Please welcome the newest editions to our family...

The Rhoton twins arrived on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 (Father's Day) at around 8:30 pm Indiana time... 5:30 pm Arizona time!  We are so excited!

Baby Brother - Max Thomas (4 lbs 8 oz)

Baby Sister - Blakely Ann (4 lbs 3 oz)

Hannah is enjoying her moment as a "big" sister (notice the shirt purchased by Aunt Kay and Uncle Dan)!

Below are a few more recent pictures... they would be a few days old here.

Baby Brother - Max Thomas (pacifier is 2" wide... so you can tell how small they are)

Baby Sister - Blakely Ann

And to think... they started out as this!  AMAZING!

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Chris & Steff said...

They are precious!!!