Warm Weather Here We Come!

I feel like this has been the year of vacationing for us... Nashville, Arizona, and now off to the Caribbean!!

What can I say... I guess we better do this kind of stuff while we still can!

Obviously... Dan and I will be disconnected from the world for a little bit... which isn't a bad thing by any means, but I will make sure to update you on all the happenings that take place during our absence. Plus, I have some posts scheduled so you don't forget about us.

Of course, my heart seriously hurts a little bit thinking about leaving our sweet Remi Bear behind. They need to make pet friendly cruise lines don't you think? Maybe I'll work on creating that :)

I'm sure he'll be in heaven staying with his Grams and Gramps, but I will be missing that face of his terribly!

See you soon and I'll make sure to enjoy all the warm weather I can for those of you experiencing the frigid chill of winter!

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