30 Before 30 - December Book (Therapy Dogs)

The fourth book I read for my 30 Before 30 list was...

When Remington was just a puppy I got this book with the intention of one day training him to be a therapy dog. Now, almost five years later he finally passed his test and I decided to read this book. It was important to me that not only was Remi trained well to do visits, but also that I was able to be a good handler and learn more about how dogs can change lives.

You and your dog can become a therapy dog team! Are you looking for a new and meaningful way to work with your dog? Do you want to improve the lives of those who because of illness or disability would benefit from visits with a volunteer canine? Then think about becoming a Therapy Dog Team and you will create the kind of magic that enriches lives. Therapy Dogs, Training Your Dog to Reach Others, 2nd Edition gives you all the information you need to select, socialize and train your dog for this work. What better creature than a dog to offer comfort, companionship and even entertainment to people in a wide variety of settings?


I really enjoyed this book because it really takes you deeper into levels of training you dog can under go, the benefits of therapy dog work, different settings you can visit, what kind of dogs make good therapy dogs, selecting a puppy for therapy dog work, and how to keep things fun and fresh. The woman who wrote the book has been involved in therapy dog work for years and had many dogs take part in that kind of work. It was enjoyable to read about the special bond she had with each of her dogs. Obviously, Remi and I have an incredible bond with each other, but I'm looking forward to developing this special part of our relationship. Great read for people who want to be a Therapy Dog Team together.

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