If You Haven't Already Heard... I'm Pregnant!

So like I said in my previous post... I've been on a roller coaster ride these past few months with different things taking place in my life. The first thing I would like to share with you (if you haven't already heard) is that I'm pregnant!

After trying for a very long period of time the doctors suggested that Dan and I have our fertility tested. Unfortunately, we were soon informed that it probably wouldn't be easy for us to have a baby. Dan and I started racking our brains on what the next step for us should be, but ended up quite surprised when just a few weeks later we found out we were pregnant! 

I did not have an easy first trimester... I was sick almost all day and even during the night (which I didn't even know was possible). But now being a little over 16 weeks pregnant I am finally feeling more like myself. Thank goodness for that!

So far everything is progressing just fine. The doctors say that the baby is looking healthy and things are looking completely normal. I have gained about five pounds so far and my cravings right now are salads and cereal. HA! Now that things are getting back to normal for the most part around our household Dan and I have been slowly organizing the house and trying to figure out how we are going to fit this little soul and all its "things" in our home. We definitely are struggling with a bit of a learning curve right now, but I suppose we will learn as we go. 

Everyone is very excited around here! Especially Remi who had his own way of telling people he was taking on a new role soon! Of course Remi and how I will adjust him to this huge change is one of my number one priorities... He is an extremely special part of our family and I want to keep it that way.

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