Weekend with the Rhoton's!

Dan and I had a wonderful weekend.  His Mom and Dad decided to take a day off work Friday and drive down to Indy to visit since we have not seen each other in ages.  They even surprised us by bringing Elliott with them!!!  Oh, how I love that little boy!  Here's the play by play of our weekend.

Friday... I took a half day off work because of all the comp time I had racked up from working all week with Phonathon.  So, I got to meet up with the Rhoton's for lunch.  Dan and I took our 3 visitors to Shallo's.  It is this little hole in the wall place, but it has the best food (we think).  After lunch, I stopped by the place I had taken my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding to get alterations done.  It was ready to be picked up.  I was very happy with the alterations.  They did a fantastic job! After that, Dan and I decided to take everyone down to the canal for a little while.  It was such a beautiful day outside so we just couldn't pass that up. Below are some pictures...

After that was done, we came back to our house and Dan and Elliott played Wii for a long while.  It just amazes me how kids of that age know just as much about technology as people my age!!!  Later in the evening we all went Putt Putt Golfing.  Elliott had never been and he was SOOOOOO excited about it once we got started.  It was so heartwarming to see how much he was enjoying himself :)

Saturday... we all were up early except for Elliott.  He of course, was tired after a long day yesterday.  However, once he woke up he was all about going Putt Putt Golfing again!  So Uncle Dan and Bruce took him and they ending up playing 36 holes of Putt Putt Golf!  Pam and I decided to stay behind and we took Remington on a long walk.  It was nice to be with her and chat.  The Rhoton's ended up leaving a little after lunch time.  We were sad to see them go... I wish we all lived closer together.  It would make things soooo much easier.  The rest of the evening I spent working on homework.  I had a bunch due on Monday so I wanted to get it done since I was going to be with the Phonathon students on Sunday.

Sunday... was a day full of things here and there. I did laundry and picked up around the house.  At around 2:00... I went into work to see how my students were doing.  It was my cousin, Leslie's, bridal shower in P-town that day.  I was very sad that I had to miss it.  Hopefully she got lots of nice things :)  I'm sure I'll hear about all the details from my Mom.

I cannot believe it is time to start a whole other week.  BLAH!  It should be a busy one :)


Pam said...

Hi K and D,

We did have a great weekend!! Thank you so much for all your fun plans and good food. We miss you already!.



Mary said...

Oh my gosh! Elliott is an absolute darling! I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend--you definitely needed to relax and have some fun!