30 Before 30

Today I turn 29 years old...

My emotions on this birthday are mixed... of course I feel an extreme thankfulness for having such a wonderful decade of 20 somethings... but then there's that shock of fear that I'm only a year away from 30! Where did the time go? Did I do everything that I wanted to before I hit this milestone in my life? What are some of the reachable goals I still have for myself before I hit my thirties? And that's where the list of "30 Before 30" comes into play...

Several of my friends have been talking about making their "30 Before 30" list which absolutely inspired me to do the same... and since I'm all about setting goals I figured what better time to make mine than right before my 29th Birthday.

So without further adieu... here it is! Keep in mind I only picked goals that I thought could be reach this year, so there is no huge life goals such as cage diving with Great Whites... haha! 

1) Get life insurance policies & wills set up
2) Set up an outline for a retirement plan
3) Save a large down payment for a new house
4) Pay off the rest of Dan's student loans
5) Finish my Master's degree
6) Advance in my career
7) RX 5 CrossFit WOD's
8) Get kipping pull-ups
9) Get toes to bar
10) Get double unders
11) Do a "fun" run
12) Run another 5K
13) Run another 10K
14) Run another half marathon
15) Run 400 miles between now and my 30th B-day
16) Learn to drive a stick shift
17) Read a book a month for enjoyment
18) Read the entire Bible... again
19) Whiten my teeth
20) Work on my knitting projects
21) Do a family photo shoot
22) Find a church we would like to attend regularly
23) Find an organization I'm passionate about and start volunteering
24) Organize my entire house
25) Grow my hair longer than it has ever been
26) Learn how to french braid my own hair
27) Learn to crochet
28) Start dressing more professional
29) Cook a new and healthy dinner once a month
30) Get pregnant (yes you read that right)

There you have it folks... all the things I plan to accomplish before this time next year! HA! Okay, probably not! Realistically, I'm sure there are some things that I will completely fail at such as learning to drive a stick shift, but I sure plan to give these my best shot and keep you posted on them along the way! Any of you preparing your "30 Before 30" list... or other milestone?


Taylor B. said...

You certainly saved a big one for last!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I agree with Taylor B! What?!? :)

Hope the last year of your 20's treats you very well, friend!