would be, and most importantly... how I will prepare the the thing we love most in life (the dog) for the arrival of a baby.  You see, Remington is the center of our universe.  Our world revolves around him completely.  Even though a baby would be a huge change and adjustment for us, I hate to think about how Remington will react once he is no longer the center of our lives.

I came across this video, do you think one day Remington will be as good with a baby as this dog is???

Maybe one day we'll see....

Weekend Warrior

Most "normal" people... and I use that term loosely... use their weekends for fun.  They do things such as lay out in the sunshine, go shopping, travel to see family, etc.  I on the other hand... being a not so "normal" person... seem to use my weekends for the complete opposite, that being work work work!  I do things such as homework, cleaning up around the house, working outside, etc.  These things are not fun, but they do help keep sane.  I would call myself a Type A personality because I have to have things a certain way.  Here are some symptoms of my ridiculous behavior...
  1. Time urgency and impatience, which causes irritation and exasperation.
  2. Free floating hostility, which can be triggered by even minor incidents.
  3. Competitiveness, this makes me orient towards achievement which causes me to become stressed due to wanting to be the best at whatever it may be i.e. clean house/good grades
...Dan is often the one who falls victim to my irritation, exasperation, hostility, and stress, but he deals with it like a champ :)  Anyways, this weekend was no different... I tried to get as much stuff done around the house as possible before we leave for the lakes on Wednesday, but I tried to leave a little bit of room for fun :)

FRIDAY EVENING... was actually fun.  I was wanting Chinese food, so on our way to pick up some stuff at PetSmart for Remington we stopped and got some Chinese.  It was soooo good!  I love the place that we go because it has a lot of vegetarian options and I don't have to constantly worry about what I'm eating :)  It was a beautiful evening, so once we got home from dinner we went on a long walk with Remington.  I really wanted to go downtown by the canal to walk, but there was an Indians game and we hate dealing with the traffic down there when that is going on... so I settled for a walk around the neighborhood.  It took a little convincing, but I got Dan to come with me and I think he enjoyed it for the most part even though he won't admit it!

SATURDAY... was not as productive as I would have liked.  I planned on getting up early and starting on my list of chores, but of course I chose to sleep in instead.  When I finally managed to roll myself out of bed it was almost time to go visit one of my friends from DoodleKisses that lives in my area.  DoodleKisses is an online community for Labradoodle and Goldendoodle owners.  Anyways, my friend, Brenda, has just gotten a new puppy so I had to take some time out and go see that sweet puppy of hers.  She is beautiful isn't she :)

When I got home from that, Dan and I sat down and worked on Remington's toenails.  UHHHGGG!  I know, this doesn't sound like fun does it.  We clip Remington's nails ourselves... and it always takes a long time because he doesn't like it all that much.  I was glad to get that done and over with!  The rest of the day was spent cleaning up around the house and doing homework.  Nothing too exciting really.

SUNDAY... was pretty uneventful.  I finished cleaning the upstairs... now just the downstairs to finish!  I will probably get that done on Monday for sure.  I talked to Pam (Dan's Mom) today.  I guess they had to put a feeding tube into Max.  He isn't eating as well as Blakely.  The doctors think that Blakely should be able to come home at the end of this week.  Max on the other hand isn't as big or strong, that is why the feeding tube was inserted, to hopefully get him to get more strength so he'll be able to come home as well.  I think this might be a good thing.  Heather will get Blakely home and get situated with her and then Max will come.  Having twins in the house is going to be a big adjustment for everyone living there!

Well, that is pretty much all for my weekend. Even though I still have stuff to do before we leave, I actually feel like I made a BIG dent in my "to do" list.  Just 3 days away from rest and relaxation... plus some time with my niece and nephew!

One of my favorite coves on Buckeye Lake

My buddy Elliott!

And sweet Mallory (who won't have much to do with me, but I'm hoping to change that with this trip)

Boys Night Out!

Well, Dan and Remington left for the evening right when I got home from work last night.  I tried to be strong, but I have to admit I was upset when they left.  It was just soooo lonely in that house without them!  Well, let me rephrase that, It was soooo lonely in the house without Remington!!  I'm pretty much use to Dan not being there at night with me, since he works nights... that's not to say I don't miss him... but it's something I'm accustomed to.  However, not having Remington there is TORTURE! Since this is the first night that me and him have really been separated since he was a puppy, it was the first time I realized just how attached I am to him.  I just don't feel right not having him following me around and keeping me warm in bed at night... that's right... I FROZE to death last night without him!  They will be making their way home soon!  I can't wait to see them!

While they were gone Dan took some pictures and emailed them to me... you can check them out below :)

This is when I was saying goodbye to my Remi Bear... he's thinking, "Mom, aren't you coming with us!!"

"Bye Mom! I love you!"

"Are we there yet Dad?"

"Don't forget about me!!!"

"Finally... I get to be with Uncle Mike!"

What can I say... by the looks of things Remington enjoyed his first boys night out :)

Little Mexico

We didn't have a whole lot in the house to eat last night... so Dan suggested we go out to eat at a new restaurant in town called Little Mexico.  As you know, I won't turn the chance to eat out down, so off we went.  We have been meaning to try it ever since it opened, but have not had time.  However, we had a coupon so we didn't have an excuse not to :)

It wasn't bad, but it was nothing to brag about.

Once we got home it was time to do some outside work.  Dan mowed the yard while I trimmed around the house.  BLAH!  I know, we're real exciting, right!

Then is was cuddle time with Remington!  Have I mentioned how much I love my dog????

This morning I'm already dying for a pop.  I think I have a serious addiction when it comes to that.  I crave them so badly.  I left early this morning so I would have a chance to stop and get one, but I totally forgot about it until I got into work!  UHHHGGG!  Why does that happen?

Dan and Remington are going to visit Mike tonight... he's our good friend and dog sitter... they don't get to see each other all that much ever since Mike got a new job and moved to Nashville so I'm sure that they'll have a nice time together.

Here are the 3 troublemakers themselves!

Since their going to be gone tonight... I plan on being productive and getting something done around the house.  I would like to clean out the garage and organize it as well and clean the guest bedroom and bathroom!  My goal is to have the entire house cleaned really well before we leave for the lakes on Wednesday night of next week!  Maybe if I just do a little at a time I'll make it :)  We shall see!

Let the Cheerleaders Reunite!

Last night I had dinner with my good friend Kayla.  We starting cheering together when I was in 8th grade and she was in 7th grade and continued all through high school!  Because of that we have wonderful memories we've shared such as... going toilet papering, soaping the basketball players cars, long rides to cheer competitions and games... as well as so much more!!  I met up with her at O'Charley's and was able to meet her 10 month old baby boy, Brayden!  He was such a good little guy and Kayla is such a great mother.

We got there at 6:30 and didn't leave until 9:00!  I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time and when I finally got home my throat hurt from talking so much.  That's saying something coming from me, since I'm pretty quiet :)  Hopefully we will be able to do things like that together more often!

Please welcome the newest editions to our family...

The Rhoton twins arrived on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 (Father's Day) at around 8:30 pm Indiana time... 5:30 pm Arizona time!  We are so excited!

Baby Brother - Max Thomas (4 lbs 8 oz)

Baby Sister - Blakely Ann (4 lbs 3 oz)

Hannah is enjoying her moment as a "big" sister (notice the shirt purchased by Aunt Kay and Uncle Dan)!

Below are a few more recent pictures... they would be a few days old here.

Baby Brother - Max Thomas (pacifier is 2" wide... so you can tell how small they are)

Baby Sister - Blakely Ann

And to think... they started out as this!  AMAZING!

What a morning/day!

Oh my goodness!  What a day!  First I was awake from 4:00 am - 6:00 am because of the horrible storms rolling through our area.  Then... I get to work and our phones are out and the computers down.  We were without them from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm!  WOWZER!  Talk about not being able to do ANYTHING!  Then I have been racing around the office trying to get caught up on all the stuff I didn't get done this morning... STRESSFUL!  But... it's all okay!  I survived!

On a much lighter note... I have to tell you about my sweet dog!  Lately, Dan has been going to workout after work... so Remington knows he needs to go into his crate with I leave.  I don't even have to ask him to... he just walks right in there.  Anyways, when I left yesterday, I did not latch the crate... I figured it wouldn't come open anyways and he wouldn't know the difference.  Well, I guess when Dan got home he found Remington's cage wide open... but did he leave it... NOPE!

Here is the picture Dan took when he got home!  Isn't he such a good boy!


Slowly, but surely our little boy is growing up... I couldn't be much prouder of the young dog he's become :)

Welcome to the "new" website!

Okay okay okay... I know what your thinking... "Kendra, stop constantly changing the website... I can't keep up!"  I know... but I have good reason.  So I first started The Rhoton Family website on momentville.com because I liked how they have things organized there.  That is where I did my wedding website so I was use to using it.  But the bad thing about it is once you reach a certain limit of usage you have to start paying for the services you use there... so I knew I had to make the decision to either pay or move to a free blogging site.  Well, of course the answer is easy... go with the FREE!  Anyways, I hope that you enjoy the new website!  I actually took the time to move all of the previous entries over to the new site and even a few pictures.  It took a while, but I got it accomplished and I'm happy with the outcome :)

So, save this site to your favorites so you can read it any time you would like :)

Arizona Visit : March 10th - March 15th 2010

March 10th

Right now we are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to leave for Arizona!  LaShawn dropped us off and we made it to the terminal just fine.  No problems :)

We dropped Remington off at his Uncle Mike's last night.  He was really happy to see Mike and enjoyed exploring his new surroundings!  Too bad he pooped in the house right when we got there!  Probably nerves!  We ate dinner with Mike... pizza... and took a tour of his new house.  I really liked it and thought it was so cute!  We had to leave right after dinner to get packed for the trip.  Mike said Remington cried for almost and hour after we were gone.  It just goes to show you that he is just as attached to us as we are to him!  We miss him like crazy already!

March 11th

We had a busy day yesterday and boy were we tired!  We were up and 3 in the morning to head to the airport.  Once we got on the plane it didn't leave for 30 minutes because there was a problem with one of the wheels!  That kind of freaked me out a bit.  We were in the air by 6:35 and had no other problems concerning our flight.  We arrived in Arizona at about 10 and were in Matt's car by 10:30!  The weather was pretty cool here... colder that I expected but still nice.  We went to Enterprise right away to get a rental car since we were headed to Sedona that afternoon.  They set us up with a Kia Serento.  I was nice, or so we thought :( After being on the road for probably 20 minutes it died on us about 6 times!  So... back we went to the car rental place!  We had to keep the car in neutral everytime we stopped or it would die on us again!  By the time we got back to the rental place I would say it died probably 11-12 times!  HA!  Dan was not a happy camper.  Once we got there they gave us a Kia Rogue I think it was, which was a little bit of an upgrade... so off we went to Sedona!  We had to change our Pink Jeep Tour that we had scheduled to 1 instead of 12 since the car situation set us back an hour. The trip to Sedona was beautiful!  I loved seeing all the cactus!  They were huge and soooo cool!  As we got farther up in the mountains it got even colder!  Once we finally got in Sedona it was snowing!  BRRRR!!  We had to rush to catch our Jeep Tour, but we made it luckily.

