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May 3, 2010

Well, we have a new guy that just started in our office this morning. Everyone here is so excited to have him here.  He was hired to hopefully fix some of our data issues.  We are looking for miracles from this guy, which is kind of sad because I don't think he realizes what a mess our system is in.  Anyways, I'm just happy to have a breath of fresh air in the office, you know?

This was a busy busy weekend.  When I got home from work on Friday I started planting flowers right away in order to get them in the dirt before the rain started.  I made it!  All 200 flowers!  WOW!  I was pooped afterward.

Saturday, I was up early with Dan.  He had to work graduation so there was no sleeping in for us.  After he left I was off to work with cleaning the house.  I really wanted to get it nice and clean before I left for my conference in AZ.  Why?  I guess just so it could be a mess when I got home.  HAHA!  Later that evening I went out with Kristin and her family.  It was Kelli's graduation so of course I had to be there for that.  It was nice to see them all.  Kristin and Duane came back to the house after so Duane could see Remington.  He loved him!  Of course who wouldn't. 

Sunday, I finally finished up cleaning the house.  Then I lounged around the rest of the afternoon.  It had rained all weekend so there wasn't anything to do outside.  Remington has started sleeping downstairs on the kitchen floor.  This always seems to happen when it gets hot... he hates being upstairs and would rather spread out on the cold floor downstairs.  I made dinner that night.  Spinach, mushrooms, and tomato Alfredo!  It was really really good.  Dan couldn't believe how good it was.  I didn't even use a recipe, I just thought it up!  HAHA!

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that the boarding place did end up paying for Remington's Kennel cough stuff!  I was really pleased with that.  I dunno if I want to take him back though.  Also, I finally got pictures from the 60th Birthday bash up!  Make sure you take a look!

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!  BLAH!

May 4, 2010

I'm so embarrassed.  Dan and I had the most lazy night ever last night.  I went to bed feeling so unproductive.

When I got home from work Dan made a steak while I had leftovers of the night before.  We pretty much sat upstairs the rest of the night watching River Monsters.  It's like our new favorite show on the Animal Channel!  Dan had already taken Remington to play before I made it home, which made me sad.  I feel left out when I miss out on things like that.  Also, Remington has scratched the bottom of his eyelid and it has been bleeding alot... Dan woke up and he had gotten blood all over the sheets :(  I feel bad for him, but I don't know how to make him stop rubbing it.  Once it heals he just scratches it again.  GRRRR!

Today is a beautiful day.  I think that I'll go for a run when I get home.  I should have done that last night, but as a reported earlier... I was lazy.  I have a meeting tonight with the Board of Directors so I'll be home late.  BLAH! 

Anyways, I'd better get to work!

May 5, 2010

Not a whole lot to share this morning....

Last night was GLEE!  We love that show and look forward to watching it every week!  That was probably the highlight of our evening.  Dan made corn on the cob and had a hamburger while I had the corn and a baked potato. 

The weather is getting alot warmer here, which I'm happy about.  My flowers that I planted last weekend are looking pretty good... except my hanging basket is struggling.  I don't know why I never have much luck with them.

Remington and Frankie (our neighbor dog) met up last night.  We are trying to get it so that they don't bark at each other constantly.  Poor Frankie is scared to death of Remington.  Of course I guess I understand why, Remington being probably 55 lbs heavier than him. Frankie would approach Remington and touch his leg with his nose and then run away.  Of course, Remington just thought he was playing.  LOL!  While we were there the neighbors asked us if we showed Remington, like in dog shows.  HAHA!  I had to laugh at this because we are definitely not those kind of people.  They just said that he is such a good looking dog.  It makes me happy to also see that their daughter is no longer scared of Remington.  She approaches him with no problem now and calls him the Fluffy Dog :)  Frankie has really help her phobia of dogs :) 

The conference in AZ is approaching fast.  I'm getting more and more nervous about it.  I have a long list of things that I need to get done at work before I leave and of course a list of things I would like to accomplish at home.  Even though I'm nervous about traveling alone... I'm excited for where I'm staying.  The pictures look amazing.  I wish that Dan could have taken some time off to come with me.  He just doesn't have very many days left for the year.  I'll definitely miss my boys while I'm away, but I get to see little Hannah hopefully and that will make the trip more than worth it!

