Elliott's 5th Birthday and Wii Party!

Elliott celebrated his 5th Birthday on Sunday.  We were lucky enough to be there with him :)  Ali had planned a Wii Party for him.  So everyone at the party had to compete in a Wii Tournament.  It was really fun.  We were just sad that we had to leave early so Dan could get home to take a nap before he went to work that night.  Below are some pictures from the party!  Happy Birthday Elliott!  We adore you!

Elliott and Lizzie getting ready for some pizza!

Grandpa Rhoton and I

Grandpa Rhoton and Dan

Elliott and his cousin, Caroline!

Elliott and Caroline playing Mario Karts!

Aren't they cute!

Here are the adults mingling!

Dan and I!

Elliott and Lizzie involved in their tournament game.

Dan and Nana involved in their game!

Aunt Kay and Uncle Dan with the Birthday Boy!

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zerry ht said...

Oh my god! What a coincidence, my son’s name is also Eliot and he just turned 5 last month. Wow! Happy birthday to the little boy! God bless him. It surely looks like a warm party. We celebrated his birthday in one of the venues in Los Angeles as we just shifted here and the house was a mess.