The tour was awesome.  They took us through the mountains of Sedona!  It was amazing that the Jeeps could go over the huge rocks!  We were able to stop and take pictures and look around.  So extremely beautiful and well worth the trip.  My hands were freezing though and I didn't bring gloves!  We were sad when it was over, but ready to get into some place warm.  We decided to eat at the Cowboy Club, a cute restaurant  there!  We ordered and appetizer platter so we could try some different things.  We had snake, buffalo, and cactus fries!  All three were soooo good!  Oh, and we had some chips and cheese dip.  The dip was probably my favorite thing!  Once finished there, we hurried back to the car to get warm and headed back to Matt and Heather's house!

When we got to the car, Dan realized his GPS was dead and the cigarette lighter was not working so we were without directions, but we did okay and called Matt to get some more detailed ones to his house.  We were both so tired, but I had caught my second wind so I drove us home while Dan navigated.

We arrived in Queen Creek at about 7 in the evening.  Hannah greeted us at the door with Heather!  I thought Hannah warmed up to us right away, which I was worried about, so that was good!  We all talked a little before going to bed, but Dan and I were so tired we didn't stay up long.  We had a great night's sleep!

In the morning we were up at 7!  Dan and Matt had some of Grandma's bread that Heather had made while Hannah and I had cereal together!  I could not get over Hannah and how much more relaxed and open she was here!  I had never heard her talk so much!  What a sweetie!  We all got dressed and Matt and Heather took us to Canyon Lake I think it was called.  It was awesome there!  I would love to go jet skiing there sometime!  The lake sat in a huge canyon and there were mountains everywhere!  So cool!  We entered this little touristy place and looked around at all the shops, and restaurants.  Dan, Hannah, and I had some prickly pear cactus ice cream.  It was delicious.  We even talked to some people who were from Greenwood, IN while we were there who had driven to Arizona.  Poor Hannah was starved so we left and made our way to a Chinese place Matt and Heather love called Moon China.  It was really good and not a disappointment!  Hannah sure was hungry and ate her whole salad and egg drop soup!  Then we went back to the house for a little R&R!

After a short nap, Matt and I went for a run while Dan rode a bike next to me.  Matt killed me on the run, but I guess that's what I get for being so out of shape!  I had to stop to walk probably 3 times... Matt ran ahead and Dan kept me company riding his bike beside me :)  It was fun though looking at all the houses around the neighborhood.  I wish the weather in Indiana was like what it is here year round.  Oh well, something I'll just have to deal with.

Heather made us a very nice dinner tonight, ravioli, corn, bread, and fruit for dessert!  So good!  Hopefully Dan can make it at home sometime :)  After cleaning up from that we went to this place called Yogurt Jungle.  They have all these different flavors of frozen yogurt and then you can put your own toppings on.  They charge by the oz. I think.  Dan and I split ours.  We got cake batter yogurt (IT WAS SO GOOD) and put some waffle cone and nuts in it! YUM!  It hit the spot!

We talked to Mike and Remi is doing fine and having fun!  The first night was tough for him.  I guess he barked all night, but things are getting better now.  I miss him!  There is just something about having my shaggy dog around that I love, but I'll see him soon enough!

Right now Hannah is upstairs getting her bath and Matt and Dan are getting some wood for a project they are going to work on tomorrow.  Maybe Matt will teach Dan some skills while they work :)  Just kidding Dan!  I'm pretty tired... maybe I just haven't adjusted to the time difference?  I dunno, but I'm sure I'll sleep good tonight!

March 12th

Today was a beautiful day in Arizona.  The sun was shining and the temperatures are much warmer.  Heather made pancakes for breakfast and they were so good!  The fluffiest pancakes I have ever had!  YUM!

After breakfast I got to spend some time with Hannah.  She wanted to do some crafts so while she colored some animal masks, Heather and I colored in coloring books!  It was so nice to spend time with both of them.  It was really nice out so we decided to go play outside while Dan and Matt worked out in the garage putting up a shelf.  Hannah and I played ball outside and up in her play set!  I couldn't have asked for a better morning.  I feel like I know Elliott and Mallory, especially Elliott very well... but its rare that I get time with Hannah and I'm lucky I got some with her!  She is such a special girl!

We went to San Tan Flats tonight for dinner.  It is kind of an outside/inside restaurant.  There are picnic tables everywhere with fire pits next to them!  So cool!  It was a really fun place to go and the food was so good!  I had a really good time!

March 13th

Today was another nice day.  Dan, Heather, and I slept in longer than usual.  Matt had to get up and go to work for a little while.  We got ourselves ready and picked Hannah up from Heather's Mom's house.  She had spent the night there last night.  Once she was ready to go we went to meet Matt for lunch, but first we had to stop by the Bass Pro Shop because Hannah likes to watch the BIG fish swim there!  That place was awesome!  It has everything for everyone!  Hannah loved seeing the fish and Dan and I liked looking around.  We saw a tent that we would love to get for camping and Dan and I bought Hannah a stuffed fish... it was a rainbow trout.  She seems to like it, at least we hope she does.  Matt met up with us there and then we went to an outdoor outlet mall type of place and ate at California Pizza.  Everyone got pizza except me... I got a sandwich, but I think everyone enjoyed there meal.  We walked around there a bit after we were done and then went to Target.  Dan was wanting to pick up some airplane pillows and we got stuff to make omelets!  Dan even bought me a purple purse and a shuffle!  He's pretty nice to me I must say :)  Poor Hannah was so sleepy after the day was said and done because she missed her nap, but she was sooooo good the whole day!

For dinner, we had breakfast.  Dan made omelets and Heather made a potatoes and muffins... oh and a smoothie drink!  Even though she thought her part of the meal was a disaster I thought it tasted great!  Dan did a good job too! 

I think we are getting ready to watch a movie soon so I had better go!  I'll update you tomorrow!

March 14th

Well, it was our last day here!  Kind of bitter sweet.  We will be sad to leave Matt, Heather, and Hannah, but happy to see our Remington Bear!  I'm very homesick to see him!  We had a very nice last day out here though...

We got up early and went to church.  It was a beautiful church!  We loved it!  I loved the set up of the service!  I guess their usual pastor wasn't there today and Matt and Heather did not care for the sermon, but I've sat through worse, right Mom :)  I think Dan going pushed him toward wanting to finally start going at home!  I've been begging him to go for some time so I was happy to hear he was wanting to go at home.  After church we came home and had lunch and Dan and I took a nap.  Dan really needed to because tonight he went on a ride along with Toni, Heather's brother's girlfriend.  I could tell he was so excited about it!  I hope he enjoys himself!  For dinner we went over to Barb's house, Heather's Mom!  She cooked a great meal!  It was so good.  It was nice to spend time with her family and meet all of them.  Once we got home it was time to get Dan and my stuff packed up and tell Hannah goodbye.  I'm gonna miss her so much!  It makes me sad that I don't get to see her more often :(  But hopefully we will get out here again soon!

Well, I better get to sleep... we have to leave for the airport early!  Hopefully our flight tomorrow goes fast!!!

March 15th

Matt and I left the house at 4:30 in the morning and met up with Toni and Dan.  Matt had to go into work at 5:30 so he had to drop us off at the airport earlier than he wanted to, but it was fine with us.  After we got to where we needed to go, we both curled up and slept until it was time for our flight to leave.  The trip back was soooo long it seemed, but we made it with no problems. 

When we got in Indiana it was freezing!  BLAH!  Dishman picked us up at the airport and took us to Dan's car... soon we were off to Nashville to pick up Remi!  We are happy to be home!  :)

June Blog Posts

June 2, 2010

Well, I'm a bit behind on blogging.  Not only was I out of town for a few days, I also got the flu on Monday evening and had to take a day off work yesterday.  UHHHHGGG!  Have I mentioned how much I hate getting sick! HATE IT!

Anyways, I'm back today feeling weak and tired, but alive!  There are a bunch of people out at the office today because I'm guessing they have the same thing I had.  It sounds like that stuff is just going around.  I just hope Dan doesn't end up getting it.

I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I got to spend lots of time with my family and friends so I'm pleased.  I left work on Friday, with Remington as my travel companion.  Dan dropped him off with me after his grooming appointment.  He looked great, but he should since it was an 80 dollar hair cut!  GOOD LORD!  Anyways, Remington and I followed Dan to Muncie since he was helping Grandpa Rhoton move.  We arrived in P-town at around 7ish.  Dad had to work late, but Mom was there so we got to chat some.  On Saturday, I had lunch with Kristin and Grandma Fowler came over to play SkipBo with us.  Me and her won 2 games and Mom and Dad won 1.  We are good partners when it comes to SkipBo!  Remington was an angel this weekend really.  He must have known I couldn't put up with too much!  Sunday, Remington and I skipped church and went on a long walk.  It was about too hot to do that, but we made it!  Sunday evening I had Chinese with Rachel (our usual) and we chatted about her upcoming wedding.  It was good to see her!  I left P-town on Monday at 1 and headed over to Grandpa Rhoton's old house.  Pam had some stuff she wanted me to look at.  I ended up getting an old antique hope chest that was up in the attic.  It is very old and dusty, but I think that Dad is going to refinish it for us.  Mom and Dad were nice enough to go and pick it up for me :)  I got home at about 3 and Remington and I took a little snooze with Dan.  We were very happy to see him.

Monday night is when I got sick.  I felt awful all night and the next day, but I'm getting back to normal.  I started disinfecting the house last night since Matt and Hannah are coming to stay with us one night this week and I don't want them to get sick and then bring it back to Heather and the babies.  The good thing is that our house will be nice and clean when they arrive :)

Since I missed work yesterday I'm swamped today.  Go figure!  And I have to work late tonight.  The good thing is... it's going to be a short week!  YAY!

June 3, 2010

Today is my Dad's Birthday!  I gave him a call this morning with a singing Birthday telegram, however, I don't think he was all that impressed.  All he seemed to care about was if I was feeling better.  I guess that's what Dad's do.

