Family Trees

As a lot of you already know I made several Christmas presents for family members.  I ended up making 4 family trees... one for my Mom, Dan's Mom, and both of my Grandma's.  If found the idea on the internet and decided that it shouldn't be that hard to make them myself.  Here's what you do...

First, I started off with some card stock paper.  You can pick any color you would like.  I then carefully painted a tree on it as you can see below.  I used a very fine paintbrush and brown acrylic paint.

Then I stenciled in the saying that I wanted on the tree and painted it in blue with a blue paint pen.  I tried to do it with a paint brush, but I just couldn't get smooth enough lines.

Next, I purchased 3 different colors of green paint.  A light green, medium green, and dark green.  I then painted my fingers and made leaves on the tree with my fingerprints.

Lastly, your going to write the names of people in your family on the branches of the tree.  Then find a pretty frame and place your masterpiece in there!

I really think that these made great Christmas presents for my family.  As a lot of people will tell you handmade present are the best :)

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