Boys Night Out!

Well, Dan and Remington left for the evening right when I got home from work last night.  I tried to be strong, but I have to admit I was upset when they left.  It was just soooo lonely in that house without them!  Well, let me rephrase that, It was soooo lonely in the house without Remington!!  I'm pretty much use to Dan not being there at night with me, since he works nights... that's not to say I don't miss him... but it's something I'm accustomed to.  However, not having Remington there is TORTURE! Since this is the first night that me and him have really been separated since he was a puppy, it was the first time I realized just how attached I am to him.  I just don't feel right not having him following me around and keeping me warm in bed at night... that's right... I FROZE to death last night without him!  They will be making their way home soon!  I can't wait to see them!

While they were gone Dan took some pictures and emailed them to me... you can check them out below :)

This is when I was saying goodbye to my Remi Bear... he's thinking, "Mom, aren't you coming with us!!"

"Bye Mom! I love you!"

"Are we there yet Dad?"

"Don't forget about me!!!"

"Finally... I get to be with Uncle Mike!"

What can I say... by the looks of things Remington enjoyed his first boys night out :)

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