San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our second port of call was San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was pretty excited about about stopping here because I had heard about their awesome fortresses, so when we got off the ship Dan and I made our way to the ones near by. 

All the streets were made of cobblestone.

It was probably a little over a mile to get to the fortresses.

But when we finally arrived it was pretty awesome! It isn't every day that you see something built in the 15th century!

After we explored all the fortresses around San Juan we walked through the downtown and took a few pics of the city.

This is one of San Juan's cemeteries. All the graves are above ground as you can see.

A lot of the buildings had artwork like this on them.

And I just thought this giant old tree was neat!

We really enjoyed our time in San Juan. I would say this was my favorite port of call during the entire trip.

More of our trip to come tomorrow!

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