Busy First Day!

Our day started off something like this....

Breakfast with Mallory and Elliott :) I was totally shocked when I saw Mallory!  She has grown up so much since I last saw her!

Then the kids made party mix for all the guests that are coming :)  It was sooo good by the way :)

In the afternoon, we just kind of relaxed and hung out together :)

In the evening we all had dinner together and then it was time to open some presents!

Elliott got some really cool outfits to pretend in... a fire fighter, police man, surgeon, cowboy, and boy scout.  I personally thought this was a very creative idea by Dan's Mom :)  Elliott seemed to love it!

Mallory got lots of new clothes and some toys to play with involving her baby dolls...

But, she too enjoyed the new outfits :)

We gave Pam the present that I made her... I think that she really loved it :)  The actual present cannot be shown since I still have 3 more to give out :)  I will probably do a post over the process of making of them after Christmas is over with.

And lastly, I'll leave you with my favorite present from the Rhoton's!  A garden stone of Remington!!!!!!  It was handmade!!!!

Isn't it AWESOME!  You just send in a picture of your pet and then the person makes it out of recycled tiles.  It is soooooo beautiful!  I love it so much!  Can't wait until I can put it out in my flower garden this summer :)


harveyg2 said...

Very cool stepping stone. They certainly know you well!!

Monica said...

Yes very cool! What is the company that makes these? I think I need one of Reilly!