Let's see, what did we do last night.  Well, I stayed late at work because I had a student calling for pledge reminders.  She was an intern in the past so I didn't have to stay too long with her.  When I got home, Dan had made dippy eggs for me.  He wasn't sure what I would want since I had been sick, but I was starving and they tasted sooooo GOOD!  I then took a short nap because I was sooo tired from the long day and not fully recovered from my sickness :)  Afterward, I cleaned the whole upstairs of the house.  Washed everything I could think of to prepare for our guests that are coming tonight :)  Hopefully I will get the downstairs nice an clean this evening :)

Matt and Hannah come in at 2 in the morning tonight.  It makes me sad that I really won't get to see them much since I will have to go into work the next day and I'm sure they'll  be sleeping.  But even a little bit of time with them will be worth it :)  I'm looking forward to it!

Happy Birthday Dad and safe travel to Matt and Hannah!

June 4, 2010

It's actually the first nice sunny day we have had in a while.  We needed it since I've heard that it's going to rain over the weekend.  BLAH!

Yesterday was a busy day at work.  We are planning our next years schedule so we have been having retreats most of the month of May and June.  I'm thankful for these since it helps me to learn more about my job and the job of other departments around campus.

Last night was pretty uneventful.  I have been so tired when I get home at night, that I usually end up crawling in bed with Dan and Remington for a little nap after work night.  Last night was no different.  After my short snooze I made dinner.  Alfredo with mushrooms and tomatoes!  SOOOO GOOD!  Dan actually eats this too if you can believe it.  We then just hung out in the bedroom, watching Remington play and watching TV! I should have been reading my book for school since my class starts TODAY, but of course I didn't and just put it off like always.  I have to get out of the habit of this.  We unfortunately did not get to see Matt and Hannah.  It is disappointing, but I understand the reasons behind it.  Maybe some other time.

I'm so happy that today is Friday!  I'm ready for the weekend.  I'm hoping to clean the rest of the house and hopefully talk Dan into hanging up the rest of my curtains!  YIKES!  That's a bit scary!  Probably the rest of the weekend will be spent doing homework.  UHHHHGGG!  Is that stuff seriously starting again!  BUMMER!

Well, off to enjoy my day of sunshine! Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

June 7, 2010

Not much to say today... kind of down in the dumps really.

The weekend was productive.  I got the whole house cleaned and all the laundry done.  That is always a huge undertaking.  Unfortunately, no curtains were hung.  I swear my husband will find any excuse not to do that for me.  It is beginning to look like I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands.

Other than that, I did a little school work and walked the dog a few times and that was about it.  Trying to prepare myself for another week....

June 8, 2010

Stormy day out today.  Not right now, but soon.  We are suppose to get some pretty rough weather this evening.  No walk for us tonight it sounds like.  BLAH!

Remington had a bit of a rough night last night.  He got sick around supper time pretty bad.  He threw up 3 times.  YIKES!  But he seems to be feeling better this morning (running around like a crazy dog).  I always get a kick out of Dan's face when Remington gets sick.  He just stands there and stares like he has no clue what to do.  I'm constantly having to tell him go get this, go get that... but most of the time I just tell him to take Remington away from the mess and I do the rest.  Wonder how he'll be when we have kids.  O'boy!

Tonight I have to make an ice cream cake for our pitch in tomorrow.  We are having our ALL-staff meeting and a carry in.  I of course love these.  It gives me a chance to talk and eat a bunch of good food of course.  Also, it's the season finale of GLEE!  We are excited about that.  I know... we watch way to much TV for our own good.

Off to work I go!

June 9, 2010

The rain has arrived!  Boy did it storm here last night.  We got a lot of rain which I'm grateful for since we did need it. And our newly planted grass needed watered :)

We were pretty worthless last night.  We had dinner, made ice cream cake for my carry in today, and watched TV the rest of the evening.  I recorded this new show call the GREAT WHITE SHARK EXPEDITION! It was sooooo awesome!  For those of you who don't know... I love Great Whites.  My dream is to cage dive in S. Africa with them!  Anyways, the show is about these researchers who are catching the Great White, putting a transmitter device on them and then tracking them for research purposes.  It is sooo interesting.  Dan and I are both sooo obsessed with the show now.  I don't know what it is, but I love watching stuff like this.  Our other favorite shows right now is Whale Wars and River Monsters!  What can I say, we're weird.

Today should be a fun day.  We have our carry in and the whole house is FULL of food!  YIKES!  I'm going to be sleepy this afternoon!

Well... off to work!  Hope everyone has a good day!

June 10, 2010

It's an early day for me today!  I was up at 5 to get ready for work, then off to the airport to drop off my friend Myla.  She is going to Nova Scotia for a few days.  Then it was off to work.  I was here very early so I sat an ate a cinnamon roll that was left over from yesterdays carry in.  My plan was actually to do homework, but of course that didn't happen.

I spoke to Heather though email and the babies are very close to arriving.  I cannot tell you how excited I am.  It truly gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.  She says that they have a list of names that they will take to the hospital with them and then once they have a look at the babies they will decide.  I personally think it is a good idea to not tell anyone the names you are wanting because everyone has an opinion and what if you really like a name and your mother-in-law hates it for example.  I would rather just name the kid and then it really doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, its a done deal.  She also said that she is very limited on what she can and can't do and she is having a very hard time with that.  I can understand that.  I just can't wait until they arrive and we get to see them and learn about their personalities and all that jazz!  It is soooo exciting to be a soon to be aunt of TWINS!  Can't wait!

It was a pretty good evening last night.  Once I got home from work Dan and I took Remington for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  He was such a good boy on his walks... (when we have his gentle leader on).  For dinner Dan made a steak and baked potato.  I just had a baked potato which was really all I wanted after the huge meal I had at lunch from the carry in!  Then we started watching So You Think You Can Dance!  I swear, if I could just get away from watching so much TV I would lead a pretty productive life.  I'm gonna try to make that happen.

I'm leaving work a little early this afternoon so I can make it to the dentist for a cleaning of the pearly whites.  I hate my dentist... but I haven't gotten around to looking for another one.  We'll see what he does this time to me and it might be the last straw ;)

Well, I had better start my day!  Only one more day until the weekend! YAY!

June 11, 2010

I've made it through another week.  Slowly but surely. Today, once again everyone is out in the office.  It looks to be another quiet day around here. Hopefully I get a lot done!

Dan and I had a nice evening together last night.  We have not been out in a looonnggg time!  I guess it just doesn't seem worth the effort since I turned vegetarian.  Anyways, it was one of those nights when we didn't want to cook and were feeling lazy.  We had a coupon for a couple of places so we went to this place called Shallos.  It's kind of like a bar type place but the food is sooooo good.  We like it because smoking is not allowed :)  HAHA! I didn't get anything too exciting... a salad and some broccoli and cheese soup, but both were sooooo good!  Dan got a tenderloin that was giant in size.  Afterward we headed to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream.  I love ice cream and pretty much have to beg Dan to go places like this with me.  Dan got Mint Choc. Chip and I got a new flavor they had called Birthday Party Cake.  It was awesome!  We sat outside on the tailgate of the Element and watched the cars go by on 31.  It wasn't anything too special, but it was sooo nice because it reminded me of the old times we used to have together when life was simple and we had no responsibilities. :)  I miss those days.

I'm ready for the weekend, even though I think it is suppose to rain the whole time.  I have a ton of stuff that needs to get done.  Homework, housework, dog work, etc. It will be nice though, because Dan has a written test from 8-1 on Saturday for the Franklin PD so it will give me some time to do stuff around the house without too much interruption :)

Well, I better get going... Have a happy Friday everyone!

June 14, 2010

We had a pretty good weekend.  Didn't do much, but it was a good weekend.  Saturday, Dan was up early to go to his test.  He was there until 12:30.  I guess it went pretty good.  This was the exact same test he took for the Metro process.  The only downside was there was probably over 200 people there.  YIKES!  Oh, well... we'll see. I spent that morning cleaning up the house.  I was happy that I got it all finished before Dan even got back home!

On Sunday, I got up early and worked on homework most of the day.  Chanelle, a friend from college, stopped by with her new puppy... an Italian Greyhound.  She named him Brigham!  He is a cute little guy.  He loved Remington even though they weren't allowed to play together.  Italian Greyhound's bones are very brittle as a puppy so you have to be very careful with them.  After she left, Dan and I made blueberry pancakes for dinner.  They were very good!

The entire weekend it stormed.  I mean really bad storms every night.  You would think that it would take some of the humidity out of the air, but nope it is still as humid as ever! I came into work this morning and the air conditioning is out.  BLAH!  It is 85 degrees in the Alumni House at 8:30 in the morning.  It should be an interesting day that's for sure.  They think that maybe something was struck by lightening over the weekend.

Another exciting thing that we found out yesterday was that Mike (our dog sitter as most of you know him) his Dad is getting a goldendoodle!  We are so excited!  Rick has been wanting one since they kept Remington for us during our honeymoon.  They just fell in love with him.  Anyways, Mike sent us a picture of the one they are getting.  It is a caramel colored one!  So pretty!  I'm not sure if it is a girl or boy, but we do know they it's a standard size!  I hope that Remington gets to mean the little thing sometime :)  They pick it up this weekend!  How exciting!

Well, I'd better get to work.  Looks like I'll be working in a sauna the rest of the day.

June 15, 2010

It's still a sauna in here at work!  BLAH!  However, it isn't as bad as the heat was yesterday.  It actually got up to 92 degrees in the office yesterday.  That is craziness.  I guess that one of the compressors blew and now they have to replace the entire AC unit.  This means we are without AC until Thursday at the earliest! WOW!  However, the good thing about it is... WE HAVE NO DRESS CODE!  I get to wear tank tops to work! HOLLA!

June 16, 2010

Came into work this morning and... the AC is fixed and running!  The sauna that I was in yesterday is now an icebox.  What did I say... "I will never complain about the AC again."  Hmmm... that might be difficult since I'm dressed for the heat today and it is now freezing cold in here!  O'well.

We had horrible storms again last night.  Tornado warnings and 60 mile per hour winds.  Uhhhhggg!  I heard this morning that we've have more than 10 inches of rain.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.  Things were blowing around everywhere last night.  The neighbors trampoline blew over into there house it was sooo windy!  YIKES!  I wonder if I busted out a window?  Anyways, I also went and picked Myla up from the airport from her trip to Nova Scotia.  She has a wonderful time!  I'm happy she got back safely though.

Other than that I of course have no news....

