Winter Gym Rats

As most of you already know... I HATE winter time!  I mean I hate it.  When the weather starts cooling down, I find myself coming home from work, putting on a pair of sweats and crawling in bed to get warm.  Since I have started to love running and working out... I have started to worry how I'm going to react to the cold weather.  I know how I usually react... I stop working out and instead hibernate.  Well, I refuse to do that this year!

So, Dan and I joined LA Fitness this week.  We use to be members there a while ago, but ended up canceling our membership during the summertime since we would workout outside.  Anyways, we had been getting these emails from them with a special that they were having.  No fee to join, only 26 dollars a month, and no contract!  We use to pay almost 40 a month to go there, so we thought it was a great deal!

I'm very excited to start going again!  I love the atmosphere there and they offer so many different things... weights, cardio, and different classes.  So instead of sipping hot chocolate this winter... I'll be adding some mileage on my runs... (even if it is on a treadmill).

The things I love about Fall...

You can wear sweatshirts and sweatpants!!!

Looking at all the pretty mums!!!

Enjoying the fall leaves.

Picking out some pumpkins!

Drinking hot apple cider!

Looking for cute Doodles in Halloween outfits!

Eating more candy than usual because it is in stores like crazy!

Oh, how I love Fall!

Rachel's Wedding Weekend!!!

After 12 + years of friendship, I had the honor of being a part of my friend, Rachel's wedding.  It is hard for me to put into words how I felt seeing her stand before her family and friends and promise her life to Ryan... all I can say is I'm so happy for them both and hope their lives are full of joy, love, and friendship. 

Here's Rach and I at her rehearsal dinner :)

Rachel's Mom helping her get her dress on :)  Doesn't she look lovely!

Here's the back of the dress!!

Dan took this picture of Rachel going down the aisle :)

Here we were waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the church!

They are so happy!

Everyone is blowing bubbles!

Here's the wedding cake!

They were very nice while feeding each other cake!

Here's my hubby and I at the reception! He is so handsome :)

Here's the beautiful bride and I at the end of the reception!  We had a great time!


To see all of the wedding pictures that the photographer took, you can check this website in a few days... they should be up by then :)

Rub-a-dub-dub... 4 Big Paws in the Tub!

WOOF WOOF!  Remington Bear here!  After lucking out and not getting a bath in a few months... Mom and Dad decided that it was time for me to get one.  BUMMER!  I hate baths!  Unfortunately, it turned into even more that just a bath.  I got some of my hair trimmed, nails clipped and dremeled, and my teeth brushed!  I'm feeling like a handsome fellow now.  Below are some pictures of my night at the Rhoton salon!!!

Here are Mom and Dad's tools that they use to torture me... the clippers and the dremel!

As you can see, I'm definitely not enjoying this moment.

Here is all the hair that Mom cut off me!!!  What was she thinking!

Patiently waiting for my bath now :)

Here's Mom running my bath water :)

I like to lay down while Mom and Dad give me a bath... I get too tired standing up.

Mom says that it isn't easy giving an 82 lb goldendoodle a bath.  Maybe that is why they don't do it very often....

Mom thinks it funny to style my hair... I don't!

I was trying to dry myself off in this picture... it works better when Mom and Dad help me.

Lastly, it was time to have my teeth brushed.  I actually enjoy this because Mom and Dad use a special doggy toothpaste that taste really good!!!

Boy... getting clean sure does make me tired!!!

Hopefully it will be another 2 months before I have to do this again... longer if I'm lucky!!!

Weekend with the Rhoton's!

Dan and I had a wonderful weekend.  His Mom and Dad decided to take a day off work Friday and drive down to Indy to visit since we have not seen each other in ages.  They even surprised us by bringing Elliott with them!!!  Oh, how I love that little boy!  Here's the play by play of our weekend.

Friday... I took a half day off work because of all the comp time I had racked up from working all week with Phonathon.  So, I got to meet up with the Rhoton's for lunch.  Dan and I took our 3 visitors to Shallo's.  It is this little hole in the wall place, but it has the best food (we think).  After lunch, I stopped by the place I had taken my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding to get alterations done.  It was ready to be picked up.  I was very happy with the alterations.  They did a fantastic job! After that, Dan and I decided to take everyone down to the canal for a little while.  It was such a beautiful day outside so we just couldn't pass that up. Below are some pictures...

After that was done, we came back to our house and Dan and Elliott played Wii for a long while.  It just amazes me how kids of that age know just as much about technology as people my age!!!  Later in the evening we all went Putt Putt Golfing.  Elliott had never been and he was SOOOOOO excited about it once we got started.  It was so heartwarming to see how much he was enjoying himself :)

Saturday... we all were up early except for Elliott.  He of course, was tired after a long day yesterday.  However, once he woke up he was all about going Putt Putt Golfing again!  So Uncle Dan and Bruce took him and they ending up playing 36 holes of Putt Putt Golf!  Pam and I decided to stay behind and we took Remington on a long walk.  It was nice to be with her and chat.  The Rhoton's ended up leaving a little after lunch time.  We were sad to see them go... I wish we all lived closer together.  It would make things soooo much easier.  The rest of the evening I spent working on homework.  I had a bunch due on Monday so I wanted to get it done since I was going to be with the Phonathon students on Sunday.