May 6, 2010

Yard work... a necessary evil!  YUCK!  Dan mowed the yard last night while I trimmed around the house... by hand!  Yep that's right, I do it the old fashion way since we don't have a trimmer... by clipping it with garden sissors!  The grass was soooo long.  Not because we haven't mowed it, but because of the fertilizer and all the rain.  Dan had to double mow the whole lawn.  It was hilarious though because he has started wearing goggles while he mows.  It helps with the allergies, but it is a pretty funny sight. Anyways, by the time we were done, Dan was sneezing and coughing and I had a huge blister on one of my fingers as well as little ones on the others.  Oh, the joy of yard work!

We took Remington for a walk last night.  He did a really good job.  The gentle leader works like a dream and he only tried to get it off his face once :)  He even politely sat and waited for some runners to run by so that was nice.  His eye has finally started to heal up.  Hopefully he leaves it alone now!

Work is about done for this week and I'm happy that I will get a mini vacation next week with being at the conference.  It has arrived so quickly!

Well, off to a meeting a go!  Hope everyone enjoys their days!

May 7, 2010

HORRAY IT'S FRIDAY!  So, happy that the week is almost finished and my trip will begin soon!

I have a lot on my plate to get finished up today.  I really don't want to get behind on my work here so I'm trying to get all the stuff that needs done next week as well and finish the stuff that needs done this week!  I'm sure it will be fine either way.

Last night when I got home from work, Dan and I took off to Pet Supplies Plus to get Dog Food.  It is amazing how much food Remington goes through and how fast as well!  The price of the food we get has gone up too.  We are paying almost 60 bucks for a 30 lb bag of food.  It's worth it I guess since it is high quality food.  And let's admit it, I wouldn't feed him anything else but the best :)  For dinner we ended up having left overs pretty much.  I had corn on the cob and a baked potato and Dan had a burger and some cottage cheese.  YUCK!  Since it was such a nice evening, we ended up going on a later that usual walk with Remington.  I planned on it being very short, but it turned out much longer than expected mostly because I got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  Then we watched Survivor!  It is getting sooooo good!

This weekend is Mom's Day!  I don't get to see my Mom since I'll be preparing for the trip, but I'm sure she knows I'm thinking of her.  She has been the best mom to me through the years and I know I'm incredibly lucky to have her in my life :) If only she lived closer to me :)

Anyways, to all the Mom's out there!  Happy Mother's Day :)

May 13, 2010

And I'm back... from my conference in AZ! My flight got in at 1 in the morning so I'm quite tired from the trip.

Anyways, all went well.  I had no problems at all really.  My flight was good, taxi ride fine, super shuttle easy.  All the things that I worried about went smoothly.  The conference was awesome.  I'm so glad that I got the chance to go.  I learned sooooo much there and just from the experience in general.  Hopefully, I'll have a lot to bring to the table in my department meetings when we discuss the topics that were focused on at the conference.

Also, while I was away... I won a $100 shopping spree in the UIndy bookstore for participating in RUIndy Fit!  That was a pleasant surprise for me when I returned.  I went over there this afternoon and picked up some stuff for myself, Dan, and the office.

When I was in AZ I got the chance to weigh myself at the hotel on a good scale!  And guess what!  I have lost 6 lbs!  I was so impressed!  It is all because of this new eating habit I have adopted so I'm definitely sticking with it!  I would still like to lose about 4 more, but hey I'm happy with this!

Other than that, I really don't have the time or the energy to write much more.  All I can say is I'm happy to be home!!! :)

May 14, 2010

TIRED TIRED TIRED!  I swear, I just can't adjust fast enough to the time changes!  I still feel as if I could just sleep the day away :)  And... that's pretty much what I did last night....

I only went into work for a half day yesterday so I could catch up on some sleep.  Once I got in, most of the afternoon was spent telling people in the office about how the conference went and catching up on email.  I did take a break however, and ran over to the bookstore to get my $100 worth of stuff.  I got Dan a few shirts and myself some shirts, pjs, water bottle, pennant, etc.  It was nice.  Once I got home, I laid down with Remington and slept until 7... then it was up to have dinner and watch Survivor... then right back to bed!  PHEW!  I slept sooooo good last night in my own bed, except I was sooo HOT because of Remington cuddling up so close to me.  I have to admit... there is nothing like being greeted from a trip by your dog!  Remington has pretty much been at my side since I returned as if he is afraid I'll leave him again!  I love him so much!  Anyways, it's back at work today... hopefully the day goes by fast because I'm already ready for another nap :)

This weekend Mom and Dad are coming down to Indy.  Dad is planning on helping Dan till up the back area and hopefully get some grass planted and growing back there.  I think it is going to be a pretty big project, but my Dad seems to think they will get it done in no time at all.  I don't know what Mom and I will do while they are doing that???

