Remington's Spooky Do and Our Trick or Treaters

We don't really do much for Halloween.  We don't even hand out candy... it drives Remington crazy and I would rather not deal with all the barking and him running around like a maniac!  I know, we're old farts! However, this year we did have a couple of cute Trick or Treaters!  One of the little girls I use to teach at a cheer studio I worked at came by our house with her brother :)  They were dressed as a princess and a pirate!  SOOOO CUTE!  I enjoyed seeing them both so much :)

The most beautiful princess in all of Greenwood :)

Surprisingly, Remington even tolerated our visitors quite well :)  We were very proud of him.  He even had a spooky do of his own!!!  He got groomed on Friday and was in Halloween decor when we picked him up :)  Oh, how I love our groomer :)

Look at that festive bandana!!! And with cats on it of all things!!!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

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Mary said...

Ha! I love the bandana! :)