Sunday... was a day full of things here and there. I did laundry and picked up around the house.  At around 2:00... I went into work to see how my students were doing.  It was my cousin, Leslie's, bridal shower in P-town that day.  I was very sad that I had to miss it.  Hopefully she got lots of nice things :)  I'm sure I'll hear about all the details from my Mom.

I cannot believe it is time to start a whole other week.  BLAH!  It should be a busy one :)

Our New Bikilas!!!

Okay, so you all remember Dan and I's new love affair with Vibram Five Fingers.  Well... guess what!?!?  We purchased our second pair that are made specifically for running!!!!!  HOLLA!  I got mine with some of my birthday money and Dan purchased his with the birthday money he is hoping to get.  He just has to remember to put that money into the bank once he gets it to replace the money he spent... hehe!

My new gray and green Bikilas

Dan's new royal blue Bikilas

We are both in love with these running shoes.  Seriously, it feels like you are flying when you run.  They are so lightweight!!  I'm still getting use to running in mine, but Dan is of course an old pro.  And best of all... people look at us funny when they see us in them!  Priceless! 

Tired, Grouchy, and missing my Boys....

This week is finally starting to wear me down.  I thought I was going to make it through without feeling the affects, but this morning... BOOM... I'm officially tired, grouchy, and missing both of my boys....

I've been at work every night this week until 9:00 p.m.  That is probably why I have been missing in action for the past few days on this blog.  There is just no time for it right now.  On top of work, I have school to worry about.  I've determined that it is way overrated... LOL!  Uhhhhhggggg!!! My days have mainly consisted of going to work, doing homework when I get home, sleep, and then repeat.  I'm getting tired...

... not only that, but I'm getting grouchy.  Well, more grouchy than usual.  I find myself coming home at night and biting Dan's head off for the littlest things.  I seriously don't know how he stands to live with me sometimes.  I thank God on a daily basis for blessing me with such an understanding and tolerant husband.  Sorry Dan for being a bit more moody that normal :)

However, the worst thing about this week so far has been not being able to see my boys hardly at all.  I probably have only seen Dan for a grand total of maybe an hour or two.  Usually we get from 4:30 - 10:00 to spend with each other every night.  You don't realize just how precious that time together is until its gone.  This week I've seen him in passing as I'm leaving for work in the morning and in passing as he is leaving for work at night.  There's no other word to describe it than... it SUCKS!  Also, I'm missing out on all the fun moments with Remington.  Dan has been taking him to play since the weather has cooled down.  This is something we always have done together, and I'm a bit jealous that I'm missing out....

 "Uhhhhh... Dad... where's Mom at???"

Just one more night and things will be back to normal!  I can't wait!

Phonathon Training and my Tangent!

Well, the weekend is finally over with and I'm soooo happy about it!  I worked 3-9 Saturday through Sunday, training the students for Phonathon.  It was a very long process, but I always feel like it is worth it in the end.  It feels so good to see everything come together.  I really feel like I accomplished something all by myself :)  The students I have working for me this semester all seem wonderful and that is all I can really ask for :)  Now, to just get through the 14 hour days I'll be working for the next week.  Also, because of my weird hours working, I didn't get to see Dan hardly at all.  I miss him and wish that we had more time to spend together.  It is always harder finding time together when I work days and he works nights...

Besides Phonathon, I felt like I was pretty productive this weekend. I got caught up on some of my homework, cleaned my house up a bit, and got some running in.  I even got to sit down for a little while on Sunday and read a new book I just received in the mail.  It is called... "The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food."

Here is the short summary on the book:

Each bite of meat involves the killing of an animal that did not need to die, Masson (When Elephants Weep) reminds readers, and if the advocacy of a completely vegan diet (neither milk nor eggs, in addition to giving up meat and fish) is not particularly new—even Masson acknowledges that he is following the path laid out by authors like Temple Grandin and Michael Pollan—the passion with which the argument is made is immediately apparent. Masson explains the scientific background in simple, effective prose, pointing to the vast environmental damage caused by the modern agriculture-industrial complex, then slams the emotional point home by underscoring the plaintive cries of a calf separated from a mother cow or the psychological stress that hens endure when thrust into small cages. Masson argues that a vegan diet is sufficient to provide us with all the nutrients we need to thrive, using his own daily menus as an example, but his most powerful argument calls upon the power of empathy and a refusal to put animals through suffering. It probably won't convert many confirmed meat eaters, but it should provoke serious deliberation about how our food choices reflect our values.

