Our New Bikilas!!!

Okay, so you all remember Dan and I's new love affair with Vibram Five Fingers.  Well... guess what!?!?  We purchased our second pair that are made specifically for running!!!!!  HOLLA!  I got mine with some of my birthday money and Dan purchased his with the birthday money he is hoping to get.  He just has to remember to put that money into the bank once he gets it to replace the money he spent... hehe!

My new gray and green Bikilas

Dan's new royal blue Bikilas

We are both in love with these running shoes.  Seriously, it feels like you are flying when you run.  They are so lightweight!!  I'm still getting use to running in mine, but Dan is of course an old pro.  And best of all... people look at us funny when they see us in them!  Priceless! 

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