Let the Cheerleaders Reunite!

Last night I had dinner with my good friend Kayla.  We starting cheering together when I was in 8th grade and she was in 7th grade and continued all through high school!  Because of that we have wonderful memories we've shared such as... going toilet papering, soaping the basketball players cars, long rides to cheer competitions and games... as well as so much more!!  I met up with her at O'Charley's and was able to meet her 10 month old baby boy, Brayden!  He was such a good little guy and Kayla is such a great mother.

We got there at 6:30 and didn't leave until 9:00!  I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time and when I finally got home my throat hurt from talking so much.  That's saying something coming from me, since I'm pretty quiet :)  Hopefully we will be able to do things like that together more often!

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