Arizona Visit : March 10th - March 15th 2010

March 10th

Right now we are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to leave for Arizona!  LaShawn dropped us off and we made it to the terminal just fine.  No problems :)

We dropped Remington off at his Uncle Mike's last night.  He was really happy to see Mike and enjoyed exploring his new surroundings!  Too bad he pooped in the house right when we got there!  Probably nerves!  We ate dinner with Mike... pizza... and took a tour of his new house.  I really liked it and thought it was so cute!  We had to leave right after dinner to get packed for the trip.  Mike said Remington cried for almost and hour after we were gone.  It just goes to show you that he is just as attached to us as we are to him!  We miss him like crazy already!

March 11th

We had a busy day yesterday and boy were we tired!  We were up and 3 in the morning to head to the airport.  Once we got on the plane it didn't leave for 30 minutes because there was a problem with one of the wheels!  That kind of freaked me out a bit.  We were in the air by 6:35 and had no other problems concerning our flight.  We arrived in Arizona at about 10 and were in Matt's car by 10:30!  The weather was pretty cool here... colder that I expected but still nice.  We went to Enterprise right away to get a rental car since we were headed to Sedona that afternoon.  They set us up with a Kia Serento.  I was nice, or so we thought :( After being on the road for probably 20 minutes it died on us about 6 times!  So... back we went to the car rental place!  We had to keep the car in neutral everytime we stopped or it would die on us again!  By the time we got back to the rental place I would say it died probably 11-12 times!  HA!  Dan was not a happy camper.  Once we got there they gave us a Kia Rogue I think it was, which was a little bit of an upgrade... so off we went to Sedona!  We had to change our Pink Jeep Tour that we had scheduled to 1 instead of 12 since the car situation set us back an hour. The trip to Sedona was beautiful!  I loved seeing all the cactus!  They were huge and soooo cool!  As we got farther up in the mountains it got even colder!  Once we finally got in Sedona it was snowing!  BRRRR!!  We had to rush to catch our Jeep Tour, but we made it luckily.

The tour was awesome.  They took us through the mountains of Sedona!  It was amazing that the Jeeps could go over the huge rocks!  We were able to stop and take pictures and look around.  So extremely beautiful and well worth the trip.  My hands were freezing though and I didn't bring gloves!  We were sad when it was over, but ready to get into some place warm.  We decided to eat at the Cowboy Club, a cute restaurant  there!  We ordered and appetizer platter so we could try some different things.  We had snake, buffalo, and cactus fries!  All three were soooo good!  Oh, and we had some chips and cheese dip.  The dip was probably my favorite thing!  Once finished there, we hurried back to the car to get warm and headed back to Matt and Heather's house!

When we got to the car, Dan realized his GPS was dead and the cigarette lighter was not working so we were without directions, but we did okay and called Matt to get some more detailed ones to his house.  We were both so tired, but I had caught my second wind so I drove us home while Dan navigated.

We arrived in Queen Creek at about 7 in the evening.  Hannah greeted us at the door with Heather!  I thought Hannah warmed up to us right away, which I was worried about, so that was good!  We all talked a little before going to bed, but Dan and I were so tired we didn't stay up long.  We had a great night's sleep!

In the morning we were up at 7!  Dan and Matt had some of Grandma's bread that Heather had made while Hannah and I had cereal together!  I could not get over Hannah and how much more relaxed and open she was here!  I had never heard her talk so much!  What a sweetie!  We all got dressed and Matt and Heather took us to Canyon Lake I think it was called.  It was awesome there!  I would love to go jet skiing there sometime!  The lake sat in a huge canyon and there were mountains everywhere!  So cool!  We entered this little touristy place and looked around at all the shops, and restaurants.  Dan, Hannah, and I had some prickly pear cactus ice cream.  It was delicious.  We even talked to some people who were from Greenwood, IN while we were there who had driven to Arizona.  Poor Hannah was starved so we left and made our way to a Chinese place Matt and Heather love called Moon China.  It was really good and not a disappointment!  Hannah sure was hungry and ate her whole salad and egg drop soup!  Then we went back to the house for a little R&R!

After a short nap, Matt and I went for a run while Dan rode a bike next to me.  Matt killed me on the run, but I guess that's what I get for being so out of shape!  I had to stop to walk probably 3 times... Matt ran ahead and Dan kept me company riding his bike beside me :)  It was fun though looking at all the houses around the neighborhood.  I wish the weather in Indiana was like what it is here year round.  Oh well, something I'll just have to deal with.

Heather made us a very nice dinner tonight, ravioli, corn, bread, and fruit for dessert!  So good!  Hopefully Dan can make it at home sometime :)  After cleaning up from that we went to this place called Yogurt Jungle.  They have all these different flavors of frozen yogurt and then you can put your own toppings on.  They charge by the oz. I think.  Dan and I split ours.  We got cake batter yogurt (IT WAS SO GOOD) and put some waffle cone and nuts in it! YUM!  It hit the spot!

