Mileage & CrossFit Monday

Well, I don't have much to report to you all except that I'm still struggling with my left knee. It continues to hurt and ache when I do much of anything. For the most part I'm not too horribly concerned since I do have aches and pains off and on, but I did rest this entire past week to try and get myself back to 100 percent.

In between of all that resting, I think several of us at work have decided that we are going to run the Geist Half Marathon in May. I'm pretty excited about it and already have my training plan mapped out from January until then. I really want to train hard and consistently for this one in hopes of getting a decent PR instead of my 11-12 minute mile one this past year.

Here's an example of what the course traditionally looks like.

Supposedly the course is nice and scenic, but I do believe there are some hills which can be a killer if you aren't prepared for them... which... when am I ever truly prepared for anything. O'well... I'll just do what I can do!

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