Santa Train

So I'm not really one to follow the crowd necessarily, but I guess when you have a kid you find yourself not wanting them to miss out on things. So when I saw that the Santa Train was coming to Bargersville I thought to myself... "Perfect! Small town, small crowd... we won't have to wait in a long line to see Santa!" Oh my my... how wrong I was!

So on Friday Dan and I loaded Roarke up and headed out with grand thoughts of getting our kid's picture with Santa Clause! We even left early to make sure we wouldn't have to stand in line too horribly long. How naive first time parents are....

When we arrived I quickly spotted the line to see Santa Clause... and then my eyes followed it to the end... which was two blocks away! HOLY COW! What did I get us into! We walked down to take our spot, but quickly decided that waiting in line with a 6 month old in 30 degree weather for probably 2 hours wasn't our thing. Especially when your kid doesn't care about Santa or if he even gets presents this year. So instead we took a few pictures and went home where it was warm.

Who needs a picture with Santa when you can get one with a live reindeer instead!

Olaf was pretty cool too!

Mom, Dad, and Roarke in front of the Santa Train!

Even though we didn't see Santa we still had fun and Roarke enjoyed getting outside and breathing in some fresh air! We also learned that Santa is a hot commodity and the earlier you come the better. I'll file that lesson away for next year ;)

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