Harry Potter Pranked!

Everyone who knows me, with out a doubt, realizes my love for Harry Potter. I have read each book seriously 8 times.  Yes folks, I re-read the entire series every time a new movie comes out!  I have seen all the movies and have most of them. Also, when I was in college... I had Harry Potter posters hanging all over my dorm room and even a Harry Potter comforter.  Call me strange... I don't care.  I love the fellow!  Now that I'm 27 years old, I don't broadcast my love for him much anymore.  I mean, the students who work for me already think I'm old and a little crazy.

Well, this morning when I got into work... I went downstairs to pick up the phonathon forms from the night before that the students had left.  Right now we have a countdown going on about how many days until Thanksgiving Break.  I went to change it to "16 Days Left" and what I saw made me laugh out loud.  There, taped to the board was a picture of me dressed in Harry Potter gear.  I have no clue where they found the picture, but they obviously put it up thinking it would embarrass me. If they think that will embarrass me, they have another thing coming...

In return for their practical joke... I emailed them pictures of me showing my Harry Potter support!  I have no shame people!

We love Harry Potter!

Yes, we are your biggest fans!

I thank my Aunt Ingrid for pressuring me to read the books!  They are fab!  And I will never forget the moment when we both discovered that Dumbledore's mother's name is KENDRA!  My obsession was always meant to be! GO GRYFFINDOR!

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Ingrid said...

You're welcome!! ;-)