Busy Third Day

The third day at the Rhoton's went something like this...

In the morning we all worked to get things ready for the family Christmas.  Everyone arrived in the afternoon... We all ate way to much and talked like we hadn't seen each other in ages :)  Then it was time to take some pictures while everyone was together :)

Back row: Bruce, Bruce, Mallory, Bryce, Lisa, Christopher, Dawn, Joe, Jerry, Dan, Brittney, Raelyn
Front row: Pam, Elliott, Ali, Boo, Me, Lizzie

Here is one of just the grandkids plus spouses

Elliott and Raelyn :)

Grandkids and Grandpa :)

Ali and I

Lizzie, Ali and I

Dawn, Lizzie, Ali, Elliott, and I

Our Pyramid!

My Hubby and I!

Lizzie giving Pam her Christmas present!

Mallory playing with her babies :)

Elliott playing pin the nose on Rudolph!

Elliott and Ali deciding which box had the most bells in it!

Remington spent most of the afternoon snoozing in our room downstairs.

And that was the Rhoton Christmas :)

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Mary said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit with family! And those kiddos are too cute. :)