Remington's Spooky Do and Our Trick or Treaters

We don't really do much for Halloween.  We don't even hand out candy... it drives Remington crazy and I would rather not deal with all the barking and him running around like a maniac!  I know, we're old farts! However, this year we did have a couple of cute Trick or Treaters!  One of the little girls I use to teach at a cheer studio I worked at came by our house with her brother :)  They were dressed as a princess and a pirate!  SOOOO CUTE!  I enjoyed seeing them both so much :)

The most beautiful princess in all of Greenwood :)

Surprisingly, Remington even tolerated our visitors quite well :)  We were very proud of him.  He even had a spooky do of his own!!!  He got groomed on Friday and was in Halloween decor when we picked him up :)  Oh, how I love our groomer :)

Look at that festive bandana!!! And with cats on it of all things!!!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

50 Miles in November DailyMile Challenge!

I wanted to do something that would motivate me to increase my mileage... so I joined a challenge on The DailyMile in hopes of doing this.  The challenge is called... 50 Miles in November.  So I need to run 50 miles between November 1st and 30th to complete the challenge.  YIKES!  I usually only run between 5 and 6 miles a week which would add up between 20 and 24 miles a month.  I'm definitely going to have to step up my mileage if I'm going to complete this!  According to my calculations... I would have to run between 12 and 13 miles a week to reach the 50 mile mark.  This is a stretch for me and definitely a challenge.  But I have to admit I'm kind of looking forward to trying.  I have to motivate myself to log more miles somehow!!!

I'll let you know my progress.  Wish me good luck!

And they keep growing and growing....

I realized that I hadn't posted an update about the Rhoton twins in a long time... so here goes... they are doing great :)  Last I heard, I think that Max was about 13 lbs and Blakely was at almost 12 lbs.  They have come a long way since they were just 4 lbs at birth.  We are so proud of them and of Matt and Heather who have had their work cut out for them as the parents of these babies.  All I know is that Dan and I need to get out to Arizona soon to see everyone!

Here are their 3 month pics...




Hannah with the twins :)

I can't wait to see pictures of their Halloween costumes!!!

Pumpkin Carving with the Rhoton's

For the past 2 weeks I have been really looking forward to carving pumpkins for Halloween!  We bought 3 of them... one for me, one for Dan, and one for Remington of course.  Below are our creations!

Getting the pumpkin ready...

Dan's Pumpkin

Remington's Pumpkin

My Pumpkin

The Rhoton pumpkins!

Remington wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Grandpa Rhoton's 83 B-day!

On Friday... Dan, Remington and I headed to Muncie to celebrate Grandpa Rhoton's 83 Birthday!  Pam, Bruce, Aunt Boo, and Chris all came as well!  It was a fun couple of days...

When we got there Grandpa wanted to go and eat at Ruby Tuesday's.  I was excited about this because I didn't have to work to figure out what I was going to eat... salad bar of course!

Boo, Grandpa, Dan, myself, Chris, Pam, Bruce

Grandpa's Birthday Cake!

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Of course we had to play games :)

 Remington had a good time as well... but he was tuckered out!

An apology is worth a thousand thanks

This article pretty much sums up how I felt today at work.... thanks for the apology... it meant a lot :)
How many times do we say Thanks in a busy day involving interactions with fellow-beings? Ten times? Fifteen times? More?

If you are a polite person, by nature or by self-discipline, you are apt to convey your gratitude by saying Thanks even if you are responding to a very small act of kindness or a thoughtful gesture. It may be as simple as an act of someone picking up an object that you accidentally dropped and returning it to you with a smile; a friend fetching you a cup of coffee; a colleague filling you in with details of a meeting that you missed; your husband packing sandwiches for your lunch at work. Such gestures certainly deserve smiling notice and heartfelt acknowledgement, and perhaps more. These kindnesses and their grateful recognition underscore the magnanimity and humanity that reside in us.

In contrast to our ready expression of gratitude, how do we fare in situations when we feel the need to say Sorry? Do we say Sorry every time we feel the need to say Sorry? There could be several reasons why we hesitate, stall, argue with ourselves rather than admit that we have erred and been in the wrong and in the process hurt, belittled, discouraged or even humiliated someone.

Why does saying Sorry take a bigger effort than saying Thanks?

