Phonathon Ice Skating

This weekend was the End of Semester Phonathon Party for my students.  They all voted that they wanted to go ice skating.  I have never been before so I was a little nervous.  It could be a little bit embarrassing to fall in front of them... but o'well!  I'm so proud of them this semester!  They were only $3,500 short of reaching our $115,000 goal!  They are such hard workers and do such good things for the University!  I couldn't ask for much better students :)

Anyways, here is our Sunday Ice Skating Adventure...

Getting ready to skate!!

There they go!

Lacing up the skates!

Looking good :)

One of my interns even made me this sweet card :)

It's the little things that mean sooo much :)

When I got home from the Phonathon Party it had snowed pretty hard in just a few hours.  Dan and Remington decided to run around in the snow for a little while.

"It's snowing DAD!"

"I'm ready to go inside now :)"

Lastly, on Friday I discovered that we had some company living in our house!  A SPIDER!  IN DECEMBER!  I was not a happy camper because I hate spiders, but Mom talked me into letting it live.  I mean, if it made it clear until December then I guess it deserved to live... even if I do constantly worry about him dropping on my head!!!

I named him Clive and he is living in our kitchen at the moment :)

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