Rub-a-dub-dub... 4 Big Paws in the Tub!

WOOF WOOF!  Remington Bear here!  After lucking out and not getting a bath in a few months... Mom and Dad decided that it was time for me to get one.  BUMMER!  I hate baths!  Unfortunately, it turned into even more that just a bath.  I got some of my hair trimmed, nails clipped and dremeled, and my teeth brushed!  I'm feeling like a handsome fellow now.  Below are some pictures of my night at the Rhoton salon!!!

Here are Mom and Dad's tools that they use to torture me... the clippers and the dremel!

As you can see, I'm definitely not enjoying this moment.

Here is all the hair that Mom cut off me!!!  What was she thinking!

Patiently waiting for my bath now :)

Here's Mom running my bath water :)

I like to lay down while Mom and Dad give me a bath... I get too tired standing up.

Mom says that it isn't easy giving an 82 lb goldendoodle a bath.  Maybe that is why they don't do it very often....

Mom thinks it funny to style my hair... I don't!

I was trying to dry myself off in this picture... it works better when Mom and Dad help me.

Lastly, it was time to have my teeth brushed.  I actually enjoy this because Mom and Dad use a special doggy toothpaste that taste really good!!!

Boy... getting clean sure does make me tired!!!

Hopefully it will be another 2 months before I have to do this again... longer if I'm lucky!!!

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