Cleaning up around the house!

Since I got back from P-town I have been doing a massive cleaning around the house.  I'm embarrassed to even tell you how gross it was around here.  YUCK!

One of the major projects I wanted to do was to go through my clothes and get rid of stuff that I never wear!  Of course, all the clothes that were no longer wanted went to my sweet Remington Bear.

Remington ended up with a few pairs of jeans, shirts, pajama pants, and some underwear.  As you can see he really enjoyed himself!!!

Later that night I even talked my wonderful husband into hanging up wedding pictures!!!  Yes, its been almost two years and we still have not hung them up.  He did a great job and I love how it all turned out :)

Family Trees

As a lot of you already know I made several Christmas presents for family members.  I ended up making 4 family trees... one for my Mom, Dan's Mom, and both of my Grandma's.  If found the idea on the internet and decided that it shouldn't be that hard to make them myself.  Here's what you do...

First, I started off with some card stock paper.  You can pick any color you would like.  I then carefully painted a tree on it as you can see below.  I used a very fine paintbrush and brown acrylic paint.

Then I stenciled in the saying that I wanted on the tree and painted it in blue with a blue paint pen.  I tried to do it with a paint brush, but I just couldn't get smooth enough lines.

Next, I purchased 3 different colors of green paint.  A light green, medium green, and dark green.  I then painted my fingers and made leaves on the tree with my fingerprints.

Lastly, your going to write the names of people in your family on the branches of the tree.  Then find a pretty frame and place your masterpiece in there!

I really think that these made great Christmas presents for my family.  As a lot of people will tell you handmade present are the best :)

Christmas in P-town!

We have been in P-town for the past four days... and like the bad blogger I am, I have not posted anything in all that time.  Sorry to those of you who actually read this blog!!!  Anyways, I'll try to get you back up to date with all the things that have been going on here.

Dan and I left for P-town in the evening on Thursday.  Traffic was busy as expected.  But we made it with no problems.  We both had to drive separately because Dan had to go back to Indy on Saturday afternoon so he could work that evening.  It is always a bummer when he can't stay with us the whole time, but by now I think I'm used to his wacky police schedule.

On Friday, (Christmas Eve), we headed to my Grandma Fowler's house for Christmas with my Dad's side of the family.  We don't see them all that often so it was nice to be with everyone.

My cousin, Stephanie had her kids there.  Alexis wanted me to take their picture.  Isn't she a cutie :)

Here's my G-ma Fowler opening her family tree!  I think that she really loved it and finally understood why she had to write out the four long pages of family names :)

Here's Dad stuffing his face.  I wouldn't normally put this on here, but since he never reads my blog he'll never know :)  HEHE!

Alexis got a new camera for Christmas.  She enjoyed herself going around taking everyone's picture.

I finally talked her into taking a picture with me :) We even caught Peyton in the background.  He was too cool for pictures.

Mom liked her family tree as well :)

Once we got home from Grandma's, we took some family photos.

Fowler family photo shoot.

Now just one of me, my Mom, Dad, and the grand dog!

Yes, we love Remington to pieces!

We got of lots of nice things on Christmas morning.  I ended up getting a heated blanket, money, and a couple books that I had really wanted, Born to Run and Chi Running.  Dan got a nice back pack that he had been asking for.  Remington ended up getting some sheets from Grandma and Grandpa as well as some old clothes to play with.  He also got new socks from Mom and Dad that he can wear when he goes to Grandma and Grandpa Rhoton's house :)

He got a pair of red ones and navy blue ones too :)

On Saturday, (Christmas Day), we went to my Aunt Ingrid's house to celebrate Christmas with my Mom's side of the family.  There was lots of good food and we saw a lot of people that we hadn't seen in a little while.

Here's my Dad, Mom, Grandma Saxman, Me, and Dan

My cousin Leslie's dog, Violet, was a good form of entertainment :) 

Here's Leslie opening her Violet calendar that I made her on Shutterfly! :)

Violet was dead tired at the end of it all and decided to take a little nap by her Dad!

When we got home, I wanted to take a few more family pictures of Dan, Remington and I.  We don't often get to take that many of us together so I took advantage of the opportunity.

There's just no doubt who the center of our world is.

The rest of the time in P-town I spent hanging out with my family, reading, and just relaxing.  It was soooo nice to do nothing for once.  To think I only have 7 days left until I have to go back to work.  UHHHHGGG!

Wrapping Presents with Remington!

I'm planning on leaving for P-town in the middle of the week, but I have a lot of stuff to get done before I head home.  One of the many things on my list is getting all my gifts wrapped.  I decided to work on this after I got home from work last night.  Of course Remington wanted to help too!

After we run out of wrapping paper we always let Remington play with the long tube for a while.  He loves it soooo much!

Don't worry, with Remington's help we got all of the wrapping done!  I can check that off my list!

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Since it is almost the last day I'll be at work until after the New Year, I decided to throw away my old planner and get out my new one :)  I have to admit that I love doing this.  Its like starting a blank slate :)

Goodbye 2010 work year... Hello 2011!

Also, I checked my grade for my Physical Dimensions of Aging class this morning and I'm happy to report that I received an A!  HOORAY!  I'm happy its over with.

Now I will be starting my Alzheimer's and Dementia class January 17th!  However, right now I'm looking forward to a much need break from it all :)

Elliott's 5th Birthday and Wii Party!

Elliott celebrated his 5th Birthday on Sunday.  We were lucky enough to be there with him :)  Ali had planned a Wii Party for him.  So everyone at the party had to compete in a Wii Tournament.  It was really fun.  We were just sad that we had to leave early so Dan could get home to take a nap before he went to work that night.  Below are some pictures from the party!  Happy Birthday Elliott!  We adore you!

Elliott and Lizzie getting ready for some pizza!

Grandpa Rhoton and I

Grandpa Rhoton and Dan

Elliott and his cousin, Caroline!

Elliott and Caroline playing Mario Karts!

Aren't they cute!

Here are the adults mingling!

Dan and I!

Elliott and Lizzie involved in their tournament game.

Dan and Nana involved in their game!

Aunt Kay and Uncle Dan with the Birthday Boy!

Busy Third Day

The third day at the Rhoton's went something like this...

In the morning we all worked to get things ready for the family Christmas.  Everyone arrived in the afternoon... We all ate way to much and talked like we hadn't seen each other in ages :)  Then it was time to take some pictures while everyone was together :)

Back row: Bruce, Bruce, Mallory, Bryce, Lisa, Christopher, Dawn, Joe, Jerry, Dan, Brittney, Raelyn
Front row: Pam, Elliott, Ali, Boo, Me, Lizzie

Here is one of just the grandkids plus spouses

Elliott and Raelyn :)

Grandkids and Grandpa :)

Ali and I

Lizzie, Ali and I

Dawn, Lizzie, Ali, Elliott, and I

Our Pyramid!

My Hubby and I!

Lizzie giving Pam her Christmas present!

Mallory playing with her babies :)

Elliott playing pin the nose on Rudolph!

Elliott and Ali deciding which box had the most bells in it!

Remington spent most of the afternoon snoozing in our room downstairs.

And that was the Rhoton Christmas :)