Swim Lessons!

One of my old co-workers from UIndy contacted me and through the idea out there of getting her son and mine together for swim lessons! What a great idea! We enjoyed 7 weeks of lessons together. The boys learned to back float, paddle around, go underwater, blow bubbles, etc! They had a great time and it was a fun activity to get them out and about during the cold weather months!

Roarke loved the lockers. He fit perfectly in them!

Snacking after lessons!

These two sweet boys!

Keeping warm after getting out of the pool!

Thirsty boy!

Little fish!

Best buds!


They love the water!

I can't get over his old man stance

Just watching the big kids!

It's really nice to have someone my age who also has a little boy. Staying home with Roarke can feel a little isolating at times. These weekly outings were something nice to look forward too for the both of us.

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