30 Before 30 New Year Update

Usually around this time I roll out all the resolutions I have for the upcoming year. But... since I committed myself to a list of 30 Before 30 goals after my 29th birthday in August I thought that I would instead give you a quick recap of how I'm doing with this HUGE challenge!

1) Get life insurance policies & wills set up
2) Set up an outline for a retirement plan
3) Save a large down payment for a new house
4) Pay off the rest of Dan's student loans
5) Finish my Master's degree
6) Advance in my career
7) RX 5 CrossFit WOD's (in progress)
8) Get kipping pull-ups
9) Get toes to bar
10) Get double unders
11) Do a "fun" run
12) Run another 5K
13) Run another 10K
14) Run another half marathon
15) Run 400 miles between now and my 30th B-day (in progress)
16) Learn to drive a stick shift
17) Read a book a month for enjoyment (in progress)
18) Read the entire Bible... again (in progress)
19) Whiten my teeth
20) Work on my knitting projects
21) Do a family photo shoot
22) Find a church we would like to attend regularly
23) Find an organization I'm passionate about and start volunteering (in progress)
24) Organize my entire house
25) Grow my hair longer than it has ever been (in progress)
26) Learn how to french braid my own hair
27) Learn to crochet
28) Start dressing more professional
29) Cook a new and healthy dinner once a month (in progress)
30) Get pregnant (yes you read that right)

So, as you can tell I have only completed four of my goals and have another seven in progress. As I have been working through this list I'm slowly realizing what a giant undertaking it was. YIKES! But hey... no one ever said that turning 30 would be an easy process... HAHA! Happy New Year Everyone!

Freedom of the Seas

Even though going to the different ports of call are awesome, just being on the ship is amazing as well! From the rooms, food, drinks, staff, entertainment, and other accommodations you just can't beat this type of vacation. In our opinion there is just no other vacation that you are treated as well as you are when you cruise with Royal Caribbean. It was a real treat to live on this ship for seven days! Get ready for picture overload!

Welcome Aboard!

Because we went on this cruise so close to Christmas time the ship was decked out in decorations!

We stayed on deck six in a room overlooking the promenade! Loved it!

Every night we would get dressed up, drink a drink, go to whatever show was that night, and then have a fabulous dinner!

We loved the dining room we were in and our fabulous waiters Royston from India and Radu from Romania!

After dinner every night I got to come back to towel animals which always made me very happy!

I had ice cream every single day...

And just enjoyed relaxing and spending good quality time with my husband.

It was so fun while it lasted and we hated to head home to the real world...

All good things must come to an end though and we sure were happy to get back to Remi who had a blast with his Grams and Gramps! Maybe before our passports expire we'll go on another one :)

St. Maarten

Sorry that I got a little behind with my cruise posts... we had lots of Christmas celebrating to do and then I came down with the flu bug! YUCK! Now, where was I... oh yes... our third port of call was St. Maarten!

The night we were cruising to this destination our ship spotted a vessel in distressed and decided to turn around to help. When they reached the boat again they noticed two people bailing water. Our cruise ship released their rescue boats and got the two people off the boat 5 minutes before it sunk into the sea! Crazy huh! We were very thankful that we happened to be passing by at the right time to help them. The people who were rescued departed our cruise ship when we got to St. Maarten safe and sound.

Anyways, St. Maarten was beautiful, sunny and warm! We enjoyed the area and the people very much! Here are a some of the pictures we took during our time at this port.

For this port we did a 4 hour long tour of the island on a boat and on a bus. It was very educational and very beautiful.

Lovely St. Maarten!

Our tour guide told us that people sail from all over the world to stop here! The boats anchored here where out of this world!


We really enjoyed our time here and I wouldn't mind going back to visit again!

However, just being on our ship was pretty amazing too. My next post will be about our time spent on the ship!

More to come soon!