June 17, 2010

Today is Pam and Bruce's wedding anniversary.  I'm not sure what year though.  So Happy Anniversary to them!  Pam is flying out to AZ today.  I think she is going to be out there all summer to help with the twins when they arrive.  She couldn't be going out there at a better time.  I guess that Heather got put on moderate bed rest yesterday afternoon so it will be nice for them to have her there to be with Hannah and get some stuff done before the babies arrive.  I wish that they were closer so we could be of more help.

Tonight I'm going to the Rathskeller with Myla for dinner and then we are going to Jersey Boys which is musical theater at the Murat!  We went to Wicked last year and it was amazing!  I can't think of much else beating it, but we'll see.  I'm just excited to spend some time with Myla :)  She's the best.

We were suppose to get our air ducts cleaned this afternoon.  We got a coupon in the mail for a $49.95 duct cleaning for the whole house.  Of course we thought this was an awesome deal, but after looking into it more closely we discovered that it was a scam.  I guess there were 20 reviews on the internet about it being a complete scam.  BLAH!  So we canceled it.  Good thing we looked into it a bit closer.  O'well... we probably just need to pay the $400-$500 to have it done properly.  Maybe we can do that with next years tax check right? :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

June 18, 2010

I had a great evening last night.  I went to see Jersey Boys with Myla.  A Broadway Musical!  It was soooo good!  The theatre was packed!  I thought that nothing could beat the last one I saw which was Wicked, but I would say that this one came close.  I guess I'll just always have a special place in my heart for Wicked since it was the first one I EVER saw!  A big thanks to Myla for inviting me :)  I also met some great alumni while I was there.  I felt like I was at work since I was constantly telling people about the updates to our campus.  It was fun though :)  I didn't make it home until 11:00 last night and then of course I had to chat with Dan for the next hour or so after that... so I'll a little frazzled today :)

I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Mom and Dad are coming down to see us and staying the night.  They thought it would be a good idea to do this since we are headed to the lakes in the next few weeks and won't get to see us for a while.  I was hoping that we could go for a walk down by the canal, but the weather doesn't sound like it is going to be nice enough for that.  I think it is suppose to rain for the next 4 days!  BLAH!  And its suppose to be in the 90's!  WOWZERS!  I'm still looking forward to having them at our house.  We enjoy their company :)

Pam made it to AZ okay yesterday.  I'm sure she is having a wonderful time already with Hannah!  We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the babies!  Every time the phone rings I think it is Pam calling to tell us that Heather went into labor!  It will definitely be a life changing event for the Rhoton's :)  I cannot wait to see pictures of the sweet twins :)

June 21, 2010

Well, the Rhoton twins have arrived!!  They made their appearance yesterday evening on Father's Day.  I don't think that Matt could have had a better present!  We are all so excited!  I think that Pam said the boy was 4lbs 7oz and the girl was 4lbs 3oz.  They really look good!  I think that the boy is having a little bit of breathing issues, but other than that they are both doing great.  Right now, they don't have names, but hopefully later in the afternoon I will find that out :)  I can't wait to see more pictures of them either!

Anyways, Dan and I had a great weekend.  Mom and Dad came up Friday night.  We had pizza for dinner and then watched Law Abiding Citizen with them.  Then on Saturday Dad worked on getting all my curtains hung up for me.  I'm so lucky to have him around or we would never get anything done :) and then we went and ate at Smokey Bones for lunch.  They ended up leaving at around 4 in the afternoon.  I wish that they lived closer to us or us to them. All day Sunday was spent catching up on homework.  YUCK YUCK YUCK!  Have I mentioned how burnt out on school I am. YUCK!  Dan starts his class next week, which means he'll be gone on Tuesday and Thursday nights.... BLAH!  I don't know what I'm gonna do without him there to make me dinner :(  HAHA!

May Blog Posts

May 3, 2010

Well, we have a new guy that just started in our office this morning. Everyone here is so excited to have him here.  He was hired to hopefully fix some of our data issues.  We are looking for miracles from this guy, which is kind of sad because I don't think he realizes what a mess our system is in.  Anyways, I'm just happy to have a breath of fresh air in the office, you know?

This was a busy busy weekend.  When I got home from work on Friday I started planting flowers right away in order to get them in the dirt before the rain started.  I made it!  All 200 flowers!  WOW!  I was pooped afterward.

Saturday, I was up early with Dan.  He had to work graduation so there was no sleeping in for us.  After he left I was off to work with cleaning the house.  I really wanted to get it nice and clean before I left for my conference in AZ.  Why?  I guess just so it could be a mess when I got home.  HAHA!  Later that evening I went out with Kristin and her family.  It was Kelli's graduation so of course I had to be there for that.  It was nice to see them all.  Kristin and Duane came back to the house after so Duane could see Remington.  He loved him!  Of course who wouldn't. 

Sunday, I finally finished up cleaning the house.  Then I lounged around the rest of the afternoon.  It had rained all weekend so there wasn't anything to do outside.  Remington has started sleeping downstairs on the kitchen floor.  This always seems to happen when it gets hot... he hates being upstairs and would rather spread out on the cold floor downstairs.  I made dinner that night.  Spinach, mushrooms, and tomato Alfredo!  It was really really good.  Dan couldn't believe how good it was.  I didn't even use a recipe, I just thought it up!  HAHA!

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that the boarding place did end up paying for Remington's Kennel cough stuff!  I was really pleased with that.  I dunno if I want to take him back though.  Also, I finally got pictures from the 60th Birthday bash up!  Make sure you take a look!

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!  BLAH!

May 4, 2010

I'm so embarrassed.  Dan and I had the most lazy night ever last night.  I went to bed feeling so unproductive.

When I got home from work Dan made a steak while I had leftovers of the night before.  We pretty much sat upstairs the rest of the night watching River Monsters.  It's like our new favorite show on the Animal Channel!  Dan had already taken Remington to play before I made it home, which made me sad.  I feel left out when I miss out on things like that.  Also, Remington has scratched the bottom of his eyelid and it has been bleeding alot... Dan woke up and he had gotten blood all over the sheets :(  I feel bad for him, but I don't know how to make him stop rubbing it.  Once it heals he just scratches it again.  GRRRR!

Today is a beautiful day.  I think that I'll go for a run when I get home.  I should have done that last night, but as a reported earlier... I was lazy.  I have a meeting tonight with the Board of Directors so I'll be home late.  BLAH! 

Anyways, I'd better get to work!

May 5, 2010

Not a whole lot to share this morning....

Last night was GLEE!  We love that show and look forward to watching it every week!  That was probably the highlight of our evening.  Dan made corn on the cob and had a hamburger while I had the corn and a baked potato. 

The weather is getting alot warmer here, which I'm happy about.  My flowers that I planted last weekend are looking pretty good... except my hanging basket is struggling.  I don't know why I never have much luck with them.

Remington and Frankie (our neighbor dog) met up last night.  We are trying to get it so that they don't bark at each other constantly.  Poor Frankie is scared to death of Remington.  Of course I guess I understand why, Remington being probably 55 lbs heavier than him. Frankie would approach Remington and touch his leg with his nose and then run away.  Of course, Remington just thought he was playing.  LOL!  While we were there the neighbors asked us if we showed Remington, like in dog shows.  HAHA!  I had to laugh at this because we are definitely not those kind of people.  They just said that he is such a good looking dog.  It makes me happy to also see that their daughter is no longer scared of Remington.  She approaches him with no problem now and calls him the Fluffy Dog :)  Frankie has really help her phobia of dogs :) 

The conference in AZ is approaching fast.  I'm getting more and more nervous about it.  I have a long list of things that I need to get done at work before I leave and of course a list of things I would like to accomplish at home.  Even though I'm nervous about traveling alone... I'm excited for where I'm staying.  The pictures look amazing.  I wish that Dan could have taken some time off to come with me.  He just doesn't have very many days left for the year.  I'll definitely miss my boys while I'm away, but I get to see little Hannah hopefully and that will make the trip more than worth it!

May 6, 2010

Yard work... a necessary evil!  YUCK!  Dan mowed the yard last night while I trimmed around the house... by hand!  Yep that's right, I do it the old fashion way since we don't have a trimmer... by clipping it with garden sissors!  The grass was soooo long.  Not because we haven't mowed it, but because of the fertilizer and all the rain.  Dan had to double mow the whole lawn.  It was hilarious though because he has started wearing goggles while he mows.  It helps with the allergies, but it is a pretty funny sight. Anyways, by the time we were done, Dan was sneezing and coughing and I had a huge blister on one of my fingers as well as little ones on the others.  Oh, the joy of yard work!

We took Remington for a walk last night.  He did a really good job.  The gentle leader works like a dream and he only tried to get it off his face once :)  He even politely sat and waited for some runners to run by so that was nice.  His eye has finally started to heal up.  Hopefully he leaves it alone now!

Work is about done for this week and I'm happy that I will get a mini vacation next week with being at the conference.  It has arrived so quickly!

Well, off to a meeting a go!  Hope everyone enjoys their days!

May 7, 2010

HORRAY IT'S FRIDAY!  So, happy that the week is almost finished and my trip will begin soon!

I have a lot on my plate to get finished up today.  I really don't want to get behind on my work here so I'm trying to get all the stuff that needs done next week as well and finish the stuff that needs done this week!  I'm sure it will be fine either way.

Last night when I got home from work, Dan and I took off to Pet Supplies Plus to get Dog Food.  It is amazing how much food Remington goes through and how fast as well!  The price of the food we get has gone up too.  We are paying almost 60 bucks for a 30 lb bag of food.  It's worth it I guess since it is high quality food.  And let's admit it, I wouldn't feed him anything else but the best :)  For dinner we ended up having left overs pretty much.  I had corn on the cob and a baked potato and Dan had a burger and some cottage cheese.  YUCK!  Since it was such a nice evening, we ended up going on a later that usual walk with Remington.  I planned on it being very short, but it turned out much longer than expected mostly because I got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  Then we watched Survivor!  It is getting sooooo good!

This weekend is Mom's Day!  I don't get to see my Mom since I'll be preparing for the trip, but I'm sure she knows I'm thinking of her.  She has been the best mom to me through the years and I know I'm incredibly lucky to have her in my life :) If only she lived closer to me :)

Anyways, to all the Mom's out there!  Happy Mother's Day :)

May 13, 2010

And I'm back... from my conference in AZ! My flight got in at 1 in the morning so I'm quite tired from the trip.

Anyways, all went well.  I had no problems at all really.  My flight was good, taxi ride fine, super shuttle easy.  All the things that I worried about went smoothly.  The conference was awesome.  I'm so glad that I got the chance to go.  I learned sooooo much there and just from the experience in general.  Hopefully, I'll have a lot to bring to the table in my department meetings when we discuss the topics that were focused on at the conference.

