Remington's Rundown

Hey Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

Nice of you to stop by... I feel like I haven't seen you in a while!

The month of August has hit which means Mom and Dad are getting busier and busier and they are home less and less with me. People think a dogs life is easy, but sometimes it just isn't fair that I have to stay home so much!

When they are home I have been soaking up as much love from them as possible!

"Rub my neck Mom!"

"Uhhhh Mom... you're blocking my view of the TV with your big ol' feet!"

Have I ever told you just how much I love being their doodle?

In other news... Mom was cat sitting last week for my feline friend Posie!

Posie's Mom and Dad were away on a vacation in Sedona! 

Mom told me what a good girl Miss Posie was... although she did manage to get into a fight with the blinds and make a huge mess of them! Oops!

I loved smelling that sweet Posie smell every time Mom got home from visiting her! However, I don't think I would want a kitty sister any time soon... or EVER!

Speaking of siblings, Mom has had doodles on her brain lately! She has been seeing lots of adoptable doodles in our area and she thinks she would be a good Mom to them! She even went to Panera one day for lunch and this 5 month old black doodle was there visiting from Florida!

 Mom said that she remembers when I was that age and even that little! Can you believe I was ever that little! I was a spit fire back then... but I have matured a lot in the last 5 years.

Well... for the most part! I do get a little silly every now and then ;)

I don't know how I would feel about a brother or a sister... I personally like being an only child and getting all the attention! Dad says we need to keep it that way!

That's all the news I have for now! Smell you later friends!

Time to sign off... WIGGLES!

~Remington Bear~

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blonde81714 said...

We want another doodle too -- next summer!