Sally Hansen Salon Effects vs. Incoco Nail Polish Strips

I have no idea why I have all of a sudden become obsessed with my nails... I mean, I'm the kind of girl who doesn't care about makeup, my hair, my clothes, my shoes... anything!  I'm a tomboy at heart... but for some reason I'm completely obsessed with my nails at this moment in time.

This is how I believe the obsession started... I tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  These little babies last for 2 weeks on my nails with no chips or anything except for the grow out!  AMAZING!  When I use most regular nail polish it last 2-4 days... BLAH!  I don't have time to redo my nails all the time so the nail polish strips are wonderful!  PLUS... they have neat designs!!!  For example look at these cool Christmas ones that are out right now!


Well... after I found the Sally Hansen ones I was trying to find other companies that make nail polish strips. Believe me, there aren't many! That is when I found my dream nail polish strip company!  INCOCO!  They have way more designs than Sally Hansen does. They have french manicure ones, design ones, regular ones... you name it they have it!  I mean look at the Christmas ones that will be coming out soon!


Here is what I like and dislike about both...

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

- stay on full 2 weeks on my nails
- can get 2 uses out of one package (save the other half for later)
- can buy at a regular department store

- a bit pricey
- not as high of quality as Incoco
- not many options when purchasing
Incoco Nail Polish Strips

- stays on a full 2 weeks on my nails
- tons of designs, even french manicure
- can use one package on nails and toes
- strips are much more sticky and high quality

- a bit pricey
- have to order online and pay shipping
- could only get one use out of package (once opened you have to use or they will dry out) I tried to close them back up with the tape they provide, but mine still dried out before my next use

Honestly, I can really not say enough about these little inventions!!!  I would not hesitate to use either company.  I lean toward the Sally Hansen ones because I'm able to get two uses out of them, but then I lean toward the Incoco ones because their designs are awesome and the quality much better!!!  Truly they are both a win win for me!  And for anything to stay on my nails for 2 weeks straight is a miracle!

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