3rd Trimester & All I Want Is Sleep!

I don't know how some pregnant women deal with being pregnant plus a highly demanding job. I'm sure that my job is not nearly as tough as most and I have been struggling so much lately just making it through my days. There have been nights when I got home from work and either crashed on the couch or cried...

At the beginning of the month we ended up losing several of the employees in our department for various reasons. What this meant is that because I'm one of the managers in our department I'm expected to pick up some of the hours and responsibilities that those employees had. So for the past several weeks I have not only been working my job, but I am also working evenings/weekends/13 hour days/and I'm back to driving the bus for doctors visits and outings. This wouldn't normally be a problem, but being in my 3rd trimester now you can imagine the toll it takes on me. Plus, keep in mind I don't really have a sit down job and am usually walking up to 4-6 miles per day. I'm almost at the point where I question how much longer I can keep this up and I still have three months left for this baby to cook. What's a girl to do? To top it all off... the state board of health made their appearance in our building at the beginning of the week which adds that much more stress to the mix. PHEW!

Anyways... the reason for the back story is to let you know I'm still alive and kicking and to apologize once again for my lack of post these past few weeks. I have not felt well or had the energy to do any posts and they are backing up in my brain. Hoping to play some catch up over the weekend to fill you in on some recipes and other developments taking place in the Rhoton household...

Right now I'm off to start my last 13 hour day this week... Thank you Lord!   

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