Anniversary Weekend!

This weekend, Dan and I celebrated our one year anniversary.  Since we both ended up having to work on Saturday (our actual anniversary) we decided to celebrate on Friday night instead.  We both LOVE sushi, but we don't get it very often because it is kind of expensive.  However, we decided to splurg a little bit because of the occasion.  We went to one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Greenwood, Kabuto.  Dan got 4 different kinds of sushi and I got the vegetarian sushi dinner.  They were soooo good and we of course stuffed ourselves!

After eating sushi, we went to get some pumpkins for Halloween.  I had told Dan that I wanted to carve pumpkins this year and we had better get some if we were to get good ones.  We ended up getting 3 pumpkins to carve.  One for Dan, one for me, and one for Remington :)  Remington was quite intrigued with these big orange things.

On Saturday we had RSVPed to attend a Doodle Romp in Fishers.  A Doodle Romp is like a play date for goldendoodles and labradoodles.  We are always very excited to go to these since Remington enjoys himself so much there.  The dog park we went too was beautiful and full of doodles! Some pictures of the play date are below.

Remi and his Dad!

Coming to check on Mom and Dad!

Taking a break in the shade!

"Can I play in the water Dad?"

"Okay, here I go!"

All together, our anniversary weekend was a really nice one.  I got to spend lots of time with my favorite boys.  What more could I ask for :)  I wonder what this next year will bring????

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