I will survive!

Things have not been easy these past couple of weeks... nor do they look to get any easier in the weeks to come... but I have hope that I will survive this :)

Work... I finished up with my interviews yesterday for the hiring of my Phonathon students.  This interview process is always hectic with students coming in and out of my office every 15 minutes, but I think that phase is now over with... now to just get through the next 10 days of the training process :)  PHEW!

School... well, that's a whole other story.  I ended up dropping one of my classes.  I had the high hopes of taking 2 this semester, but unfortunately I just couldn't cut it... so I'm now just taking Physical Dimensions of Aging.  I like it so far, but I have not been doing very well with my homework.  I'm usually very much so on top of things, getting stuff turned in way before the due date, however... with work as crazy as it is right now, I'm just barely hanging in there.  The problem that I'm having is we have been split up into groups to do projects and my group is wanting to get ours finished way before the due date.  Most of the time I'd be all for that, but right now I'm feeling like it will be a miracle if I manage.  Plus, our internet has been down at home for the past week, which has made it VERY difficult to get anything done.  Sigh....

Running... I have not ran in 2 days.  This is a long spell for me as of recently.  I think that I've finally developed a "good" addiction.  Since I have been running for the last couple of months I find myself craving it.  I dream about it at night, think about it at work, and often talk to Dan about it when I'm home.  I can't seem to get enough of it.  When I don't get out and run at least a little bit, I feel awful until I do.  Even as I type this, I have the urge to just go sprinting down the street.  Its kind of nice to feel this way actually.  I just wonder if I'll still get these feelings even when it's cold outside.  That's highly unlikely.... :) 

It looks to be another interesting and busy day at work for me... plus when I get home a night full of GERO homework... but before that, a long run for my sanity and maybe a walk with my Remington Bear :)


Mary said...

Hang in there, Kendra! I've been there! (And, yes, you will survive...although you might have to consume a lot of caffeine.)

Pam said...

Yes, Kendra, you will survive! And yes, you will want to run when it gets cold. That's why I walk daily and sometimes twice daily. I love being outside. It is a good time to commune with God and count blessings. Miss you guys and love you sooo much!

Andrew is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Running is awesome, and definitely addicting. A cold run can be really refreshing, but I hear ya. I'm not usually a fan. I opt for the treadmill. Boring at first, but I actually like it better now. Easier to push myself and maintain a faster pace. :-)