Community Safety Day with the LPD!

This past Saturday was Community Safety Day in the city Dan works for. LPD and their SWAT Team were putting on several demonstrations so we decided to go to see what it was all about.

Community Safety Day had a pretty good turn out for the city. There were a lot of different organizations there illustrating how they benefit the area. I think one of the major reasons LPD has such a strong presence at Community Safety Day is to help improve the relationship with the people in city.

It was really an enjoyable day for me. Mostly because I don't often get to see Dan doing what he loves. I hear about it, but actually seeing him do it is beneficial for me so I understand why this line of work means so much to him.

To keep the show going Captain Steele worked the crowd and the kids! 

First up was the SWAT Demo that Dan was a part of. They demonstrated several different styles of rappelling down a building.

First demo was rappelling by bounding... Dan and Brandonburg did this one...

Next was Aussie style rappelling where you go down face first... which was done by Hensel and Romeril 

Next was a Bang & Entry demonstrated by Gordon... basically on this entry you are rappelling down and then you throw a flash bang into the building and then enter through the window.

Next demo was done by Dan and Brandonburg which was the upside down rappel... this one kind of scared me since the guys up top are in control of the speed and stopping point of Dan! YIKES! They even had Dan and Brandonburg do a race to see which one could reach the bottom fastest so Dan was at the bottom on the building in a matter of seconds! So cool but so dang scary for me watching! Obviously these guys have an extreme amount of trust in each other!

Phew! All finished!! It was a hot day out... but with 50+ lbs of gear... even hotter!

After the rappelling demo was finished it was time for K9 demo!

J. Clark and K9 Rudy

Going in for the bite!

The power of police K9's are amazing... really!!!

However, another amazing thing is that it took both Dan and Gordon to get the bite suit off Captain Vaughn :) HEHE!

The last demo was the Taser... they had a fire department intern and an officer as their victims... Lord knows I would never want to get hit by a taser!

Getting wired up!


The next one the officer stood and Gordon and Dan held him up so they could gently lay him on the ground once tased...

Getting wired up...


And then... one of the LPD's officers wives VOLUNTEERED to get tased. WHAT!!!


Don't ask me why all the officers doing the tasing have evil smiles on their faces.... LOL! I guess it never gets old.

So I know this post was extra picture heavy... but I am so incredibly proud of my husband. Being a police wife is hard... really hard... but these opportunities that I see Dan doing what he loves makes it all worth while!

I'll leave you with the sweetest picture I took of the entire day... a future fire chief!

Doesn't get more precious than that!

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Stephanie said...

Very cool!

The taser thing makes me cringe. Yikes.