Unlike Thanks, beyond which one usually says little else by way of clarity or explanation, saying Sorry never seems enough.

Thanks is light and breezy, whereas Sorry is usually heavy. Repentant, we feel that something more has to be said but can't readily find the right words. We so much want to repair the hurt and bring the relationship back to its original cordiality and pleasantness, but afraid of complicating matters. Would we seem small in someone's eyes when we apologise for a mistake? Would we feel small by saying Sorry?

It's here that the other person, to whom one owes an apology, who can make it all simple - receive the quivering-at-the-lips Sorry graciously, symbolize its acceptance by a hug or squeeze of the hand, and say wordlessly that nothing more need be said.

If Thanks is a courteous affirmation of humanity, Sorry is a courageous celebration of it.

My New Favorite Website!

Oh my gosh!  I found an awesome website called Goodreads!  You can pick out the books you have read, are reading now,  and what you want to read!!!  AWESOMENESS!  I even added its own personal widget so everyone can see what I'm reading.  I love it!

Leslie's Wedding Weekend!

This weekend Dan, Remington and I traveled to P-town for our second wedding in 3 weeks.  Leslie, my cousin, got married to Caleb.  The wedding was beautiful and I so enjoyed my time with my cousin and her other bridesmaids.  I hope that her and Caleb enjoy their new life together :)  Below are some pictures of Leslie's wedding weekend!

Here is the beautiful bride in her dress :)

A little wine before the wedding...

Walking down the aisle :)

Ryan (Rachel's husband) and I 

This is my kind of wedding cake :)

The feeding of the cake...

My best buddy :)

Grandma Saxman and I :)

My parents and I :)  I love them :)

My best buddy, Rach!

And last but not least... the lovely bride and I :)

What a wonderful weekend for a wedding :)  It was fun... but I must admit... I'm glad to retire from being a bridesmaid for a while :)

The Big 2-6 for my Hubby!

Well, today Dan finally can't rub it in my face that he is younger than me!  HOORAY!  He finally turns the big 26 today!  I don't think that we have any big celebration plans... I'll probably just take him out for dinner or something like that.  It won't be nearly as exciting as last year...

... There's just nothing better than being on a cruise for your B-day!  O'well!  Have a wonderful Birthday Dan!!  I love ya!

Anniversary Weekend!

This weekend, Dan and I celebrated our one year anniversary.  Since we both ended up having to work on Saturday (our actual anniversary) we decided to celebrate on Friday night instead.  We both LOVE sushi, but we don't get it very often because it is kind of expensive.  However, we decided to splurg a little bit because of the occasion.  We went to one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Greenwood, Kabuto.  Dan got 4 different kinds of sushi and I got the vegetarian sushi dinner.  They were soooo good and we of course stuffed ourselves!

After eating sushi, we went to get some pumpkins for Halloween.  I had told Dan that I wanted to carve pumpkins this year and we had better get some if we were to get good ones.  We ended up getting 3 pumpkins to carve.  One for Dan, one for me, and one for Remington :)  Remington was quite intrigued with these big orange things.

On Saturday we had RSVPed to attend a Doodle Romp in Fishers.  A Doodle Romp is like a play date for goldendoodles and labradoodles.  We are always very excited to go to these since Remington enjoys himself so much there.  The dog park we went too was beautiful and full of doodles! Some pictures of the play date are below.

Remi and his Dad!

Coming to check on Mom and Dad!

Taking a break in the shade!

"Can I play in the water Dad?"

"Okay, here I go!"

All together, our anniversary weekend was a really nice one.  I got to spend lots of time with my favorite boys.  What more could I ask for :)  I wonder what this next year will bring????

One Year Ago Today....

... I married my soul mate, best friend, and partner in crime.  I am amazed at just how fast a year has gone by.  Our wedding day was very memorable, romantic, and special for me... and a day that will always be etched in my mind forever!  Never in a million years did I think I would end up so lucky!!!  I love you very much Dan!

Below are some pictures of our special day.  I hope you all enjoy looking back on this day with us....

This is one of my favorite pictures.

Looking through the harp...

The sand ceremony...

Feet in the sand...

First kiss as husband and wife!!!

Walking along the beach...

So happy...



Family shot!!

The sun setting on Cocoa Beach!

Happy One Year Anniversary!!!