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Talk to you on Monday!

May 17, 2010

What a morning!  Remington and I got up at our usual time (6:20) we always spend a long time cuddling in the mornings.  He had his usual breakfast, and his usual morning poop and pee.  However, something quite UNUSUAL happened!  A neighbor dog was investigating our yard this morning.  This isn't what was unusual.... this dog is ALWAYS in our yard. Anyways, me being the grouchy old lady that I am, I decided to try to scare the dog out of our yard... so, I opened the door to shoo him away and much to my surprise, my USUALLY very well behaved dog took off out the door after him! AHHHHHHH!  So without even thinking twice, I took off after these two dogs in the pouring down raining, pj's on, and bare feet! Off we ran through the neighborhood!  GOOD LORD I MUST HAVE BEEN A SIGHT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE! Even though Remington knows and responds to his commands very well while at home, "down" and "come" meant nothing to him this morning.  So after about 20 minutes, the neighbors come outside to get their dog.  They said, "I'm so sorry Freckles was chasing after a cat!"  Really?  I never saw a cat... anyways... my response was not very nice... "Well, why don't you focus your energy on keeping your dog out of our yard and we won't have this problem again!"  And off I stomped to our house with Remington by the neck!  I can already tell I'm going to be one of those crazy Mom's since I'm already this way with our dog.  Once inside Remington knew he was in BIIIIIGGGG TROUBLE!  I was soooo mad at him yet so relieved that he was safe and sound.  Lesson learned!

Anyways, the weekend was nice.  Mom and Dad came down on Saturday to help us with the back yard.  We have a huge area of brush in the back that we have been trying to clear out for the past year probably.  Well, we finally got it done!  Or should I say Dan and Dad finally got it done.  They got it all tilled up and grass planted.  Hopefully the kids stay off it and the grass grows!  While they were doing that Mom and I spent some time together.  I'm so lucky to have parents who will help us with stuff like this :)  The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy.  I finally feel rested up from my Arizona trip and back on the Indiana schedule!  YAY!

HAPPY MONDAY!  Hope your morning was less eventful than mine!

May 18, 2010

Okay, this post is waaaayyyy late in the day for me.  Actually I forgot to post this morning.  Probably because there is nothing new or exciting.  I think the only exciting thing that is suppose to happen is a visit from my cousin and her soon to be husband.  They are bringing their new bulldog puppy to visit tomorrow!  We are sooooo looking forward to meeting Miss Violet :)

Other than that... it's just another rainy rainy day in Indy.

May 19, 2010

Wednesday... half way through the week!  UHHHGGGG!  Please make the days go by faster!

I'm officially sick of the rain and this chilly weather.  I feel as if I'm becoming depressed because of it.  What's that called... seasonal affective disorder or something like that.  Luckily the sunshine is suppose to show its face a little bit today, but unfortunately not much.  However, tomorrow sounds like it should be warmer and beautiful!  Sounds like a good day for Dan to mow doesn't it :)

Speaking of Dan... the poor poor soul!  He has poison ivy again!  Remember how last weekend Dan and my Dad cleared out all that brush from the back yard???  Well, of course Dan and even my Dad got it.  It started right around Dan's wrists and now has moved up both of his forearms!  This morning I got a text from him saying that he now had it on his FACE and the backs of his knees!  Goodness.  I feel sooooo bad because when he gets this stuff he is miserable :(  Luckily, knock on wood, I have never gotten poison ivy, but I'm staying as clear of him as possible!

Last night I worked on cleaning up the house a bit since we are having company tonight.  Yes, I think I mentioned who was coming in my last post.  Anyways, while cleaning I was sooooooo amazed at how freakin' fast the house gets dirty!  UHHHGGG!  Luckily, we have the Dyson Animal and it picks up so much of Remington's hair, etc.  It just grosses me out that I just swept the house on Saturday and already I have huge containers full of dog hair in the Dyson!  I'm so ready for Remington to get a short short short summer hair cut which will help to cut down on the mess!

