Winter Gym Rats

As most of you already know... I HATE winter time!  I mean I hate it.  When the weather starts cooling down, I find myself coming home from work, putting on a pair of sweats and crawling in bed to get warm.  Since I have started to love running and working out... I have started to worry how I'm going to react to the cold weather.  I know how I usually react... I stop working out and instead hibernate.  Well, I refuse to do that this year!

So, Dan and I joined LA Fitness this week.  We use to be members there a while ago, but ended up canceling our membership during the summertime since we would workout outside.  Anyways, we had been getting these emails from them with a special that they were having.  No fee to join, only 26 dollars a month, and no contract!  We use to pay almost 40 a month to go there, so we thought it was a great deal!

I'm very excited to start going again!  I love the atmosphere there and they offer so many different things... weights, cardio, and different classes.  So instead of sipping hot chocolate this winter... I'll be adding some mileage on my runs... (even if it is on a treadmill).

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Pam said...

Hi K and D,

Your gym looks awesome! I'm so glad you'll not be hibernating this winter! The wedding was beautiful and I love your green dress!

Hope to see you 2 soon. Miss you.