La Margarita & The Cultured Swirl

This past weekend Dan's Mom and Dad stopped by for a little visit to see the SWAT demo that the LPD was putting on for Community Safety Day (more on that later). The first night they were with us we thought what better way to enjoy our time together than eating! Obviously... that is a favorite past time for Dan and I :)

Dan's Mom and Dad got into town around the time I was getting off work so we decided to go down to Fountain Square and try out a few places that I had heard great things about... La Margarita & The Cultured Swirl!

La Margarita! Pure yumminess!

And let's face it... dinner can't be complete without dessert so we headed to The Cultured Swirl for some ice cream!

They even had these adorable little swings to sit on :)

We had an enjoyable evening together and I would definitely come back to these two places :) Fountain Square is soooooo cute!

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somethingswong said...

Now I want to eat mexican food and hang a swing inside my house.