Also, while I was away... I won a $100 shopping spree in the UIndy bookstore for participating in RUIndy Fit!  That was a pleasant surprise for me when I returned.  I went over there this afternoon and picked up some stuff for myself, Dan, and the office.

When I was in AZ I got the chance to weigh myself at the hotel on a good scale!  And guess what!  I have lost 6 lbs!  I was so impressed!  It is all because of this new eating habit I have adopted so I'm definitely sticking with it!  I would still like to lose about 4 more, but hey I'm happy with this!

Other than that, I really don't have the time or the energy to write much more.  All I can say is I'm happy to be home!!! :)

May 14, 2010

TIRED TIRED TIRED!  I swear, I just can't adjust fast enough to the time changes!  I still feel as if I could just sleep the day away :)  And... that's pretty much what I did last night....

I only went into work for a half day yesterday so I could catch up on some sleep.  Once I got in, most of the afternoon was spent telling people in the office about how the conference went and catching up on email.  I did take a break however, and ran over to the bookstore to get my $100 worth of stuff.  I got Dan a few shirts and myself some shirts, pjs, water bottle, pennant, etc.  It was nice.  Once I got home, I laid down with Remington and slept until 7... then it was up to have dinner and watch Survivor... then right back to bed!  PHEW!  I slept sooooo good last night in my own bed, except I was sooo HOT because of Remington cuddling up so close to me.  I have to admit... there is nothing like being greeted from a trip by your dog!  Remington has pretty much been at my side since I returned as if he is afraid I'll leave him again!  I love him so much!  Anyways, it's back at work today... hopefully the day goes by fast because I'm already ready for another nap :)

This weekend Mom and Dad are coming down to Indy.  Dad is planning on helping Dan till up the back area and hopefully get some grass planted and growing back there.  I think it is going to be a pretty big project, but my Dad seems to think they will get it done in no time at all.  I don't know what Mom and I will do while they are doing that???

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Talk to you on Monday!

May 17, 2010

What a morning!  Remington and I got up at our usual time (6:20) we always spend a long time cuddling in the mornings.  He had his usual breakfast, and his usual morning poop and pee.  However, something quite UNUSUAL happened!  A neighbor dog was investigating our yard this morning.  This isn't what was unusual.... this dog is ALWAYS in our yard. Anyways, me being the grouchy old lady that I am, I decided to try to scare the dog out of our yard... so, I opened the door to shoo him away and much to my surprise, my USUALLY very well behaved dog took off out the door after him! AHHHHHHH!  So without even thinking twice, I took off after these two dogs in the pouring down raining, pj's on, and bare feet! Off we ran through the neighborhood!  GOOD LORD I MUST HAVE BEEN A SIGHT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE! Even though Remington knows and responds to his commands very well while at home, "down" and "come" meant nothing to him this morning.  So after about 20 minutes, the neighbors come outside to get their dog.  They said, "I'm so sorry Freckles was chasing after a cat!"  Really?  I never saw a cat... anyways... my response was not very nice... "Well, why don't you focus your energy on keeping your dog out of our yard and we won't have this problem again!"  And off I stomped to our house with Remington by the neck!  I can already tell I'm going to be one of those crazy Mom's since I'm already this way with our dog.  Once inside Remington knew he was in BIIIIIGGGG TROUBLE!  I was soooo mad at him yet so relieved that he was safe and sound.  Lesson learned!

Anyways, the weekend was nice.  Mom and Dad came down on Saturday to help us with the back yard.  We have a huge area of brush in the back that we have been trying to clear out for the past year probably.  Well, we finally got it done!  Or should I say Dan and Dad finally got it done.  They got it all tilled up and grass planted.  Hopefully the kids stay off it and the grass grows!  While they were doing that Mom and I spent some time together.  I'm so lucky to have parents who will help us with stuff like this :)  The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy.  I finally feel rested up from my Arizona trip and back on the Indiana schedule!  YAY!

HAPPY MONDAY!  Hope your morning was less eventful than mine!

May 18, 2010

Okay, this post is waaaayyyy late in the day for me.  Actually I forgot to post this morning.  Probably because there is nothing new or exciting.  I think the only exciting thing that is suppose to happen is a visit from my cousin and her soon to be husband.  They are bringing their new bulldog puppy to visit tomorrow!  We are sooooo looking forward to meeting Miss Violet :)

Other than that... it's just another rainy rainy day in Indy.

May 19, 2010

Wednesday... half way through the week!  UHHHGGGG!  Please make the days go by faster!

I'm officially sick of the rain and this chilly weather.  I feel as if I'm becoming depressed because of it.  What's that called... seasonal affective disorder or something like that.  Luckily the sunshine is suppose to show its face a little bit today, but unfortunately not much.  However, tomorrow sounds like it should be warmer and beautiful!  Sounds like a good day for Dan to mow doesn't it :)

Speaking of Dan... the poor poor soul!  He has poison ivy again!  Remember how last weekend Dan and my Dad cleared out all that brush from the back yard???  Well, of course Dan and even my Dad got it.  It started right around Dan's wrists and now has moved up both of his forearms!  This morning I got a text from him saying that he now had it on his FACE and the backs of his knees!  Goodness.  I feel sooooo bad because when he gets this stuff he is miserable :(  Luckily, knock on wood, I have never gotten poison ivy, but I'm staying as clear of him as possible!

Last night I worked on cleaning up the house a bit since we are having company tonight.  Yes, I think I mentioned who was coming in my last post.  Anyways, while cleaning I was sooooooo amazed at how freakin' fast the house gets dirty!  UHHHGGG!  Luckily, we have the Dyson Animal and it picks up so much of Remington's hair, etc.  It just grosses me out that I just swept the house on Saturday and already I have huge containers full of dog hair in the Dyson!  I'm so ready for Remington to get a short short short summer hair cut which will help to cut down on the mess!

Well, off to work I go I suppose... only a little over 9 hours until I get to see Violet :)

May 20, 2010

Well, Remington met his sweet puppy cousin Violet yesterday evening :) There wasn't two much interaction between the two since Violet is only 2 lbs and Remington is 75 lbs.  I wasn't worried about him biting her, but I was worry about him putting one of his huge paws on top of her and breaking her.  Anyways, Violet is a fearless pooch... she approached Remington with no worries... mostly they just sniffed each other and Violet did give Remington a small bite on his foot which didn't make him too happy.  She is a sweet little dog :)  At only 6 weeks old her and Remington weren't the perfect match, but I think with some growing and socialization they would get along just fine.

Leslie and Caleb seem to be doing well and are liking their house so I'm very happy for them :)  It was nice to chat with them and have some company :)

Dan's ivy is getting much much worse.  He now has it almost everywhere you can imagine.  His face, stomach, wrists, arms, feet, legs, and the list goes on.  I came home yesterday (picture this) with him sleeping in bed with his camouflage gloves on so he doesn't itch in his sleep.  Remington isn't quite sure what is going on :)  Hopefully the ivy takes a turn for the better in the next few days... if not, I think that he had better go to the doctor!

That's all to report today... until tomorrow!

May 21, 2010

IT'S FRIDAY!  YAY!  It seems like I've been in this office all week.  Probably mostly because of the weather and raininess we have had all week long :)

Well, last night we learned a lot of information.  Jay (one of the ladies I use to work with) is now selling life insurance.  She asked us if she could practice on us.  So, someone came with her and did the presentation while she sat and observed.  I wasn't really looking forward to doing it, but now I'm glad that we did.  We learned soooo much and hopefully we can get some stuff started financially to make sure that we are set for the future. It's kind of one of those things that you talk about doing, but then you don't get it set up you know?

Also, I just found out that my best friend is having a baby boy!  I'm pretty excited!!!!  I cannot wait to meet the little guy :)

This weekend doesn't look to be too eventful. Actually I think that it is suppose to rain all weekend!  Yay, just what I want... more rain.  I am however meeting up with one of my DoodleKisses friends for lunch and then over to her house to meet her newest labradoodle addition, Paisley :) I'm really looking forward to it!

Other than that... nothing more on my end :)  Have a great weekend everyone :)

May 24, 2010

HOT HOT HOT!  That's how I like it, but not HUMID HUMID HUMID!  BLAH! This weekend the weather decided to take a climb temperature wise (happy about) but not only did it get hot, it got extremely HUMID (not happy about).  Even Remington did not want to stay outside long because of the warm temperatures :)  I think that is his Dad coming out in him.

Anyways, there is not much to report from this weekend.  This was another extremely LAZY weekend!  I dunno why, but my weekends are spent sleeping my life away, which isn't something I want to get into the habit of, however, it has started to look that way.  Saturday and Sunday both were spent snoozing.  I guess maybe I get so wiped out during the week that the weekends are my catch up on rest days?  Who knows?

We did find the energy to take Remington to play this weekend.  But he didn't play too long before he was panting like crazy and pooped... however, this turned out to be a good thing because we took advantage of it and clipped and dremeled his nails.  This is often a chore, but we got it accomplished in no time while he rested on the cool floor :)  We are soooo looking forward to him getting his summer cut on Friday!  I'm sure he is too since he'll be much cooler :)

Also, I have found a line of frozen dinners that I love.  They are called Amy's Kitchen and they are complete vegan/vegetarian dinners!  They are actually good!  I had veggie burgers last night for dinner and Dan even liked them so that is saying something!  I plan on purchasing more of this brand!

This week looks to be a busy one... I always have a lot to get done at work when there is going to be a long weekend in the forecast :)  Hopefully all gets accomplished so I can enjoy the lonnnngggg weekend with my Mom and Dad in P-town :)  I'm soooo looking forward to this :)

May 25, 2010

Man, was I late today!  YIKES!  I'm never late!  It was just one of those mornings that one thing happens after another!  Anyways, I made it in and I'm back on schedule!  And besides, nothing can ruin this day... it's PAYDAY and the weather is great!

Last night was spent out in the yard.  I did weeding in my flower bed and rearranged some of the flowers, since some had died :(  We talked to Bryce and he suggested some Grub X since I think some bugs might be eating and killing my flowers and clematis!  My poor clematis was beautiful, but in the last few weeks it has taken a turn for the worse.  There are holes all over it as if something has been eating it.  Hopefully I can save it!  I'm just not a green thumb.  Also, Dan and I watered the grass.  We have been caring for the newly planted grass in the back yard.  We finally got some spouts :) YAY!

Other than that not much new.  Last night was the season finale of 24 so Dan watched that, while I watch the season premier of the Bachelorette!  Dan didn't say much about 24 so I don't really know if it was good or not.  The Bachelorette was okay, but nothing fantastic or anything.

