Little Mexico

We didn't have a whole lot in the house to eat last night... so Dan suggested we go out to eat at a new restaurant in town called Little Mexico.  As you know, I won't turn the chance to eat out down, so off we went.  We have been meaning to try it ever since it opened, but have not had time.  However, we had a coupon so we didn't have an excuse not to :)

It wasn't bad, but it was nothing to brag about.

Once we got home it was time to do some outside work.  Dan mowed the yard while I trimmed around the house.  BLAH!  I know, we're real exciting, right!

Then is was cuddle time with Remington!  Have I mentioned how much I love my dog????

This morning I'm already dying for a pop.  I think I have a serious addiction when it comes to that.  I crave them so badly.  I left early this morning so I would have a chance to stop and get one, but I totally forgot about it until I got into work!  UHHHGGG!  Why does that happen?

Dan and Remington are going to visit Mike tonight... he's our good friend and dog sitter... they don't get to see each other all that much ever since Mike got a new job and moved to Nashville so I'm sure that they'll have a nice time together.

Here are the 3 troublemakers themselves!

Since their going to be gone tonight... I plan on being productive and getting something done around the house.  I would like to clean out the garage and organize it as well and clean the guest bedroom and bathroom!  My goal is to have the entire house cleaned really well before we leave for the lakes on Wednesday night of next week!  Maybe if I just do a little at a time I'll make it :)  We shall see!

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