Phonathon Training and my Tangent!

Well, the weekend is finally over with and I'm soooo happy about it!  I worked 3-9 Saturday through Sunday, training the students for Phonathon.  It was a very long process, but I always feel like it is worth it in the end.  It feels so good to see everything come together.  I really feel like I accomplished something all by myself :)  The students I have working for me this semester all seem wonderful and that is all I can really ask for :)  Now, to just get through the 14 hour days I'll be working for the next week.  Also, because of my weird hours working, I didn't get to see Dan hardly at all.  I miss him and wish that we had more time to spend together.  It is always harder finding time together when I work days and he works nights...

Besides Phonathon, I felt like I was pretty productive this weekend. I got caught up on some of my homework, cleaned my house up a bit, and got some running in.  I even got to sit down for a little while on Sunday and read a new book I just received in the mail.  It is called... "The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food."

Here is the short summary on the book:

Each bite of meat involves the killing of an animal that did not need to die, Masson (When Elephants Weep) reminds readers, and if the advocacy of a completely vegan diet (neither milk nor eggs, in addition to giving up meat and fish) is not particularly new—even Masson acknowledges that he is following the path laid out by authors like Temple Grandin and Michael Pollan—the passion with which the argument is made is immediately apparent. Masson explains the scientific background in simple, effective prose, pointing to the vast environmental damage caused by the modern agriculture-industrial complex, then slams the emotional point home by underscoring the plaintive cries of a calf separated from a mother cow or the psychological stress that hens endure when thrust into small cages. Masson argues that a vegan diet is sufficient to provide us with all the nutrients we need to thrive, using his own daily menus as an example, but his most powerful argument calls upon the power of empathy and a refusal to put animals through suffering. It probably won't convert many confirmed meat eaters, but it should provoke serious deliberation about how our food choices reflect our values.

So far I'm really loving it and it is making me think a lot.  I've never really felt passionate about anything before... but the reasons behind being a vegetarian is now definitely one of them.  After all the things I have read and videos I have seen... I don't think I will ever go back to eating the way I did before.  Below is the video that changed my thinking...


I know some people think I'm crazy... even my own husband... but I just can't change the way I feel about this subject. I started out eating this way just so I could lose a few pounds, however, now it has turned into much more than that.  I refuse to support the abuse and unethical treatment of animals!!!  Sorry... I don't know how I got into this tangent!  LOL!

Anyways... time to start a new week!  I'm looking forward to next Monday around this same time when I won't be at work until 9 at night.  HAPPY MONDAY!

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