Fear of Flies

Recently, Dan has pushed me to watch the show Breaking Bad. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I was hooked and was using whole days to watch a complete season through. I know, super productive right?

Anyways, there is an episode where a fly gets into Walt and Jessie's high tech meth lab... (Mom don't ask questions)... and they are fighting the entire episode to eliminate the contaminate... hilarious to say the least!

Now... it's no secret in our house that Remington has one major fear in life... did you guess what it is???  Yep flies. Because we have a very nice surround sound system hooked up to our TV thanks to my gadget savvy hubby, this fly on the TV sounded very real and like it was about ready to land on us at any second. 

Can you guess where my doodle spent the whole episode at? You got it... in the center of my lap shaking from a fly buzzing on TV. Nothing like 80 lbs of doodle love during my Breaking Bad marathon :)

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