We talked to Mike and Remi is doing fine and having fun!  The first night was tough for him.  I guess he barked all night, but things are getting better now.  I miss him!  There is just something about having my shaggy dog around that I love, but I'll see him soon enough!

Right now Hannah is upstairs getting her bath and Matt and Dan are getting some wood for a project they are going to work on tomorrow.  Maybe Matt will teach Dan some skills while they work :)  Just kidding Dan!  I'm pretty tired... maybe I just haven't adjusted to the time difference?  I dunno, but I'm sure I'll sleep good tonight!

March 12th

Today was a beautiful day in Arizona.  The sun was shining and the temperatures are much warmer.  Heather made pancakes for breakfast and they were so good!  The fluffiest pancakes I have ever had!  YUM!

After breakfast I got to spend some time with Hannah.  She wanted to do some crafts so while she colored some animal masks, Heather and I colored in coloring books!  It was so nice to spend time with both of them.  It was really nice out so we decided to go play outside while Dan and Matt worked out in the garage putting up a shelf.  Hannah and I played ball outside and up in her play set!  I couldn't have asked for a better morning.  I feel like I know Elliott and Mallory, especially Elliott very well... but its rare that I get time with Hannah and I'm lucky I got some with her!  She is such a special girl!

We went to San Tan Flats tonight for dinner.  It is kind of an outside/inside restaurant.  There are picnic tables everywhere with fire pits next to them!  So cool!  It was a really fun place to go and the food was so good!  I had a really good time!

March 13th

Today was another nice day.  Dan, Heather, and I slept in longer than usual.  Matt had to get up and go to work for a little while.  We got ourselves ready and picked Hannah up from Heather's Mom's house.  She had spent the night there last night.  Once she was ready to go we went to meet Matt for lunch, but first we had to stop by the Bass Pro Shop because Hannah likes to watch the BIG fish swim there!  That place was awesome!  It has everything for everyone!  Hannah loved seeing the fish and Dan and I liked looking around.  We saw a tent that we would love to get for camping and Dan and I bought Hannah a stuffed fish... it was a rainbow trout.  She seems to like it, at least we hope she does.  Matt met up with us there and then we went to an outdoor outlet mall type of place and ate at California Pizza.  Everyone got pizza except me... I got a sandwich, but I think everyone enjoyed there meal.  We walked around there a bit after we were done and then went to Target.  Dan was wanting to pick up some airplane pillows and we got stuff to make omelets!  Dan even bought me a purple purse and a shuffle!  He's pretty nice to me I must say :)  Poor Hannah was so sleepy after the day was said and done because she missed her nap, but she was sooooo good the whole day!

For dinner, we had breakfast.  Dan made omelets and Heather made a potatoes and muffins... oh and a smoothie drink!  Even though she thought her part of the meal was a disaster I thought it tasted great!  Dan did a good job too! 

I think we are getting ready to watch a movie soon so I had better go!  I'll update you tomorrow!

March 14th

Well, it was our last day here!  Kind of bitter sweet.  We will be sad to leave Matt, Heather, and Hannah, but happy to see our Remington Bear!  I'm very homesick to see him!  We had a very nice last day out here though...

We got up early and went to church.  It was a beautiful church!  We loved it!  I loved the set up of the service!  I guess their usual pastor wasn't there today and Matt and Heather did not care for the sermon, but I've sat through worse, right Mom :)  I think Dan going pushed him toward wanting to finally start going at home!  I've been begging him to go for some time so I was happy to hear he was wanting to go at home.  After church we came home and had lunch and Dan and I took a nap.  Dan really needed to because tonight he went on a ride along with Toni, Heather's brother's girlfriend.  I could tell he was so excited about it!  I hope he enjoys himself!  For dinner we went over to Barb's house, Heather's Mom!  She cooked a great meal!  It was so good.  It was nice to spend time with her family and meet all of them.  Once we got home it was time to get Dan and my stuff packed up and tell Hannah goodbye.  I'm gonna miss her so much!  It makes me sad that I don't get to see her more often :(  But hopefully we will get out here again soon!

Well, I better get to sleep... we have to leave for the airport early!  Hopefully our flight tomorrow goes fast!!!

March 15th

Matt and I left the house at 4:30 in the morning and met up with Toni and Dan.  Matt had to go into work at 5:30 so he had to drop us off at the airport earlier than he wanted to, but it was fine with us.  After we got to where we needed to go, we both curled up and slept until it was time for our flight to leave.  The trip back was soooo long it seemed, but we made it with no problems. 

When we got in Indiana it was freezing!  BLAH!  Dishman picked us up at the airport and took us to Dan's car... soon we were off to Nashville to pick up Remi!  We are happy to be home!  :)

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