Tomato Pickin'

When we moved to the Homestead my Dad brought out four tomato plants and put them in a garden area that the previous owners already had made. I had grand plans of taking care of those little plants, but all the work that needed done around the house took top priority. So those plants had to fend for themselves and that they did. They survived with the very little rain we got for a while and also the big storms that came. And guess what! They grew huge and produced a ton of tomatoes! Going out to check on them became a favorite evening activity for our family.

Daddy and R-man with a juicy tomato! Too bad this puppy was dropped and busted a few seconds after this photo was taken!

See the little R-man making his way out to the tomato patch!

Let's go Roarke! We have tomatoes to pick!

Yes we are so proud of our tomatoes!

We definitely had fun this year with our four little plants! Next year I'm wanting to tackle a much bigger garden. Tomatoes, corn, onions, potatoes, pumpkins! Oh the fun we will have!

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