Family Photos 2016

Well, there is no hiding that blogging has not been my priority lately. I'm sorry my friends. I hope that just getting an update every now and again is okay. I wish I could promise that I would update more often, but the Homestead definitely is much much MUCH more work than you might expect. And with a toddler on my hands that makes getting anything done a lot more difficult. Recently, we have been trying to get numerous things done around here before winter hits and the holidays arrive. I feel very thankful for my parents who have definitely put their fair share of work into the house and property. I think once we get past living here for the first year we might be able to feel like we have more of a handle on things.

Anyways... onto topics that put a smile on your face! This year, to save a little money we decided to take a stab at doing our own yearly family photo session. And where else? The Homestead! I feel so blessed to live somewhere I love so much and has an infinite backdrop for pictures. It was also nice that we could do them when they were convenient for us and it was much less stressful on Remington since he was in his own element and didn't have a ton of different distractions. Hope you enjoy! We definitely felt that we got a few good ones ;)

We really wanted to take some in the later fall season when the leaves changed, but with all the rain and wind we've had here our leaves just kind of fell instead of changing much. We'll save those for next year I guess. So looking forward to adding one of these to our photo gallery wall!

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