So far I'm really loving it and it is making me think a lot.  I've never really felt passionate about anything before... but the reasons behind being a vegetarian is now definitely one of them.  After all the things I have read and videos I have seen... I don't think I will ever go back to eating the way I did before.  Below is the video that changed my thinking...


I know some people think I'm crazy... even my own husband... but I just can't change the way I feel about this subject. I started out eating this way just so I could lose a few pounds, however, now it has turned into much more than that.  I refuse to support the abuse and unethical treatment of animals!!!  Sorry... I don't know how I got into this tangent!  LOL!

Anyways... time to start a new week!  I'm looking forward to next Monday around this same time when I won't be at work until 9 at night.  HAPPY MONDAY!

I will survive!

Things have not been easy these past couple of weeks... nor do they look to get any easier in the weeks to come... but I have hope that I will survive this :)

Work... I finished up with my interviews yesterday for the hiring of my Phonathon students.  This interview process is always hectic with students coming in and out of my office every 15 minutes, but I think that phase is now over with... now to just get through the next 10 days of the training process :)  PHEW!

School... well, that's a whole other story.  I ended up dropping one of my classes.  I had the high hopes of taking 2 this semester, but unfortunately I just couldn't cut it... so I'm now just taking Physical Dimensions of Aging.  I like it so far, but I have not been doing very well with my homework.  I'm usually very much so on top of things, getting stuff turned in way before the due date, however... with work as crazy as it is right now, I'm just barely hanging in there.  The problem that I'm having is we have been split up into groups to do projects and my group is wanting to get ours finished way before the due date.  Most of the time I'd be all for that, but right now I'm feeling like it will be a miracle if I manage.  Plus, our internet has been down at home for the past week, which has made it VERY difficult to get anything done.  Sigh....

Running... I have not ran in 2 days.  This is a long spell for me as of recently.  I think that I've finally developed a "good" addiction.  Since I have been running for the last couple of months I find myself craving it.  I dream about it at night, think about it at work, and often talk to Dan about it when I'm home.  I can't seem to get enough of it.  When I don't get out and run at least a little bit, I feel awful until I do.  Even as I type this, I have the urge to just go sprinting down the street.  Its kind of nice to feel this way actually.  I just wonder if I'll still get these feelings even when it's cold outside.  That's highly unlikely.... :) 

It looks to be another interesting and busy day at work for me... plus when I get home a night full of GERO homework... but before that, a long run for my sanity and maybe a walk with my Remington Bear :)

Labor Day Weekend and Baby Andrew!

Well, this weekend was a long one!  Thank GOD!  I needed a break!  It wasn't too eventful, but relaxing and memorable.

I headed to P-town on Friday.  Kristin (my best friend) had her baby, so seeing him was one of the first things on my list.   I got into town at about 5:20 on Friday and went straight to the hospital.  Seeing Kristin and Duane and their new baby made me quite emotional.  It is hard to explain how I felt seeing him.  It was a special time for me.  Being friends with Kristin since I was 13 years old and being a part of her life all these years... and now seeing this new little person that her and Duane have created...  the only way I can really explain it is magical... and even that word doesn't do it justice.  I'm completely in love with Baby Andrew and I've only been around him an hour.  He is sooooo handsome and sweet.  Perfect in every way.

Aunt Kay and Baby Andrew :)

This picture pretty much sums up just how much babies like me :(  HAHA!

Daddy and Andrew :)

Aunt Kelli and Andrew :)

Watching Kristin and Duane with Andrew touched my heart.  I can already tell that they will be wonderful parents and I'm looking forward to watching this new part of their lives play out.

The rest of the weekend I spent with my Mom and Dad and the rest of the family.  It is always nice to get the chance to be with them.  As I've said many times before... they are missed more than they could ever know!

I headed back to Indy on Sunday since I wanted a day to just relax and get some homework done.  I did not take Remington home with me this weekend and I was surprised to hear how down in the dumps he was all weekend without me there.  Dan said he moped around the house the whole time I was gone.  I was of course greeted with kisses from my sweet dog when I arrived home.  Since it was sooo nice out on Sunday, Dan and I decided to take a run later in the evening.  We ran a full 3 miles!!!!  This was a huge accomplishment for both of us.  It was definitely the longest I have ever ran before and I'm actually surprised that I did it :)  It felt awesome though after it was all finished!  My new goal is 4 miles :)  

All day on Monday I worked on homework for school and also scheduling interviews for work.  It didn't end up being as relaxing as I had hoped... but at least I got stuff done that I needed to do.  This upcoming week is going to be brutal.... sigh.


Baby Andrew has arrived!!!

My best friend Kristin had her baby last night!  Andrew was born on September 2nd at 1:48 a.m.  He was 8 lbs. 13 oz., 21 and 1/4 inches and most importantly... healthy!  I am so excited for them :)  Kristin was induced at 6:00 a.m on September 1st... so she had a long and hard delivery.

Congratulations Kristin and Duane... and welcome to the world Baby Andrew!

P.S.  Look at that full head of RED hair.  No one will ever wonder who his mother is ;)