Well, better get my bum in gear!  Talk to you later all!


Please read a blog post I wrote for Center for Aging at Community!


May 26, 2010

No matter how much I complain and give Dan a hard time about things, I must take this time to brag on him a bit!  He really is a wonderful person. I must give his mother credit for raising a wonderful child.  Anyways... here's the story...

Our neighbors drive us crazy.  Their house is a mess.  We are talking that it looks like a repo.  The grass is seriously up to my waist it has been so long since they have mowed.  Well, last night, the lady who lives there started mowing the lawn.  It was very sad to watch.  She could hardly push through the grass, her mower kept dying on her, etc.  The last time I looked out she was standing there almost crying... so outside Dan went to the rescue.  He mowed some of the yard for her and gave her pointers on how to mow through the really tall grass!  Once inside his allergies were acting up so badly that he could hardly talk!  He said he felt like his chest was going to explode.  Even though we complain about the neighbors all the time, it touched my heart that Dan would help them out like that!  I married a really great guy, and even though I may not act like it at times, I do know how great he is :)


May 27, 2010

Well, Remington made his monthly appearance at the vet last evening. Yes, we took him AGAIN to get an anal gland expression... I know disgusting... anyways though, they weighed him and he is now up to 80 lbs!  80 lbs!  HOLY CRAP!  He is finally the BIG DOG I always wanted :) I guess the people at the vet where making a big fuss about him... as usual... they were petting him, telling Dan how beautiful he was, and on and on.  Also, some lady who works there said to Dan..."Weren't you just featured in an article in SOUTH magazine?"  HAHA!  This is the first person that has something like this to us. I guess Rhoton is kind of an unusual name so you would remember it if you saw it.

Dan had to go into work early last night.  I hate it when this happens because that leaves me and Remington by ourselves.  We sometimes get lonely without Dan around.  However, because of leaving early he got to come home at 6!  Remington was soooooo HAPPY to see his Dad!  I was too because it meant that I didn't have to feed and take Remi outside!  HAHA!

I'm going to dinner with Chanelle tonight (one of the girls I roomed with in college). We haven't seen each other in a while so it should be nice to catch up.

Well, off to work!!!  Busy busy day!

May 28, 2010

This will probably be my last blog post of the month of May since I will be traveling to good old P-town this weekend for Memorial Day :)  Even though there isn't a whole lot to do there, it is nice to be home with my family since I don't get to see them like I would want to :)  Also, I get to have dinner with my friend Rach, and maybe see Kristin!  HORRAY!

Not much going on in our household.  It rained really hard in the Greenwood area last night, but not at our house. We were really wanting to get some rain so we didn't have to water all the crops we are growing :)  HAHA!  I had dinner with Chanelle and Dan had TJ over for Reuben sandwiches.  They both swear that they were awesome, however, I can't imagine it. 

Work is dead today.  Everyone in the office took the day off since its going to be a long weekend.  I of course am toughing the day out :)  It will be okay.  Dan is taking Remington to get groomed this morning at Auntie Lelia's Pet Salon.  This is the first time we have gone there so it will be interesting to see how he turns out.  We have still not found a groomer that we really like yet.  I also told Dan to see if this place was donating dog hair to the oil spill efforts.  I have heard many places are doing this.  We'll see!  I'm sure Remington's thick coat could be a lot of assistance :)  HAHA!

After he is all finished up, Dan will drop him off at my work at 4:30.  From there we will both be traveling.  Dan is going to Muncie to help G-pa Rhoton move this weekend and I'll be going to P-town with Remi!  It will probably be a lonely weekend for Dan Sunday through Monday, but at least Friday and Saturday he will be busy doing stuff with his family.  I just wish that he could come to P-town with us...

Well, I had better go.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!  I'll see you in June!

April Blog Posts


Well, by 7 this morning I already had a April Fool's joke played on me.  I was listening to the radio and they were talking about how our government is trying to pass a new law in Indiana and how all our pets are going to be taxed.  So they would tax you by the number of animals you have and by their weight!!!  This would include all four legged animals... so if you had 4 horses you would be taxed per horse and by weight.  They said you are going to have to register your pet with the state or they will come in a take your pet away!! They were telling everyone to go to www.pettaxindiana.com to write your legislature and make sure this law did not get passed!

So here I am on my way to work... really mad!  I called my Mom asking her if she had heard about this and was going off about how I can't believe that they could even do this... blah blah blah!  I tell her that I'm gonna go on this website and give these people a piece of my mind...

So I arrive at work, type in the website, hit enter, and get this message... "GOTCHA!  HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!"  Are you kidding me!  I was laughing so hard at myself.  I guess it just prepared me for the rest of the day at work.

I work with a bunch of jokster... so I had better be ready.  Last year we played a joke on our VP and said that we just heard that one of our Board Members was arrested last night for drunk driving and President Pitts wants to see him right away about what to do about this.  I have never seen Jim jump out of his chair, and race out of the building so fast... all the way mumbling under his breath... S#@T, S*^T, S#*T!  So funny! 

Well, anyways, I hope you all got a laugh at my expense!  I sure did!  HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

April 5, 2010

It was a nice looonnggg weekend!  I enjoyed it, but I almost need a vacation from my vacation you know?

Thursday evening I spent 3 hours straight sitting in my bedroom finished up my paper while Dan and Mike cooked out.  After I was finished it was off to UNO'S with some of the girls from work.  We celebrated Suzy's B-day with dinner and drinks.  I always have fun with them.

Friday morning I was up early to pack my stuff and Remington's stuff and we made the 2 hour drive to Portland.  Remington is such a good little traveler and boy was he excited to see his G-ma and G-pa Fowler :)  We arrived there at about 11 and spent the day with Mom and Dad... Remington even got a good 30 minutes of frisbee play time.  Mom and Dad have a huge back yard so it is heaven for him :)

On Saturday Mom, Dad, Remington, and myself took a 2 mile walk.  Remington did a really good job.  I was really proud of him.  He was tuckered out afterward which always makes me happy since he is too tired to get into too much trouble... tehe!  After that, Dad and I washed the Element!  It was pretty dirty so I was happy to get that job done.  Later in the evening G-ma Fowler came over to play SKIPBO!  Grandma and I always dominate the game, but not this time... Mom and Dad beat us so badly!  I don't know what has happened to my card playing skills lately :(

Sunday was Easter of course.  We went to church in the morning and then it was off to my Aunt's for Easter lunch.  A lot of the family was there, which was nice since we don't get to see everyone very often.  After that it was off to Muncie to meet Dan at G-pa Rhoton's for supper.  Pam, Bruce, and Boo were all there too.  I was happy to see them.  I haven't seen Pam and Bruce since G-ma Rhoton's funeral so it was nice to be with them.  We got updated with all the things that had been going on and had a good time with them :)  We didn't leave there until about 6.  Poor Remington was exhausted!  I felt so bad for him.  Once we were back in Indy, Dan took a nap before work while I cleaned up around the house and Remington slept as well.  I was in bed by 10 pretty pooped myself :)

I was very proud of myself this weekend with all my veggie eating.  I didn't slip up once.  I even had veggie pizza from Pizza King, which I think now is my new favorite!  I'm really taking this diet seriously!  Too bad I haven't seen any changes in my weight because of it.  I'm about ready to cut pop out!  YIKES!  That's going to be really tough!

Other than that, its a new week.  I'm not ready for it!  I have a 10 page paper due by Monday that I have to get started on ASAP!  It's my last one!  Did I mention I can't wait until this class is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 6, 2010

Well, the Butler Bulldogs lost... BUMMER!  But at least it was a very exciting game!  A nailbiter in fact!  Well, that's what I heard this morning at least since I did not stay up late enough to watch it myself.

Yesterday was a busy busy busy day at work.  It always seems to be that way after long weekends so I spent much of the day catching up on stuff from Thursday!  I thought I was going to have to work late last night because one of my interns couldn't, however at the last minute she called and said she could make it!  YAY!  I was happy.

When I got home we leashed Remington up and off to the diamonds we went to play with him!  We are so lucky we can do this with him.  Even more lucky that we have a dog who is totally transfixed on his ball and frisbee that he wouldn't even think of running away :)  We didn't stay at the diamonds long since it was very very dark outside and getting ready to storm, but we were there long enough to get Remi's energy out :)

When we got back home we had dinner.  This consisted of sweet potatoe, wasas with cream cheese and cucumbers, and carrots.  I know, it sounds delicious doesn't it! :)  Dan had a couple of cold meat sandwiches.  I did P90X shortly after... The Ab Ripper... of course.  Since it was raining I couldn't go run.  I think I'm getting a bit better at it :)  Then the rest of the evening was spent lounging around.  I transferred my clothes from old dressers to the new, which took me a long while actually.  I even found some new toys for Remington to play with (those being clothes I don't want anymore).  I also spent some time looking over Chapter 4 in my Research Methods book and started thinking about this last assignment.  I hope to at least start tonight on it!

It is a lovely day outside today.  I think it's suppose to hit 80 degrees which is awesome.  I'll be going for a run tonight!  Oh, and we finally got Remington's Gentle Leader in the mail... so I'll probably spend some time with him getting it fitted properly!  I pray that it helps with his walking ALOT!

OHHHHH!!!  And I almost forgot!  We found out yesterday that Dawn and Joe are having a beach wedding!  I guess it is going to be on July 11th, 2010... so it's very very very soon.  I'm sad that I doubt Dan and I will be able to make it, but I'm happy that they finally came to a decision.  I hope it goes very smoothly for them!

Well, I had better get to work!  HA!  See you tomorrow!

April 7, 2010

Well, I had a horrible accident last night... You know the seeds that I had been growing so I could plant in my flower bed this summer.  Well, they are no more.  I set them outside yesterday to get some sun since they weren't looking too hot anyways.  Well, it was windy and it blew them over :(  I ended up running clear down the road to retrieve my containers :(  Anyways, I was sad, but I had the feeling I was going to have to get rid of them anyways because they weren't doing as well as I had hoped.  Also, Dan mowed the lawn last night and we had some trouble with the lawn mower.  It sounded awful, but soon worked whatever problem it was having out itself.  I hope it last us a while :/  Other than that we worked outside and I went on a run.  Nothing too exciting!

It's suppose to storm today and tonight, so I'll probably spend tonight working on my paper and I would like to trim Remington's nails, but not sure if that will happen or not.  We'll just have to wait and see :)

April 8, 2010

Well, I went home last evening expecting to work intensely on my final paper, however, instead I got pulled into a situation with my phonathon students.  This situation lasted most of the evening... not fun... so I didn't get to bed until around midnight.

