Brittany got Hitched!

One of my old Phonathon Interns and now very close friend got married this past weekend! She had an outside wedding at a golf course nearby and it was absolutely beautiful! I am so incredibly happy for her!!!  Here are some pictures of her special day!

Sand Ceremony

Their departure... I think they took a stroll around the golf course...

The arrival... back from the trip around the course :)

The reception set up and the view out the window!

And of course a pic of the lovely bride and my handsome hubby with yours truly!

2nd Cop Wife Ride Along

On Friday I went on my second ride along ever with Dan! The night started out slow but ended with every single one of my emotions in over drive. Below is a link to the news story over what went down on Friday night as well as the dashcam video of what happened! I still can not believe we were in the middle of this.

Dashcam video of ambush on police officer  <------- click here

As the wife of a police officer you are always aware of the risks your husband faces as he walks out the door for work each night... unfortunately... I am now much much more aware of what can happen. It is incredibly scary to me.

I am so thankful that everything turned out okay in the end and all the police officers involved in this are now safe. I told Dan I wanted an adventurous night.... better be careful what I wish for next time.

Photo a Day - Project 365

Well... I made it a little over half way through my Photo a Day Challenge... but unfortunately I've decided to discontinue it and start something new!

Dan and I recently got a "fancy" camera and I still don't know how to use it very well. My goal is to learn!  I decided to do something called Project 365 which will document our family life throughout the year. Pretty much I'll take a photo a day like I do now except with my "fancy" camera instead of my IPhone.

I still plan on posting pictures here but in a different format. I really want to focus on taking quality photos instead of just a snap here and there which will take more time and effort on my part since I'm by no means a good photographer. As I've mentioned before I love writing in my own personal journal... so for this project I'm going to make a Blurb Book! Check them out here <----  I feel that by creating this book it will be like personal journaling, but with pictures instead!

Here's an example of one I found on Google.

I've kept a personal journal since 2008, as well as other fill in the blank journals throughout the years. It is so fulfilling to go back through them and reminiscence over your past successes, failures, happy times, and sad times. It helps me to look deeper into myself about who I really am. I'm hoping that these yearly photo Blurb Books will be a way to record my little family's life together. A great way to see where we started and how far we've come with just photos!

Thanks for all of you that looked at my Photo a Day posts each week! I hope you can now enjoy my new Project 365 posts!

Thankful Thursday (Anxiety Meds)

Today I'm thankful for anxiety meds! Sigh... I've mentioned this before on the blog so it is definitely no secret that I'm a highly anxious person at times. I get so worked up over stuff that I actually make myself sick. This week has been one of those weeks. No particular reason... just doing things that are out of my comfort zone and that I'm not familiar with.

When I get overly anxious about stuff I often times can't sleep because my brain won't stop working over time and my stomach is in knots. It's during those times that I take a little prescription med that calms me down and helps me fall asleep. I don't take this often, but when I do it's an absolutely Godsend.

Anxiety girl strikes again!

How Old is your Dog?

I found this posted on Facebook this morning by the IDOG - International Doodle Owners Group Page. I thought it was pretty interesting so I'm sharing here! Click the picture to enlarge it more.

It kills me to think that my little Remi is already 36 years old!

Remington's Rundown

Hello Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

I've been telling Mom how unfair it is that she hogs our family blog! I mean Dad and I are exciting too and need to have a little input every now and again. So... Mom broke down and told me that I could do a post every couple of weeks... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT... me a dog blog writer! Woof! I couldn't stop wiggling my little bum with this news!

I decided to call my blog posts "Remington's Rundown" since it will be from my point of view with what is happening in my doggie life! Awesome I know!

So here's my rundown from the past few days...

Mom and I had a lonely but busy couple of days this past weekend. 

My Grandma Rhoton (Dad's Mom) had been in the hospital all of last week. She had to have emergency surgery because of a hole in her stomach. Luckily all went well... but she is still on the mend of course. Dad headed to Ohio over the weekend to help out with things... but unfortunately Mom and I were unable to go. Oh my doodle... I hate it when that happens!

It was lonely in the house with just me and Mom, but we made good use of our time by keeping busy with Mom's long list of things to get done. She never lets me rest!

Since the weather has cooled down a bit around here Mom was set on getting me some exercise. Even though I act excited to go for walks, it's really not my thing. I would much rather snooze the day away as you all know! She even made me get up early every day to beat the heat of the day.

I really hate this gentle leader!

Mom walked my long legs off!

We took a break by a neighborhood pond.

When I got home I was pooped and really thirsty!

PHEW! Glad its the work week for Mom now and she won't have time to walk me as much!

Another thing Mom had on her list of to-do's was to make homemade Frosty Paw Treats! I was so excited about this I got the wiggles again! These treats were the absolute best because they were like an ice cube and treat in one!

Basically its 32 oz of yogurt, 1 ripe banana, 2 tbsp honey, and 2 tbsp peanut butter.

Then you have to blend it all together with a mixer!

Mom let me lick the yogurt container! I love yogurt!

Once you're done mixing you put the concoction in some ice cube trays and freeze!

I ate my first one so fast it was hard for Mom to get a picture of me! YUMMY!

Also, for a while now... Mom has been planning my Great Grandma Fowler's 90th Birthday Party! She recently got the invite list together so we worked diligently on filling out invitations.

I really liked the look of these invites! So festive!

But I sure did get tried of helping Mom write all those out!

And of course we cleaned... Dad says that Mom has OCD (whatever that means) about having a clean house. I personally enjoy the messiness because it gives me lots of new things to smell and explore that usually wouldn't be left out.

I mean look at all this dirty laundry! Heaven!

Most of the time I just hang out on the couch to stay out of Mom's way... she gets crazy when she cleans!

But sometimes I guard the sweeper for Mom! You can never be too careful!

Finally... on Sunday Dad came home! I was soooo happy to see him! I mean Mom is fun, but Dad is SUPER FUN! And there is no better place to sleep than snuggled up in my Dad's arms!

And that is right where I stayed for the remainder of my weekend!

Time to sign off... WIGGLES!

~ Remington Bear ~

Photo a Day - Week #27

Week of July 16th - July 22nd


(color - metal head)


(treat please)


(Dan off to work)


(it rained... but lightening struck our alarm system at work causing us to have to evacuate the building)


(phone room cleaned and decorated)


(sweetest face)


(Bloomberg would not be impressed)

Beaver Tail

After a week of pestering Dan about taking me to the County Fair and getting me a Beaver Tail... he finally gave in!

Now I can be content until next year's fair! Delicious!

It rained!

We finally had a short storm system more through our area on Wednesday! YAY for downpours!

It was pretty awesome until lightening struck our alarm system at work and we were told to evacuate the building. Not the best thing since it was pouring down rain while we were standing outside!

Trying to keep dry!

Soon the fire department arrived to check things out and turn off our loud alarm!

Not gonna lie... it added some excitement to my day that's for sure!