Labor Day Weekend and Baby Andrew!

Well, this weekend was a long one!  Thank GOD!  I needed a break!  It wasn't too eventful, but relaxing and memorable.

I headed to P-town on Friday.  Kristin (my best friend) had her baby, so seeing him was one of the first things on my list.   I got into town at about 5:20 on Friday and went straight to the hospital.  Seeing Kristin and Duane and their new baby made me quite emotional.  It is hard to explain how I felt seeing him.  It was a special time for me.  Being friends with Kristin since I was 13 years old and being a part of her life all these years... and now seeing this new little person that her and Duane have created...  the only way I can really explain it is magical... and even that word doesn't do it justice.  I'm completely in love with Baby Andrew and I've only been around him an hour.  He is sooooo handsome and sweet.  Perfect in every way.

Aunt Kay and Baby Andrew :)

This picture pretty much sums up just how much babies like me :(  HAHA!

Daddy and Andrew :)

Aunt Kelli and Andrew :)

Watching Kristin and Duane with Andrew touched my heart.  I can already tell that they will be wonderful parents and I'm looking forward to watching this new part of their lives play out.

The rest of the weekend I spent with my Mom and Dad and the rest of the family.  It is always nice to get the chance to be with them.  As I've said many times before... they are missed more than they could ever know!

I headed back to Indy on Sunday since I wanted a day to just relax and get some homework done.  I did not take Remington home with me this weekend and I was surprised to hear how down in the dumps he was all weekend without me there.  Dan said he moped around the house the whole time I was gone.  I was of course greeted with kisses from my sweet dog when I arrived home.  Since it was sooo nice out on Sunday, Dan and I decided to take a run later in the evening.  We ran a full 3 miles!!!!  This was a huge accomplishment for both of us.  It was definitely the longest I have ever ran before and I'm actually surprised that I did it :)  It felt awesome though after it was all finished!  My new goal is 4 miles :)  

All day on Monday I worked on homework for school and also scheduling interviews for work.  It didn't end up being as relaxing as I had hoped... but at least I got stuff done that I needed to do.  This upcoming week is going to be brutal.... sigh.


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Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Congrats on a fantastic run and oh my, whaaat a cute baby!! Such a sweet blessing. :-)