30 Before 30 - Start Volunteering (Valentine's Day Style)

Remington and I finally had our very first therapy dog visit at Greenwood Village South... and best of all it was right before Valentine's Day! I was so happy to finally get started volunteering at this special place, especially with my sweet Remington!

Remi and I had been preparing for this visit in prior weeks by working on making special Valentine's for the residents we got to meet :)

As you can see, Remington is very creative and artistic!

Super proud doodle boy right there!

Before we left to meet our residents at Greenwood Village we took the time to make sure that we were looking good and had all our essential items!

Remi brushed all the tangles out of his hair and put on his special Valentine's Day bandana that read... "My Furry Valentine" on it!

And I made sure I had my official Paws and Think name tag!

My best buddy and I ready to go!

Remi couldn't contain his excitement... he grabbed his leash and took off out the door!

For our first time doing this, I thought things went wonderful! Remington was a little more clingy to me than I expected, but I think after a few more visits he will start to be a little more comfortable. The residents loved getting to know Remi and also the Valentine's cards he brought for them. Honestly, I left GVS after our visit with my heart exploding with joy. I am so thankful for the opportunity to give back to the population that I feel so passionate about and I felt so proud to have a dog that can bring just as much happiness to others as he does me! Hopefully we will be able to show more of our therapy dog adventures as time goes by!

Time to check "start volunteering for an organization I'm passionate about" off my 30 Before 30 List!

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