Happy Birthday Ace!

If you are an employee or graduate of UIndy, you of course already know this, but for those of you who aren't affiliated with our college, our mascot is a greyhound.  About a year ago, around this time (Homecoming), a generous alumni donated a sculpture to our campus.  A larger than life greyhound, in which the students proceeded to name "Ace".  Well, since Homecoming has once again arrived on our campus... our Student Alumni Association decided to throw Ace a Birthday Party to celebrate his one year with us!

The party was from 12:00-2:00 today and Debbie and I decided that we had to go over there for cake and ice cream!  I was extremely excited when I discovered they had Party Cake Ice Cream!  HOLLA!  I must admit, the celebration was very festive!  Ace was decorated in his Birthday decor and he had a huge bone shaped Birthday cake (which was half gone when we arrived) but you get the picture!

Below are some pics of Ace's memorable B-day!

Ace's "bone" shaped cake... half gone... 

Ace in all his glory!

A kiss for the Birthday Boy of course...

Two crazy alumni employees in the picture (Myla and I)... and one taking the shot (Debbie)  :)

Here's all three of us!

Have a wonderful Birthday Ace!

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