Lawrence Community Safety Day

Every year the City of Lawrence puts on a Community Safety Day. Obviously it is to help educated the citizens about what their first responders do on a daily basis, but it is also to help build the relationship between the two. Lawrence can be a pretty rough area and the people who live there often have bad feelings toward police, fire, etc.

I have never missed a Community Safety Day because Dan is usually involved in it, but this was R-man's first! We debated on whether or not we would go because the weather was not great. But I knew he would enjoy seeing his Daddy there. So off we went. I so love to see these two together.

R-man with the Fire Truck!

The littlest member of the SWAT Team

Chillin' in the MRAP!

Bike Patrol!

A little overwhelmed!

This boy so loves his animals!

Giving the Police Horse some lovin'!

We got soaked by the rain, but had fun!

They say that police officer and pastor kids usually turn out the worse. This is one of my greatest fears. Having a little kids you have problems, but they are small problems. When they grow up you begin to deal with the bigger problems. I so hope that Roarke grows up to be a good citizen and makes this world better. I hope he grows up to be like his Daddy. He sure looks up to him right now at least. Let's hope that continues throughout his life.

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