30 Before 30 - Knitting

Would you believe I started this knitting project almost an entire year ago before I finally completed it! Crazy eh?

So one of the major goals I had during my 30 Before 30 Challenge was to work on my knitting projects. This year I decided that I wanted to make all the female co-workers in my department infinity scarves for Christmas. I figured it wouldn't cost me a lot of money and it would be something they could use all winter long! What I didn't think about was the time commitment it would entail. Oops!

Let's jump back a moment ago... you know, when I was talking about it taking me an entire year to finish my very first scarf. Not because it actually took me that long to do it, but because I'm the queen of procrastination these days. So instead of working on knitting 13 scarves throughout the year so I would have them ready to give to my co-workers when Christmas rolled around... I instead waited to start on all of these a month before I was giving them out. Super smart on my part wouldn't you say :) But I did get them all done except for one... that person will get theirs first thing when I return!

Behold... many hours of knitting in a very short amount of time!

Yes, I am super proud! And it was all worth it after the many thank yous I received :)

Time to check "work on knitting projects" off my 30 Before 30 List! 

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