Leslie's Wedding Weekend!

This weekend Dan, Remington and I traveled to P-town for our second wedding in 3 weeks.  Leslie, my cousin, got married to Caleb.  The wedding was beautiful and I so enjoyed my time with my cousin and her other bridesmaids.  I hope that her and Caleb enjoy their new life together :)  Below are some pictures of Leslie's wedding weekend!

Here is the beautiful bride in her dress :)

A little wine before the wedding...

Walking down the aisle :)

Ryan (Rachel's husband) and I 

This is my kind of wedding cake :)

The feeding of the cake...

My best buddy :)

Grandma Saxman and I :)

My parents and I :)  I love them :)

My best buddy, Rach!

And last but not least... the lovely bride and I :)

What a wonderful weekend for a wedding :)  It was fun... but I must admit... I'm glad to retire from being a bridesmaid for a while :)

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