Well, off to work I go I suppose... only a little over 9 hours until I get to see Violet :)

May 20, 2010

Well, Remington met his sweet puppy cousin Violet yesterday evening :) There wasn't two much interaction between the two since Violet is only 2 lbs and Remington is 75 lbs.  I wasn't worried about him biting her, but I was worry about him putting one of his huge paws on top of her and breaking her.  Anyways, Violet is a fearless pooch... she approached Remington with no worries... mostly they just sniffed each other and Violet did give Remington a small bite on his foot which didn't make him too happy.  She is a sweet little dog :)  At only 6 weeks old her and Remington weren't the perfect match, but I think with some growing and socialization they would get along just fine.

Leslie and Caleb seem to be doing well and are liking their house so I'm very happy for them :)  It was nice to chat with them and have some company :)

Dan's ivy is getting much much worse.  He now has it almost everywhere you can imagine.  His face, stomach, wrists, arms, feet, legs, and the list goes on.  I came home yesterday (picture this) with him sleeping in bed with his camouflage gloves on so he doesn't itch in his sleep.  Remington isn't quite sure what is going on :)  Hopefully the ivy takes a turn for the better in the next few days... if not, I think that he had better go to the doctor!

That's all to report today... until tomorrow!

May 21, 2010

IT'S FRIDAY!  YAY!  It seems like I've been in this office all week.  Probably mostly because of the weather and raininess we have had all week long :)

Well, last night we learned a lot of information.  Jay (one of the ladies I use to work with) is now selling life insurance.  She asked us if she could practice on us.  So, someone came with her and did the presentation while she sat and observed.  I wasn't really looking forward to doing it, but now I'm glad that we did.  We learned soooo much and hopefully we can get some stuff started financially to make sure that we are set for the future. It's kind of one of those things that you talk about doing, but then you don't get it set up you know?

Also, I just found out that my best friend is having a baby boy!  I'm pretty excited!!!!  I cannot wait to meet the little guy :)

This weekend doesn't look to be too eventful. Actually I think that it is suppose to rain all weekend!  Yay, just what I want... more rain.  I am however meeting up with one of my DoodleKisses friends for lunch and then over to her house to meet her newest labradoodle addition, Paisley :) I'm really looking forward to it!

Other than that... nothing more on my end :)  Have a great weekend everyone :)

May 24, 2010

HOT HOT HOT!  That's how I like it, but not HUMID HUMID HUMID!  BLAH! This weekend the weather decided to take a climb temperature wise (happy about) but not only did it get hot, it got extremely HUMID (not happy about).  Even Remington did not want to stay outside long because of the warm temperatures :)  I think that is his Dad coming out in him.

Anyways, there is not much to report from this weekend.  This was another extremely LAZY weekend!  I dunno why, but my weekends are spent sleeping my life away, which isn't something I want to get into the habit of, however, it has started to look that way.  Saturday and Sunday both were spent snoozing.  I guess maybe I get so wiped out during the week that the weekends are my catch up on rest days?  Who knows?

We did find the energy to take Remington to play this weekend.  But he didn't play too long before he was panting like crazy and pooped... however, this turned out to be a good thing because we took advantage of it and clipped and dremeled his nails.  This is often a chore, but we got it accomplished in no time while he rested on the cool floor :)  We are soooo looking forward to him getting his summer cut on Friday!  I'm sure he is too since he'll be much cooler :)

Also, I have found a line of frozen dinners that I love.  They are called Amy's Kitchen and they are complete vegan/vegetarian dinners!  They are actually good!  I had veggie burgers last night for dinner and Dan even liked them so that is saying something!  I plan on purchasing more of this brand!

This week looks to be a busy one... I always have a lot to get done at work when there is going to be a long weekend in the forecast :)  Hopefully all gets accomplished so I can enjoy the lonnnngggg weekend with my Mom and Dad in P-town :)  I'm soooo looking forward to this :)

May 25, 2010

Man, was I late today!  YIKES!  I'm never late!  It was just one of those mornings that one thing happens after another!  Anyways, I made it in and I'm back on schedule!  And besides, nothing can ruin this day... it's PAYDAY and the weather is great!