Today, I'm still dealing with all of this drama so I don't have a whole lot to report...

April 11, 2010

Well, I have not been doing so well with my blog writing recently have I! I just have been so busy with school, work, and other things.  Work has been hectic with the end of the semester approaching.  This has also made school a nightmare because my final paper is due Monday! However, I know I'll make it through.

I had a very nice weekend though.  Dan went to one of his friends bachelor parties this weekend and I had my best friend up to Indy for the weekend.  She is 17 weeks pregnant so we did a lot of baby talking.  On Friday we ate at Stir Crazy and then came back to the house and watched a movie.  Then Saturday afternoon we went shopping.  I got some clothes for work this summer and she got baby and maturity clothes.  It was nice to have her here.  I miss her a lot since we don't get to see each other like we use to.

Once she left I worked on my paper the rest of the weekend!  I just recently finished it up.  I'm so happy to be done with that class!!!!!!!  GOODBYE RESEARCH METHODS!

Sunday evening I went to a dinner with my Interns.  It was at UIndy.  They had a really nice dinner for all the students who had been nominated for Student Employee of the Year!  My girls didn't get it, but it was nice to be there with them.  I'm so lucky to have them as interns!  I really have learned more from them than they have me.  I hope they know how much I appreciate them!

It's late... I'm off to bed.  It is going to be a long and hectic week.  I'm ready for another weekend already!  Hope the week flies by!

April 12, 2010

Well, tonight is the first of 3 late nights at work.  Blah!  I have to stay until probably 9:30!  I don't really mind staying late... the only problem is that is sucks up that little bit of time that Dan and I have together in the evening before he goes into work.  I hate that the most.  Anyways, the good news is that I have a full day off on Thursday!  YAY!

Let's see... what else is new?  Since I was up until almost midnight last night working on my paper, I slept in until 10 this morning :)  Of course, Remi Bear makes sure that I don't sleep too long :)  Once up, I decided that I needed to start working on some of the shirts that I'm suppose to make.  I got the backs of two of them done.  I was pretty pleased with them if I do say so myself :)  I just have to let that dry until I can move onto the fronts... so trying to do 18 shirts might get a little tricky but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I just hope they all turn out okay and I don't mess up on any of them!  I already know that some people are not happy about their color choices... :(  EKKK!  It is so hard to please everyone :)

I can't believe we are already in the middle of April!  It has become so pretty around Indy with all the flowering trees blooming, grass growing, and leaves coming out!  It makes me happy summer is almost here!  I'm glad that work will be slowing down a bit... and hopefully I'll be able to get a better handle on my job.  I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up most of the time! 

I also need to start thinking about my flower planting.  I'm not sure when it is okay to plant flowers and they are safe from frost.  I'm thinking of doing it this weekend actually?  Is that crazy?  It's just that I don't know when I will have any other weekends available to do it??? We'll just have to wait and see!

April 13, 2010

Well, I think that we have geese nesting in our backyard!  I started noticing some activity this past weekend.  Remington kept going downstairs and would bark his head off... now this isn't unusual behavior, but when it goes on for hours on end then I would say something is up.  All I could see was two heads walking around since they are down low by the water. I didn't think much of it until I notice aggressive behavior from them when another goose approached... hmmmm... and then I have taken Remington outside a couple of times and the two geese have came up by the house like they are going to go after him!  YIKES!  I wasn't sure what to do?  I knew we had to do something about them because when they start nesting they get meaner than they usually are!  I told Dan and he said he was going to go out there with his paintball gun and shoot at them... not hit them... just shoot!  Well, after I got home from work last night, I think that my problem got taken care of.  The neighbors had the bright idea to shoot off some fireworks which scared not only the geese to death but every other living creature around the area!!!  I can't complain as long as those mean birds are gone!!!

April 14, 2010

Day number three of 8am - 9pm of work!  uhhhhgggg... it is finally starting to catch up with me.  I'm offically TIRED!  I mean really really tired!  Just one more night and I get a day off tomorrow!  YAY!  Can't wait...

Oh, and I got an A in my Research Methods class.  That was a pleasant surprise! :)

Okay, so it is 6 hours after my most recent post!  The day is dragging as well as myself!  Only around 7 hours to go!  Since I always update you on myself... I figured I would take some time to update you on Dan!  He finally got signed up to take one of his five remaining Master's classes!  I was so happy with this because I have been on him for probably over a year to get these done!  It is going to suck for him since it is 2 nights a week, each 3 hours a piece, but I keep telling him that it will be worth it.  Also, he has put his application in with Bloomington PD and Franklin PD!  I think he is needing a change badly.  I can't say I blame him.  I just hope that something comes out of this.  The processes have just began for both of them... so of course its just another waiting game.  We just have to think that whatever happens... that its all in God's plan :)

April 16, 2010

I had a very productive day off yesterday... which is a bit surprising since I didn't even get up until 10!  YIKES!  I was just soooo tired I ended up sleeping longer than I expected I guess.

Anyways, after I did wake up I worked on the shirts for a while.  It's a very slow process, but they are coming along nicely... then Dan and I went to Hobby Lobby to replace a shirt that I had ruined, got lunch at Paradise, got gas in the car, picked up a loaf of free bread from Panera, got groceries, cleaned the downstairs up a bit, made dinner, I went on a run and did some sit-ups and push-ups, and we got Remington nails cut!!!  HOLLA!  I was pretty happy about all of that!  I still have a lot that I would like to do this weekend, but I feel like I got a head start for sure!  Dan also made me a delicious dinner!  Veggies on the grill!  They looked and tasted soooo good :)

Did I mention that this pescatarian diet is going very very well!  I actually feel like I'm losing a lot of weight.  Not sure if that's true, but I feel like it which is all that matters!  My pants are fitting better and my body just feels better.  I think that I'm going to stick with this long term... and maybe even turn full vegetarian!!! HA!

This weekend looks like it is going to be fun!  Dan and I have a Doodle Romp we are attending on Saturday from 1-4!  This is an event that doodle owners from all over Indiana get together so their doodles can play and so they can meet up with each other!  I'm so excited!  Hopefully I'll have lots of good pictures to post!  So far 30-50 people are coming!  Too cool!  I hope that Remington has a lot of fun at the event!!!  He'll be dead tired afterward though... 3 hours is a long time for dogs to play!

Tonight a bunch of us from work are going out for Happy Hour!  I always look forward to doing this because it is nice to be with all of them and talk about stuff NOT work related!

Other things I would like to get done this weekend are... I would like to get my car washed, the garage cleaned up a bit, the upstairs cleaned, flower bed weeded, etc.  I probably won't get everything accomplished that is on my list, but some stuff would be nice!

Also, I'm switching cell phone carriers!  My new phone comes today!  I'm switching to Sprint.  They just offer so much more stuff for a lot cheaper.  I'm nervous about it though since all I have ever had is Verizon, but Dan is pretty good with technology so I guess if I run into any problems he'll be around to help me out :)  That is one thing he excels at!!!


April 17, 2010

What a great day!  We had our Doodle Romp this afternoon and had a wonderful time!  We arrived at the Puppy Playground at about 1:00! When we got there, there were probably only about 6 Doodles, but by 1:30 I would say there were over 40 Doodles at the Romp!  It was Doodle Heaven... just where I want to be!!!

Remington is a social butterfly... unlike his Mom and Dad!  He loved all the new dogs there to sniff and lick!  He ran and played with every doodle there, however he never went too far.  We were always in his sight and he would often come back to check up on us!  I loved how Remington would just trot around greeting everyone he saw, all the while having a HUGE smile on his face!  He is one of a kind!  Dan often over heard people saying what a good looking dog he was! That is no lie!  I would say he was in the top five best looking doodles there!  And he was by far the tallest!  If he would go a little bit too far for our comfort all Dan had to do was snap his fingers and he was back by our side again!  He is soooo good!

Tonight my poor boy is dead tired!  3 straight hours of playing for him is a lot.  He has slept ever since he got home... :)  This is nice for me that's for sure :)

It was a beautiful day in Indy today.  The weather has cooled down alot! Dan and I didn't get a whole lot done except for play with Doodles, but it was a nice day together :)  I even made dinner tonight.  It came from my new vegetarian cookbook!  I think it was called tomato lemon spaggetti!  It may now sound good, but was really very very good! I even think that Dan was impressed with it... which is hard to do!  I hope tomorrow is just as nice of a day as today was :)

April 19, 2010

It's a busy day at work today... I don't have much time to type.  We didn't end up doing much yesterday.  I pretty much lounged around with Remington and worked on some shirts in the process.  Nothing to exciting. I got a lot done on my list, but not everything.  Hopefully I can finish stuff up sometime this week!  Well... better get to work!  I'll write soon!

April 20, 2010

Today Dan and I have been together 3 years!  Wow!  Time has really flown by!  It  is now hard to imagine life without him in it.  I am so lucky and blessed to be able to call him my husband... but most importantly... he is my best friend :)

Today I'm tired.  I did not get much sleep at all last night.  I did not feel well all night long and I'm still not feeling very good today actually.  Hopefully it will pass soon... I have a busy day ahead of me. 

I cooked dinner for the 2nd night in a row last night!  I know... its hard to believe isn't it!  I made Rice Salad with garbanzo beans and tomatoes.  It wasn't bad, but I don't know if I would make it again.  Dan actually liked it more than me I believe.  After that we made homemade Hommous.  It was pretty good, but definitely not as good as some that I've had.  My veggie cooking is going very well as you can hear!  While doing all that I worked on shirts.  I officially have 9 shirts done... which means I have 9 more to go.  I dunno if I'm gonna get them all done!!!!  I'm starting to get worried about that.  We also took Remington to play at the diamonds.  He had a lot of fun.  We hadn't been in a while so he was happy to go.  He is even starting to get the hang of catching the Frisbee while in mid run.  He has been struggling with this a bit, but did it beautifully a few times last night.  He makes me smile I must say!

This week is soooo busy... I have an End of Semester Phonathon Party tomorrow night and then a conference all day on Friday at Ball State.  I'm also interviewing for a new intern in my Phonathon.  There just never seems to be enough time in the day for everything.  O'well...  I'll just have to try to do my best to fit everything in :)

April 21, 2010

I finally started feeling better about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.  I dunno if it was something that I ate the night before or what.  Maybe it was my cooking... who knows?

