Mileage Monday

Running stats for the week of June 6th - 12th... Friends, R-man's 1st B-day party is over with (post to come) and we are now in full fledge packing mode at the Rhoton house! The walls have been painted and carpets have been cleaned at the Homestead! I have probably spent a good 16 hours or so deep cleaning that place and STILL am not completely finished! Dan and I have slowly been bringing loads of stuff out their every trip we make! It is hard to believe that we will be living there soon, but super exciting. I was out there the other night and just walked around the property and felt myself tearing up. I just can't even explain how much I love it out there.

Running is out of the picture right now, but walking is not because... well... it is something that tuckers both of my boys out and helps create long afternoon naps. I need those to get some stuff accomplished around here! That is definitely one thing I did not realize would be so challenging. Moving with a toddler! OMG!

Monday, June 6th, 2016 - 2 mile walk with Roarke & Remi

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 - 1.87 mile walk with Roarke & Remi / 2 mile walk with Roarke

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 - 2.5 mile walk with Roarke & Remi / 1.5 mile walk with Roarke, Remi, & Dan

Thursday, June 9th, 2016 - 1.87 mile walk with Roarke & Remi

Friday, June 10th, 2016 - 2.5 mile walk with Roarke / 1.87 mile walk with Remi

Saturday, June 11th, 2016 - 1.5 mile walk with Remi

Sunday, June 12th, 2016 - REST DAY!

Totals for the week : Walked 17.61 miles

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