Last night was spent out in the yard.  I did weeding in my flower bed and rearranged some of the flowers, since some had died :(  We talked to Bryce and he suggested some Grub X since I think some bugs might be eating and killing my flowers and clematis!  My poor clematis was beautiful, but in the last few weeks it has taken a turn for the worse.  There are holes all over it as if something has been eating it.  Hopefully I can save it!  I'm just not a green thumb.  Also, Dan and I watered the grass.  We have been caring for the newly planted grass in the back yard.  We finally got some spouts :) YAY!

Other than that not much new.  Last night was the season finale of 24 so Dan watched that, while I watch the season premier of the Bachelorette!  Dan didn't say much about 24 so I don't really know if it was good or not.  The Bachelorette was okay, but nothing fantastic or anything.

Well, better get my bum in gear!  Talk to you later all!


Please read a blog post I wrote for Center for Aging at Community!

May 26, 2010

No matter how much I complain and give Dan a hard time about things, I must take this time to brag on him a bit!  He really is a wonderful person. I must give his mother credit for raising a wonderful child.  Anyways... here's the story...

Our neighbors drive us crazy.  Their house is a mess.  We are talking that it looks like a repo.  The grass is seriously up to my waist it has been so long since they have mowed.  Well, last night, the lady who lives there started mowing the lawn.  It was very sad to watch.  She could hardly push through the grass, her mower kept dying on her, etc.  The last time I looked out she was standing there almost crying... so outside Dan went to the rescue.  He mowed some of the yard for her and gave her pointers on how to mow through the really tall grass!  Once inside his allergies were acting up so badly that he could hardly talk!  He said he felt like his chest was going to explode.  Even though we complain about the neighbors all the time, it touched my heart that Dan would help them out like that!  I married a really great guy, and even though I may not act like it at times, I do know how great he is :)


May 27, 2010

Well, Remington made his monthly appearance at the vet last evening. Yes, we took him AGAIN to get an anal gland expression... I know disgusting... anyways though, they weighed him and he is now up to 80 lbs!  80 lbs!  HOLY CRAP!  He is finally the BIG DOG I always wanted :) I guess the people at the vet where making a big fuss about him... as usual... they were petting him, telling Dan how beautiful he was, and on and on.  Also, some lady who works there said to Dan..."Weren't you just featured in an article in SOUTH magazine?"  HAHA!  This is the first person that has something like this to us. I guess Rhoton is kind of an unusual name so you would remember it if you saw it.

Dan had to go into work early last night.  I hate it when this happens because that leaves me and Remington by ourselves.  We sometimes get lonely without Dan around.  However, because of leaving early he got to come home at 6!  Remington was soooooo HAPPY to see his Dad!  I was too because it meant that I didn't have to feed and take Remi outside!  HAHA!

I'm going to dinner with Chanelle tonight (one of the girls I roomed with in college). We haven't seen each other in a while so it should be nice to catch up.

Well, off to work!!!  Busy busy day!

May 28, 2010

This will probably be my last blog post of the month of May since I will be traveling to good old P-town this weekend for Memorial Day :)  Even though there isn't a whole lot to do there, it is nice to be home with my family since I don't get to see them like I would want to :)  Also, I get to have dinner with my friend Rach, and maybe see Kristin!  HORRAY!

Not much going on in our household.  It rained really hard in the Greenwood area last night, but not at our house. We were really wanting to get some rain so we didn't have to water all the crops we are growing :)  HAHA!  I had dinner with Chanelle and Dan had TJ over for Reuben sandwiches.  They both swear that they were awesome, however, I can't imagine it. 

Work is dead today.  Everyone in the office took the day off since its going to be a long weekend.  I of course am toughing the day out :)  It will be okay.  Dan is taking Remington to get groomed this morning at Auntie Lelia's Pet Salon.  This is the first time we have gone there so it will be interesting to see how he turns out.  We have still not found a groomer that we really like yet.  I also told Dan to see if this place was donating dog hair to the oil spill efforts.  I have heard many places are doing this.  We'll see!  I'm sure Remington's thick coat could be a lot of assistance :)  HAHA!

After he is all finished up, Dan will drop him off at my work at 4:30.  From there we will both be traveling.  Dan is going to Muncie to help G-pa Rhoton move this weekend and I'll be going to P-town with Remi!  It will probably be a lonely weekend for Dan Sunday through Monday, but at least Friday and Saturday he will be busy doing stuff with his family.  I just wish that he could come to P-town with us...

Well, I had better go.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!  I'll see you in June!

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