When I got home Dan and I took Remington for a walk.  We used the Gentle Leader to walk him and I was AMAZED at the difference!  WOW!  He was an angel.  While walking him some woman stopped and rolled down her window and yells!  "YOUR DOG IS BEAUTIFUL!  OH MY GOSH!  HE IS GORGEOUS!"  I love this part of walks.  We almost always have someone stop to talk to us about our dog!  HAHA!  What can I say, we have a beautiful child :)  After I got home and took Remington off leash... I went for my run.  They are slowly getting easier for me.  I'm grateful for that.  And I really feel like I am seeing and feeling a difference.  For dinner Dan made scallops!  YUM!  They are my favorite and I don't get them too often so I was in Heaven.  Then we caught up on our missed episodes of GLEE!  We love that show!  I got one shirt done last night.  UHHHGGG!  I really need to sit down tonight and do like 3 of them!

It is going to be a busy day at work today.  I have that phonathon party tonight so I won't get home until late.  Dan is doing two presentations this afternoon for work.  I feel bad because he isn't going to get much sleep at all!  YIKES!  I honestly don't see how he does that?  I'm glad that I work a 8-5 job most of the time :)

April 22, 2010

Well, I'm not feeling well again today.  I guess its not all that surprising since I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night.  I think that I'm just getting really run down and now it is starting to catch up with me.

We had our end of year Phonathon Party last night so I didn't get out of work until about 8:00.  The party was fun.  The kids all sat around talking for like 2 hours.  I tried to see if they wanted to play cornhole, but I guess they were just happy to be together.  I have to admit, even with all the crap, they are really great kids :)

I made it home by 8:30 probably.  Dan was already in work because he had that presentation to do for campus.  So I was left to deal with Remington!  I got him out of the crate and watched hopelessly as he ran around the house like a crazy dog.  He gets like this when he is crated for a long period of time.  I fed him and then it was out to pee and poop.  Well, the kids next door were outside playing so of course Remington went CRAZY over that.  He was pulling so hard on the leash that he ripped some of the skin off my fingers.  I was getting pretty fed up by now, but this isn't the worse part.  Anyways, I then sat down and worked on shirts until 10:00.  I got the front of 3 done.  Pretty pleased with that.  Hopefully more will be done this evening.  Anyways, then it was off to bed.  Well... not really.  Remington kept me awake until 2:30 am with his constant barking!  I suppose he had slept the day away and now couldn't sleep.  I also could tell that he was waiting on Dan to get home so every little sound he heard he thought was him.  UHHHHGGG!  I'm so tired this morning... I guess it's God's way of preparing me for children huh?  Either way... this day can't go fast enough!

Since I'm gonna be at a conference tomorrow, I have a lot on my plate to get done today.  Plus I have a lot to get done before Saturday.  No worries though... I know it will all work out just fine :)  It always does right :)

April 25, 2010

Three days since I have last written.  Yikes!  LOL!  It has been a busy time around here that's for sure!

I had a conference at Ball State on Friday.  I rode up with Myla, Val, Scott, and Jason.  Let's just say it was an entertaining car ride!  Jason had just gotten the ipad... can I say... AWESOME!!!  It is so freakin' cool!  The conference was really good.  I like going to these because I know that I have a lot to learn and I can take a lot in while I'm at one of them.  I was pretty tired afterward.  It took forever to get back to Indy it seemed since we got stuck in rush hour traffic and it was pouring down rain. BLAH!  Once I finally got home... it was a mad dash at finishing up the shirts for Pam's party!  UHHHHG!  I did 6 fronts on Friday evening.  Got to bed at about 11!

I was back up at 5 in the morning to finish up the backs of the shirts.  I was so happy when they were finished.  Maybe I won't wait so long to do them next time.  But what can I say I work best under pressure.  We got all our stuff packed up on Saturday morning, Remington's too, since he was headed to Barkefeller's to be boarded for the day and night.  We dropped him off at about 11 in the morning and then we were off to Cincinnati!  It was a 2 hour drive for us which wasn't too bad.  I was happy when we got there!  I would say that the party was a big success.  Pam really enjoyed herself and so did everyone else!  I was happy to see Elliott and Mal!  I have missed them like crazy and they are getting so big!  It makes me sad though, because when I go that long without seeing them I realize how much I miss out on their lives.  I wish that we all lived closer together.  We all ate at Acapulo (not sure if you spell it that way or not).  It was great and everyone had a really nice time together.  Then we came back to Boo's and had cake, ice cream, and drinks.  Of course, then it was time for Pictionary!  We ended up playing that until about midnight!  Everyone had a lot of fun!

In the morning Boo and Pam made some casseroles for everyone.  I heard they were wonderful! I had fruit and a donut!  YUM!  Elliott and I played the Wii while everyone chatted during breakfast.  It was embarrassing how badly Elliott beat me!  LOL!  We had to leave Boo's at 9:30 in the morning so we could pick up Remington between the times the boarding facility had designated for pick up.  We ended up getting at Barkefellars at about 11:15.  I guess that he got along okay, however, he peed in his area sometime during the night and the staff said... and I quote... "Every time we went to check on him, he looked like the saddest dog in the world."  This of course pulled at my heart strings!  For someone who thinks of her dog as her own child, the thought of him being sad, scared, and miserable makes me sick to my stomach almost!  It makes you never want to leave him again!!!!  When they brought him out to us he was pretty wet.  It had been raining so every time he would walk outside to go potty he would get wet.  He also reaked of urine!  I dunno if he had laid in it when he had his accident or what, but it was awful.  When we got him in the car he laid down and was asleep like that!  That makes me think that he didn't sleep all night long.  I hated to do it since he was soooo tired... but when we got him home, it was straight in the bath tub for a nice warm bath.  Afterward, he cuddled up with us and slept the afternoon away :)

Really most of the afternoon, we have been catching up on our sleep and loving on our sweet dog.  I'm not looking forward to heading back to work on Monday.  It is going to be a crazy week for us.  Dan is working days this week because he has training.  This means I'm going to have to come home everyday on my lunch hour to feed and take Remington out to pee.  This will be hard for me.  Also, poor Remington will be crated for 8 hours straight!  I hate that.  O'well, we'll get through it :)

April 28, 2010

Kennel cough or tracheobronchitis is a highly contagious canine illness characterized by inflammation of the upper respiratory system. It can be caused by viral infections such as canine distemper, canine adenovirus, canine para-influenza virus, or bacterial infections. It is so named because the infection can spread quickly among dogs, such as in the close quarters of a kennel.
Symptoms can include a harsh, dry hacking/coughing, retching, sneezing, snorting, gagging or vomiting in response to light pressing of the trachea or after excitement or exercise. The presence of a fever varies from case to case. The disease can last initially from 10-20 days and can rebreak when the dog is put into a stressful situation which puts stress on the dog's immune system. Diagnosis is made by seeing these symptoms, having a history of exposure is also helpful but not always found as kennel cough is easily spread through contact with contaminated surfaces such as the ground, toys, and sidewalks.

This is what my poor dog has!  He got it at the boarding facility we had him boarded at!  I feel awful!  I noticed something wrong on Monday evening when I came home from work.  He was sneezing horribly.  I didn't think much of it except it persisted throughout the evening and the next morning.  I finally said to Dan... "Do you think this could be kennel cough?"  He thought it could be the beginning.  So I took Remi to the vet at 4:00 yesterday afternoon to get him checked out.  Sure enough that's what it is.  It is in the early stages, but they put him on an antibiotic that should take care of the problem in 7-10 days!  Well, when we boarded him, we paid 25 dollars to have pet insurance put on him.  What this covers is... if your dog gets sick within 7 days of being boarded at this facility they will cover the vet cost up to 300 dollars.  So we went there last night and gave them the bill and said he has kennel cough.  Their response was... "We'll have to assess the situation!"  WHAT!  What situation!  Your facility made our dog sick!  They told us they would get back to us about it in a few days!  All I have to say is they better pay it or I'm gonna be soooooo MAD!  :(

Anyways, Remi is feeling pretty rough.  He has been laying around a lot.  I don't know if that is his meds or the cough.  He is still sneezing a lot.  Hopefully he will be on the mend in a few days though.  I'll let you know the outcome! :(

April 29, 2010

After only day day of antibiotics I think that Remington is already feeling better.  Last night he was running around the house like a manaic and wanting to play!  He is still sneezing, but not like he was!  This morning he even sat on my face while I was sleeping as if to say... "Mom, can I lay here?" Of course I moved over :)  We hopefully will be hearing from the boarding facility today about what they plan on doing to fix our displeasure... if not... Dan will be making a personal visit there!

It has been absolutely beautiful around Indy the past few days.  Everyone is out and about planting flowers and working in their yard!  These are all wonderful signs that Summer is on the way!  I even got enough motivation to wash my car last night.  I KNOW!  It's hard to believe :)  I have been wanting to do that for some time now, so I'm glad that it is off my plate for the time being.  This weekend is my major cleaning weekend.  I always clean REALLY good the first of the month.  I already have the downstairs dusted and all that other stuff, but the upstairs will be the pain since that is where we spend most of our time.  It will be a good weekend to do it though since Dan is working Graduation.  He will be out of the house for pretty much 14 hours!

It is suppose to rain this weekend, but I think I'm going to try to plant flowers anyways.  Maybe I can do it in between down pours?  Who knows? I would really like to get this chore done as well.  It is sooooo time consuming.

Well, off to work I go!  Happy Thursday!  It's almost May!

April 30, 2010

Last day of April... WOW!  Can't believe May is here!

A lot of people are out of the office today so it is very quiet in my area this morning.  That is unusual considering I usually get to hear everyone chatting, which I love :)  I love all the gossip :)

Last night Dan and I went flower shopping.  I ended up getting vincas.  They are a hybrid of impatients, but they take full sun and can grow pretty much anywhere.  I had to drive to several places to find some, but finally did.  So the plan tonight is to come home after work and start planting.  Dan is suppose to have my flower area prepped and ready to go.  The reason I'm doing it tonight is because we are suppose to get some pretty bad storms this weekend and I don't honestly know when I will have another weekend to do it!  Hopefully they do well.  The University always plants them around the Alumni House and they thrive, so I pray they can do the same at my house :) 

After that, Dan and I watched Survivor and then it was off to bed for me.

UPDATE ON REMI: He is doing much much better!  The sneezing has pretty much stopped so we are thankful for that.  Our vet called us yesterday to check up on him.  It isn't often that you find a vet who does this, so we are thankful to be a part of Sugar Grove Animal Hospital family.  She also told us that they got Remington's blood work back and everything checked out okay.  His white blood cell count was up a bit, but that was probably due to the kennel cough.  We have still not heard back from the boarding facility, but Dan will be calling this afternoon.  Wonder what their decision will be.  In my opinion it is in their best interest to pay it.  LOL :)

Hope everyone has a GRREEATTT weekend!